“The Twelve Days of Christmas”

~ Choose from a Selection of Readings & a Soul-Searching-Special or Two offered below ~

*e-mail christylblue@newworldcomm.biz

(If you prefer a more detailed personal reading or other qualifying service inquire via the above e-mail address.)



  • Mini-Interactive ReadingYou choose two decks to gain insight from Spirit, ‘ala carte’ style. Choose from my list offering when you contact me for this particular reading.

  • “15-Minute Dough”A “15-min reading” using tarot cards to gain a sense of Spirit’s timeless message

  • “Recipe for Enlightenment”: You pick a  specific topic from my secret recipe list & I provide you with a Light blend -a ‘blend’ of oracle cards & tarot cards plus a surprise ‘energy ingredient’ for good cheer

  • “The Daily Grind”: A topic that is grinding (which is in need of some Spiritual discernment). ‘Ask & ye shall receive’

  • “Polar Exploration SOS”-Finding Your Best Self:  Life is difficult sometimes (especially during the Holidays). Determining your next steps is crucial, then. Explore away!

  • “Visions of SugarPlums”:  A 3-month Query Into The Future (the 6-month Query is available at different pricing)

  • “Crystal Connections”: Crystal divination ascertaining the specific energy (ies) in the environment, and associated energy information to help The Soul. See what “Crystal” speaks to you (a clarifier deck will also be used).

  • Donations are to be made when you order during the “12 days of Christmas” (December 12th-24th, or Christmas eve)
  • Order by 12 midnight (PST), December 24, 2019.
  • Please place your order >>here<<

(*Minimum donation of $22 please. Please allow 5 business days to receive your reading, after the December 25, 2019 Holi-day.)

(This offer expires January 5, 2020.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: A portion of all donations made during the month of December 2019 will in turn be donated by New World Communications, LLC to #HelpAnimals2 escape their violent environments at #ACC #statexstate (“High-Kill” Animal Control facilities that do NOT care about #Animals and their well-being).



Don’t despair if you miss your chance ordering!

Upcoming specials will continue to be announced on this site’s

“Posts that Pop” blog post, into the New Year 2020.


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