I decided to make this a quick blog post for now, but I will also include this important Chakras information in my ‘Cornerstone Communications’ category at a later date.

I do so now in conjunction with the Seven Chakras – the “majors”- that I have posted about in 2019 here

And 10 more key Chakras I initially correlate below.


As multiple blog posts of mine have iterated, energy management is key to balancing what drives us from within. What motivates us before we even put actions into motion. As such, it is imperative to ‘re-iterate’ the importance of Chakras that are ‘housed’ within our bodies

Animals maintain thier own energy systems which are LIKE Humans, which is why we DO NOT EXCUSE the inhumane abuse of any animals, nor the #AnimalKingdom at large. Rather WE fight for their right to ALSO live in peace on Earth.

We do so for the very reason that THEY (#animals) are being horrible and atrociously harmed, abused, dumped, shot, boiled alive for ‘dinner’, ground up by machinery (e.g. Industrial-ism) to feed other animals, or otherwise intentionally and negligently starved TO DEATH due to humans not behaving in a responsible manner because these humans are NOT balanced (humane) individuals on ‘the inside’- REALLY.

It is largely about choice, I have learned…but also it is clear –

Animals are perfect, and unkind-man is no….

(despite his misleading EGO/ID/SUPEREGO)

Not by a long shot.

So, Man can learn from Animals, but WILL HE?

Dis-eased minds full of ego are not “thinking right’ (but are full of pride that they are and are ‘it” in the universe! In reality, however, unkind man (and women acting similarly abusively) are not in unison with their own hearts let alone heart-centered (sentient) ANIMALS among us here to actually HELP US as they are being simultaneously harmed!! 

Such imbalanced ‘human beings’ and their dastardly motives have become more obvious in tandem with such embattled conditions, then, Clearly many human beings have chosen to not only become energetic weapons of destruction with their hands (and brains), but to use additional weapons as extensions of themselves to perpetrate harm over time and space, and prideful so- as if they are ‘better’ and ‘smarter’.  Acting so is not finding one’s “True North”.



The intentioned harm and corollary, consequential interference of many life forms (mammalian or not) is becoming more obvious with every passing hour, so it behooves us to get at the ‘root’ of this important issue on Earth, NOW, and also to realize just how the chakras come in to play in order to reverse engineer such gross waste, fraud, abuse AND imbalance that begins from within.

You will realize, as you read through this blog post and other posts within

that past civilizations have fallen due to political, social, environmental imbalances, so it is not ironic that Spirit has influenced me to communicate- as an environmental scientist- about this troubling “climatic change” on Earth. 

And that we each are responsible for balancing our bodies and lives, for it is CRITICAL to our very survival on Earth!  AND EARTH….. In fact, I wrote about just such conditions over time and space- for good cause– in my book Past-Forward.

So balancing our lives is IMPORTANT, and the necessary BALANCE involved requires TRANSFORMATION from within, over time and space, right? Right. Thus, it’s time to get going!! It’s time to find YOUR “True North” (described astrologically)…just as I have had to figure out on my own, on the Earth Plane!

My own body intrinsically knew (during the 1990s and early 2000s) to balance from within (and continually re-balance) when I endured horrid conditions too, as I ‘righted’ myself due to this contagious maleific dis-ease that is spreading locally, regionally, nationally and globally. (Visit my “Shop” to order energy-based #HELP, or my “Environmental-Society Quiz” for $5 to spark interest in helping mend what ails Society and The Environment)



SPIRIT is ensuring that I take more time to share my story of traveling down “the rabbit hole” more than once and what I learned on my journey – and how I endured what I did as I instinctively HEALED myself (and my heart) without any real doctor’s care from 2011 onward.

** I healed myself despite not knowing of the “Root Cause” of what was ailing me and my family, but it was (and still is) a persistent dis-ease plaguing the majority of us in one or more ways. That which I can (still) see transpiring before our collective eyes- and also sense “in the air”….. the purposeful, intentional force-full imbalance that is not natural or normal. The very energy that feeds what drives some to harm us AND innocent sentient beings comprising the #AnimalKingdom of no IRONy whatsoever!

Being at the “top of the food chain” it is our DUTY to #HelpAnimals2

AND to NOT ‘




So, the purpose of this newest blog post is to “circulate” additional CHAKRAS information (scroll to them below) to help YOU and yours improve your life (and inner well-being), which has a ‘trickle UP’ effect…. To offset the difficulties that continue to surface before our eyes, and on “The NEWS” that is often more confusing than helpful to one’s well-being, and also detrimental to the wellness of our planet we collectively call HOME.



(Please refer to my blog post feed- on the righthand side of the main page- for pertinent information which THIS blog post also builds upon.)




Chakras correlate to specific parts of the physical body-

Each can impact (negatively or positively) bodily processes and organs:



  • Stellar Gateway Chakra

The Soul and subtle energy

  • Soul Star Chakra

The Soul and subtle energy

  • Causal Vortex Chakra

Karmic-ethereal blueprint; RNA & DNA. Inherited & karmic dis-eases

  • Soma Chakra  (above the third eye)

The etheric body linkage point: the entire body including lightbodies,

subtle energy systems; the pineal & pituitary glands.

  • Past Life Chakra (behind the ears)

Etheric bodies & Karmic blueprint

  • Alta Major (inside head)

Endocrine system (hypothalamus, hippocampus, pineal & pituitary glands)

Brain functioning (cerebellum, medulla oblongata-breathing, blood pressure/heart rate)

Hormone balance, throat, spine, sleep patterns. Optic nerve and occipital region.

  • Thymus Chakra

The higher heart

  • Spleen (under left armpit)

The physical body, sciatic nerve, sensory organs

Electrical & Meridian systems

  • Palm Chakras

(Nerves, tendons, skin, hands, fingers, nails)

  • Earth Star Chakra

Electrical and meridian systems,

Sciatic nerve, sensory organs


*NOTE: Properly attuned crystals vibrate healing energies which can be applied to the physical body to help balance chakras, to heal.


Using The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle- Your Crystal Keys to Healing, Soul Guidance, and Self Understanding. Watkins Media Limited and Judy Hall Copyright 2013 & 2016.


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