11/11/2019 (“11/11”) PORTAL ENERGIES

The energies leading up to the “11/11” Portal 2019 are strong, and while we have seen past portal “energies” influence us collectively as well as individually THIS portal is different in that Mercury Retrograde is in effect (since October 31), and Aries-Taurean energy at the Full “Beaver” Moon that arrives one day after the “11/11” Portal 2019.

With that, here are the Oracle cards & important messages that are coming forth- leading up to November 11 and 12, 2019:



  • The Moon (11) & The Cosmic Heart (7)   [or “711”]
  • Veils of Illusion (25) [or “7”]

PSYCHIC TAROT (by J. Holland) as clarifiers:

  • Transformation (13) “Death”
  • Hope (17) “The Star”
  • Movement, Choices, & Decisions (2 of Pentacles)

CHAKRA WISDOM ORACLE (by T. Hartmann) as clarifiers:

  • Chakra cards: Bittersweet/Insecurity/Soulmate/Service
  • Overall-Bottom of the Deck (BOD): Faith/Expansion/Destiny

**** Plus 4 Mystery Cards from the Sirian Starseed Tarot (by P. Corsi & A. Bartha) I pulled after shuffling this pre-shuffled deck a minimum of four times on November 11, 2019 with Father God, Mother Earth, Angels, Sacred-Ancient Ones, My Guardians and all Archangels (particularly Archangel Michael and Archangels Gabriel and Rafael) assisting me with further guidance to share into November 12, 2019 (the Taurus Full Moon representing Venusian energy, of no irony either).

[Contact ChristylBlue (christylblue@newworldcomm.biz) to order a detailed analysis of this “11/11” Portal reading, including additional clarifying cards describing spiritual understanding (& in accordance with the prominent numerology), as well as specific prominent crystalline energies.]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


There are to be endings and new beginnings on the journey called #LIFE to ensure Balance for #Gaia (Mother Earth spirit), which has been and continues to be ignored, denigrated and otherwise prostituted or pimped into the 21st Century, for ‘energy’ of many kinds (e.g. particularly natural resources to manufacture illusory reasons to war that feeds associated habituations).

Rather than harvesting resources for the sake of sustenance (e.g. sustainability) this hoard mentality has continued to shift us into the negative aspects of life, of deep darkness, which isn’t really ‘living’ at all. If this sounds harsh or blunt, it’s because it needs to “get through” to those who are misusing energy (resources- human and otherwise) on the earth to do badly- choosing to perform bad deeds as if doing so is better than soliciting good deeds.

That which I discuss (e.g. oppressiveness of many kinds toward many millions of people & animals) in more depth via videos and social media posts, since 2012, and particularly so by the ’12/12 Portal’ 2018.

*You can request my ’12/12′ Portal 2019 reading(the cards that came out involve #ArchAngel #Michael) to help you assess current energies in comparison to Winter 2018 (to help you realize what is real progress rather than the unreal progress being spoken by those before us speaking with forked tongues).

(See my You Tube video here).

For, there cannot be darkness all of the time, nor light all of the time (which our days and nights reflect on a ‘Daily Basis’) and that myths, legends and folklore reveal tous in various ways. In short, one does not need to be a scientist (nor a rocket scientist) to figure this out, but one must pay attention to ‘what’s going on.

While darkness and light are representative of the cycles of life and death in relation to love, ancestral karma, and generational attitudes about war, violence, and other associated mental/emotional/physical dis-eases plaguing us which must be transformed. 

And doing so as the evident transformation and rebirth energies  involving the “stars” and many “planets” in the Universe come to our aid, especially the energetic influence of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Venus.

This is particularly evident regarding the strong Venus in Scorpio energy which-along with Mercury Retrograde energy- requires us each to reflect in ‘The Now’ on what has transpired in the past. And what can be improved upon during ‘The Fall’ season and thereafter, especially involving “relations” (relating-relationships-relatives) by balancing both masculine and feminine energies on Planet #Earth.


The Crystal Connection

Crystal Reiki practitioners (healers) know the power of Mercurial energy, too, and that Mercury is the planet of the fourth ray (of the Seven Rays), or Green Ray, of Universal Love in correlation with the Heart Chakra.

And as the Sun intensifies Mercury’s Green Ray that shines through to us (despite the man-ipulation of clouds & the hydrologic cycle), we ‘weather the Seasons & Storms’ in life.  For this Green Ray is ‘multiplied a hundredfold or more’ to charge our open hearts with pure Universal love (Venusian energy).

Not the illusory dark Scorpionic ‘love’ more evident as Venus squares Pluto. Energy we see ‘in the environment’ draining relationships suffering from myriad dark illusions and games (gaming) of ‘The System’ that has drained individual & collective energy reserves (societal, monetary, natural-physical, etc).

So, luckily, it is said by Crystal Reiki practitioners that this ‘Ray of Love’ (Light) will carry us through into the next decade as this light – a gift from the Sun communicated through Mercury- is captured and stored on Earth via this unique, phenomenal energy wave. 

We as a collective (as Earth Children) will need to open up then, to this Light wave, and not remain closed off and stubborn at the Taurus Full Moon (also of Venusian energy), and beyond….





My life path has required me to pay rather close attention to ‘energy’ in the environment (e.g. what has been ‘sounding in the air’) and on ‘the homefront’ while also reflecting on the Past to sort through and analyze many of the associated #illusions of the mind which in fact have long plagued us and our hearts on the earth- individually and collectively.

I wrote about many energy-based experiences and associated adventures where I gained ‘insight’ traveling on my life path that I have chosen to share with the world. (See Past-Forward: The Shared Life and Insights of an Adventurous, Patriotic Environmental Scientist on this website’sShop link.)

Luckily, with Spirit’s help I have traversed a rather lengthy ‘Storm’  (a series of them in fact) involving multiple ‘layered’ illusions, but those I agreed to investigate upon incarnating over 54 years ago, in 1965. 

In fact, these are the ‘layers’ of illusions at play before our collective ‘eyes’.

But, indeed, it is the same illusions that seem to be losing steam & falling away more rapidly now during ‘The Age of Aquarius’, as many truths are revealed as multiple portals including this pivotal “11/11” 2019 Portal leads us FORWARD to the “12/12” 2019 Full Snow Moon Portal denoting another Full Moon ending  after this Full Beaver Moon in Taurus November 12, 2019.

And also an exciting new beginning -to arise in The Year 2020.

You could say, “It’s in the cards”…..





“The Moon is the causal chakra of the Universe and radiates divine feminine energies.

Call on the Moon (Earth’s satellite that reflects the Sun’s Light also regulate life cycles on Earth)

to cleanse your aura, and to energize you. Remember the influence of this celestial body is always there.

You are called on to practice your feminine qualities of love,

wisdom, compassion, intuition, inclusiveness, discernment, and oneness.

So, go within to seek answers…

The moon will bring clarity so you can flow with the current of ascension.

AFFIRMATION: I listen to my Divine Feminine wisdom.

*Refer to Joanne Sacred Scribes for specific numerological information identified herein, particularly the numbers “7” and “11” that appear in The ASCENSION CARD Deck list above.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Is it any wonder one of the ‘mystery cards’ that appeared today as I shuffled my Sirian Starseed Tarot deck speaks to such crystal-clear mastery ofThe Mystery at hand? Not likely.

Nor is it that one other card, of the four cards that I happened to pull today, mirrors the energy of one card listed above (under “Psychic Tarot”) that greatly helps to describes the ‘energy in the air’ leading up to the “11/11” Portal date, but also the energy forecast into and beyond 2020.

Can you guess which card it is?

(Hint: See the listed clarifier cards under “Psychic Tarot, by J. Holland” above to determine which specific card mirrors the card I pulled on 11/11/2019 from the Sirian Starseed Tarotalso in relation to the Crystal Reiki Energy discussion above).


The first person who accurately guesses the Psychic Tarot-Sirian Starseed Tarot duplicate cards (e.g. mirrored energy between two cards) in this special “11/11” Portal reading will receive a free Interactive Reading

(see my online “Shop”  link in the bottom footer or banner of this website).

E-mail your “card” answer to christylblue@newworldcomm.biz

(Only one person can win one free reading, so give it a shot!)


In Closing

It is not coincidental, that Spirit has been guiding me to communicate more about the Divine Feminine energy, and not only in relation to my past experiences but to past occurrences in history, war history, & especially biblical history. So stay tuned as the veils of illusion are being peeled away, like an onion, that will likely generate some tears which will help us to release toxins built up in our bodies and Earth’s water body under great stress and strain. 

The consequences of such deleterious acts and actions over time are not to be ignored any longer…

For the topic of #Love is at play, but so is long-overdue justice (law and order & Divine justice, or karmic endings) required in order to rectify the imbalanced states of mind, heart, and soul  from myriad deceptive illusions that have masked our true nature, and also the true purpose of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (or “DF” and “DM”) energy on Earth so controlled.

As such, it’s time to ascend beyond the collective ‘Veil of Illusion’.

Thus, a balance between masculine and feminine energies is imperative, to balance not only our personal energy center (Chakras) but to balance humanity and OUR planet’s climate (collective energy) which has been plagued by such volatility largely due to associated domineering hyper man-ipulations (with and without advanced technology) that have been the cause of myriad traumas- particularly toward women and children but also men caught in the #Cross-#fires, for hundreds and even thousands of years in reality.  

‘Progress’ has not been an easy road to hoe, has it?

…for #Nature and #Nurture are suffering greatly under this guise of ‘progress’ (“Sustainability” that really is not), due to SO many deceptive drivers behind the wheel seeking to steer #Life (more individuals & #animals) off proverbial and actual cliffs……

just as I sensed more than 50 years ago when I – a child of God- wondered “Why war?”


MUSIC & NATURE  The “vibe” of this song “Turn!, Turn!, Turn! by The Byrds, speaks to me as I finish writing this post on 11/11/2019 and analyzing the ‘Mystery Cards’ further. The resonance is incredible as is The Byrds’ song that resonates with me, even still, beyond the volatile 1960s & 1970s.

Meeting who I was to meet after birth- when I did and where I did (including overseas during the Iraq War)- to determine what I was supposed to do about it.

And as it turns out, I did what I was intended to do to fulfill My life purpose-

amid the many twisted turns and darkness.


Listen to The Byrds sing, then,

as you determine which biblical verse is also being referenced, in a lyrical way.

And Why…..


Christyl Blue



Marvin Gaye, What’s Goin On. May 21, 1971.  (Also listen to Gaye’s song, Mercy, Mercy MeThe Ecology.)

The Byrds, Turn, Turn, Turn – To Everything there is a Season.  1965.

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