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UPDATED February 2, 2021
MOVEMENT through the 2020 “12/12 Portal”,
the “12 Days of Christmas”,
& the observance of transformational eclipse energies
& Light Codes-
as we leave The Past behind to start anew into 2021!

It’s kind of like Spring cleaning, but on the inside.


I am doing so too but I am a bit further along in my journey than many, it seems, and I can attest that these Light codes do make it to those who ARE RECEPTIVE to receiving them come in.

During Summer 2019 I also posted about “Twelve Chakras”, so please look for this blog post (under the ‘Introduction’ category in the right-hand column). I will preface several of those posts here in relation to animals, unicorns, energies, #Chakras, and also the fall of Atlantis, for WE do not want to repeat the Past (again and again) as multiple timelines collapse, do We? Don’t get caught in that (negative) karmic trench!




Twelve Chakras

Following the fall of Atlantis, five of our 12 Chakras closed!

Ascension on Earth is a choice (via one’s own free-will). So, It behooves YOU to go within and ‘clean house’, to rid of the negative thoughts and emotions that attract more of the same darkness, especially as the wheat from the chaff become separated.

Clean your temple- your body- to prepare for the ‘New Earth’ which is being revitalized with “Light codes” as eclipses ‘eclipse’ that is no longer serving humanity and our planet in our Ascension- Particularly, negative-based energies (that feed long-standing wars and other destructive forces). “They” are at play to gain a deeper “#root”, to further impact us internally and externally. The spilling out of such dis-ease, into social and natural environments (battlefields) daily, weekly, yearly (timing), is apparent as so over multiple decades- even Centuriesto ravage rather than truly sustain #life.

“Ascension starts when WE once more activate our 12- Fifth Dimensional chakras:

This begins when We reconnect the 12 strands of DNA

so that we can reclaim our true spiritual & psychic gifts”

Unicorn energy can help us each to ascend for Unicorns are magical creatures of a higher vibration that can raise One’s frequency if One attunes to their energy with the intent to serve Humanity

“Unicorns grant wishes to the Pure heart

so ASK them to touch, open & activate your 12 Chakras

ASK the Unicorns to sing over you,

& bring something significant to help you NOW.”

“To attune, state this affirmation: I Connect with the Unicorns.

“The Unicorns will bathe you in their energy & they will give you dignity, confidence, & strength to do what is right.”

Note: The Unicorns help us help #Animals and the #AnimalKingdom on our planet so in need of mass healing for we are seeking to end mass dis-ease that has spread like a tumor inside and out.


The number 22 is associated to the energy of the Unicorns (as discussed on Card No. 22 of Diana Cooper’s Ascension Cards: Accelerating Your Journey to the Light). The number 22 indicates mastery and balance, and boy do We collectively need to re-balance LIFE

The negative based energy ‘playing out’ before our very eyes- that which requires concerted attention- to end ALL harmful practices and acts co-occurring on Earth against nature and nurture.

In order to re-balance our planet and the Animal Kingdom being grossly imbalanced due to very harmful actions, calculated ‘acts’ actually caused by dangerously imbalanced human beings seeking to constantly “sign US up” for more wars.

When one adds it all up one can see that REAL CHANGE is highly necessary! Thus, the number 22 and the number 1 (associated with the “Twelve Chakras” card from Cooper’s Ascension Cards: Accelerating Your Journey to the Light) “add UP” to “5” which denotes change is coming…. It’s simple “math”, and a straightforward message.

(Note, too, that ‘555’ is very prominent sign, showing up on Friday 13th, November 2020)


Supporting Card Messages:

‘Chakra Clearing with Archangel Metatron’ “Call upon me to clear and open your #Chakras using sacred geometry”. (Archangel Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue.)

If you feel awkward asking the Unicorns to assist you that’s understandable in “3-D”, but surely you can quietly and privately call on a caring Archangel to help you with your LIFE FORCE can’t YOU?

‘Moon Cycles with Archangel Haniel’ “Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize upon these cycles.” (Archangel Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue.)

YEMOJA, Goddess of All That Flows‘- “I am the ocean of creative (#Creation) energy. I give birth to what exists within me.” (The Divine Feminine Oracle Deck by Meggan Watterson. Artwork by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman.)


Dee of Consciousness Evolution Journey (CEJ) :”1/1 & 1/11 Portals, Light Codes & Activations ~ January 2020″ video,

Awakening YOU- Archangel Michael: YOU Are in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution video

Spirit Tribe Awakening’s Spiritual Awakening | 432Hz Music For Meditation | Detox Your Heart | Positive Healing Frequency video

BibleHub- Wheat from the Chaff definition.





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