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     An oracle or tarot reading aids the Benefactor in deciphering the energy in the environment that affects what’s going on physically and in a spiritually or ‘energy-based’ sense. Spirit tries to get our attention in many ways, in our daily lives, whether you believe so or not helpful messages are waiting to be picked up on.

And they can be life-saving, life-changing signs which I personally have experienced as well.

So”the signs” I too have interpreted in my past are sounding in the environment, yet again!

Thus, to seek out ‘higher ground’ requires a willing person, taking appropriate steps. To get there requires an experienced person to intuit (sense and “see”) the real signs.

It takes skill to accurately interpret the ethereal signs and associated messages that abound!

Like a language to learn, these signs are different and sometimes difficult to discern, even incredible to comprehend and correlate in an understandable way to a conditioned (ego-centric) mind.  With an open mind one can better determine what lies ahead, and perhaps discern the best approach to take when taking such important life steps
Thus, learning to more accurately and proficiently interpret energy information (and listen to pertinent messages) is ‘key’.
And it just happens that tarot and oracle card readings- known as cartomancy- can and do serve as a safe medium to receive important messages that are correlate-able to Spirit.  For Spirit’s guidance, when performed with the caring hands of an intuitive and experienced reader with good intentions, is real not illusory.
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