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Personal Mini-Readings by Donation

*e-mail christylblue@newworldcomm.biz

(If you prefer a more detailed personal reading or series of them also use this e-mail link)

*Be Sure to ask about #EarthDay 2020 Spiritual Reading Specials & my new Crystal Kits 


  1. Mini-Interactive Reading:  You choose two decks to gain insight from Spirit, ‘ala carte’ style. (I send you a list of decks to choose from once you contact me to perform this particular reading.) *Donation is to be made before reading is scheduled,

  2. 15-Minute ‘Tarot Time’ Reading:  A time-limited reading using tarot cards to convey Spirit’s message. *Donation is to be made before reading is scheduled,
  3. Oracle Special Blend:  You pick a topic from a list I initially provide, I provide you with a ‘blend’ of oracle cards & tarot cards, plus a surprise ‘ingredient’ to also enlighten you. * $33 minimum donation for this item. Donation is to be made before reading is scheduled,
  4.  It’s Crystal Clear:  This reading will include the use of crystals, a crystals deck, a chakra deck, and approximately 3 oracle and 3 tarot cards to hone in on ‘the situation’ and bring some clarity. *$33 minimum donation for this item. Donation is to be made before reading is scheduled. Crystal Kits are also available.

A minimum donation of $22, please.


Place your order here >> christylblue@newworldcomm.biz <<
by 12 midnight 04/30/2020. 

(Crystal Kits are individually priced.)

Please allow me 48 (business operating) hours to confirm your order.

I am happy to provide you a Complete reading within 5 business days, via e-mail. 

For The AniPals: A portion of the donations made will, in turn, be donated by New World Communications, LLC to #HelpAnimals2 escape their abusive and violent environments (including circuses that are highly abusive and disregard their right to live freely).

*This Spiritual Reading offer expires May 1, 2020




Upcoming specials will be announced on this site’s ‘Posts that Pop’ blog post column (the olive green one on the right side) throughout Spring 2020, to help you Spring Forward, so be sure to watch for them!




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