I am an environmental scientist with a plethora of experience and experiences, some you may also identify with as you experience your own journey! I have written of this journey I’ve been guided through “by Spirit”, including to start up a communications business called New World Communications which I co-founded with my son Ryan on November 11, 2011 as he finished college. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in music industry and recording arts from Chico State University in 2012 and I earned a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science (soils, geology, and hydrology) from UC Davis in 2000. Together, as mother and son- and as a scientist and music engineer-we are advancing our experience (and experiences), to inspire and to share with the global population. hristy L. Spector-Crezee


I, ChristyL Crezee, am an environmental scientist with a plethora of experience and experiences, some you may also identify with as you experience your own journey!

I have written of this journey I’ve been guided through “by Spirit“, including starting up a communications business into the second decade of the 21st Century- for good cause.

This business, New World Communications, came into being in 2011, which I co-founded with my adult son under pressure-cooker conditions.


Experiences and Experience that Matters

The experiences WE (NWC, LLC Staff) have shared since are unbelievable and yet real, as we have met many people and gained knowledge through our individual and joint adventures including from those we met who were caught up in a “dream”….but not our own dreams

The dream which happens to be the nightmarish ‘situation’ that ChristyL had already intuited decades before when a young girl, one of the billions of people wandering about and learning on a planet called Earth. A planet that continually receives beams of Light from rays of the Sun (our Star) whose reflecting light from the Moon (a satellite) enables and sustains life on the earth, within the Milky Way galaxy. This galaxy -that we also call ‘Home’- resides within The Universe that also “houses” many other planets and entities that emit their energy signatures too.

As a young child, ChristyL wondered about many things, both ‘in situ’ and from space, and eventually studied multiple earth and space-related topics and associated ‘issues’ into adulthood, all while maintaining a genuine concern for “home life”. And it would be NO coincidence that what was ‘sounding’ on television – during the volatile 1970s- would concern ChristyL, as a knowing Child of God

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...there is much more to learn on your journey too, for we are collectively living during a pivotal time on our “Home Planet” Earth (#Gaia).  




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