While social media continues to reveal past issues and the ongoing “rat-race” of life, (or the circus or ‘zoo hypothesis’ referred to in some cases), it is more apparent than ever that the ‘high’ expectations of many older adults, not of my generation-have become extremely unhealthy and also highly dangerous to society and the environment, of no coincidence.

So, my generation, the one bridging the end of the Baby Boomers and Greatest Generation, was being taught in more ways than one “how to live” that in actuality has subsequently infringed on our inalienable right into adulthood- our freewill- to be sovereign individuals.

And hindsight being “20/20”, it has been these very conditions (and the conditioning involved) that have prompted me to write this book (and ‘recall’ my past rather suddenly after Y2K) about control.

I would do so when I found myself trying to survive

-when I once had been thriving for decades.

I would start writing even as I became increasingly “gang-stalked” for disconnecting from what was not true love (or care) – in reality.

So, going back in “to the trenches” revealed the ‘habits’ involved which gave me a very keen view of just how I had conformed to such unrealistic expectations and the “teachings” I thought I had left behind at age 12- the age when reasoning (logic) kicks in.

 Despite my better intentions to distance myself from what did not logically appeal to me, it would take time to realize – on a much deeper level (a soul level) that what I was aligning with into adulthood for pay was very unhealthyquite toxic– and also very dangerous in this “future”.

Conditioning, and even “mind control” as it were, occurs on many levels, and if we had a choice in youth, before the age of reason sets in, we surely would not choose such an unhealthy way to be.

So, I was not only sensing my ‘environment’ but investigating it over 50 years or so.  And it is no wonder I studied science- specifically environmental science- as a young mother trying to make her way in the world too. 

One who would still find her way to geology, geomorphology, sedimentation/stratigraphy, historical geology, geometry, and algebra courses while fighting off dis-ease, cancer, and not knowing just what the source of such dis-ease was at the time.

Yet the source of such toxicity was proliferating, even in my chosen professional and personal environment, all told.

Additional coursework and additional ‘exposure’ would begin to reveal the devils in the details, which of course does not sound healthy to let happen, but the Higher Power was indeed guiding me through, as I built up more and more spiritual muscle.

The muscle that I would build quietly even as I built my physical body with weights, aerobics, running, and eventually yoga. In fact, I would be in my best shape ever yet still find myself dealing with recurring bouts of dis-ease, including cancer, after the turn of the 21st Century, as I wondered Why.

For the adverse internal effects (impacts) I was enduring were a mirror to the external effects that would replicate ‘out there’- in the natural environment and also in city-scapes and towns where people live and raise families. Then increasingly toxic impacts would co-occur in ‘the country’ where farmers and their families enjoyed a more quiet lifestyle raising farm animals and growing fruit and vegetables to also feed others.

That’s right, increasingly compromising environmental conditions and associated conditioning ‘instituted’ overtime that is not healthy (nor actually desirable) to the majority of people incarnate on the planet (approximately 6 billion by “Y2K”), just as I would graduate with a degree in environmental and resources science- a pivotal year for nature and nurture too.

Something was in the air,  indeed, and history was also ‘in the making’ -and for the taking- on the airwaves (on television and radio) as I listened very closely to what was sounding all around me and as professional communicators or “Broadcasters” chose to broadcast increasing non-sense as if the truth “on-air”.

I watched many perform regularly, their programming spiels- some were entertaining and funny and of course some were more serious when it came to reporting “the News” which delivered nearly the same situation – one after another, and another- over the same 50 years.

So it (the information) is not really “new” but it was the bad and the ugly (the devils in the details) nightly. Far less “good” to remember, of course, as a certain gaslighting effect took center stage.

News that seemed to hook viewers into watching the dirty details, like a drug, and even though it wasn’t really “new” news as energy waves beamed the “new” old news again and again into my parent’s family room. Into our personal lives over the long run. Decades all told. In fact, increasing violent ‘acts’ in “the movies” would also repeat in similar but different ways in this “future” I was to grow up ‘in’.

To be sure more bad and ugly surfaced, the idea of ‘more’ information to be served up would be served for more of the global population to ‘consume’, and devour as ‘entertainment’- a particular cocktail of nudity, vulgarity, and desperation in the physical as faces with made-up ‘stage’ names as bodies of the wounded and the dead continued to mount and were increasingly shown on both the television and Silver Screen, then on convenient laptop computers and “crackBerries” (e.g. cell phones).

It would become rather easy, and “easy money” (millions upon millions of dollars yearly) to write and re-write the same or similar suggestive scenes, using specific words and thoughts to promote such deathly scenes to be recited over and over again- as if gospel.

As if innovation. And progress. To spread this dis-ease far and wide.

No wonder I would stop watching television and cease paying good money for bad entertainment during the 2000s. For I was, indeed, sensing a titanic issue on the rise, my first inclination something was ‘up’ by 1997 as other alarm bells sounded, of no coincidence whatsoever.

Including one specific concern I sensed, but without the context to understand why, even as I watched The Titanic in a southern Maryland movie theater, not far from the library where I was prompted to check out spiritual (muscle-building) literature.

When I first realized my interest in broadcast communication- a profession to potentially pursue beyond high school during the early 1980s. I was an ‘Honors English student’ by then, studying various literary works and spending time in the library doing research for classes, and simultaneously wondering why Ronald Reagan was shot in Sacramento, California. I was also writing for the high school newspaper, but not feel very challenged with school by my ‘junior year’.

I was not sure what I would become in “the future” but it turns out my Creator did. And I was being prepared to take all necessary steps to achieve what I would, despite #IT all…

By taking in all of this cultural “information” as a young person, with a soft voice and kind heart, it turns out I was also being prepared to be a witness of the past being repeated into this “future”, well before the ‘Information Age’ was birthed.

While my peers among me were witnessing what was going on into the early 1980s, I came to learn that I was somehow incarnated to do certain things – at specific times- beyond high school that they would not do. 

Yet, others I would meet ‘down the road’ were on a similar or same path-way as me. It would just take time. And patience. And faith. To learn.

In all, I was birthing me in a different sense than being birthed by mother, by living out (and living through) specific segments of my life-path (and soul contract), as it were. It would be a long run’ through a labyrinth. A perplexing yet mystical one, hindsight 2020.

So, the road ‘ahead’- into my adulthood would be challenging for good cause, one that would re-convene and intertwine with my early years on the planet. Weaving through past, present and even future, in the most auspicious way which I could not know-nor was I to know upfront. High school proved to be a critical juncture for me, not unlike many “teenagers” trying to figure out life, and one that would transpire to prepare me for an amazing future indeed.

Communication would be key, over time and space, and also according to my birth (natal) chart.

Unfortunately, by the time I finished this entire cycle (into the second decade of the 21st Century) it became painfully obvious just how disconnected and ‘dissociated’ from LIFE that more people would strangely choose to be-come including those of my generation acting on ‘auto-pilot’, choice by choice. Doing so, of course, being more “connected” to the Internet…..and the News to be repeated, 24/7!

Seeing (with their own eyes) over and over again what was sounding ‘out there’ – even what has been sounding around them in their own neighborhoods- yet choosing to align with what is actually not real, but an illusion. Where the Devil lurks, as it were.

Thus, acting as if in control while grasping for straws to try to explain “how” and “when” and “what”, and even “why”, yet not really able to grasp full acknowledgment of what is real in the environment. Nor be able to identify “the (real) devils in the details”, despite being in position(s) of importance or having ‘full-time’ access to a plethora of information disseminated on the News 24/7. 

Engineered to be so, just like the movies.

The increasing level of disturbing misinformation as legitimate “information” would be coupled with an ever-increasing (but not greater) sense of darkness that makes one’s hair stand on end and makes one wonder why too.

The unnatural feeling dark energy waves that feel very heavy and “thick” as their intent is transmitted in the air, yet specific ‘ energy information’ that few can readily decipher and put into words.

I would initially struggle in describing this dark energy for a time, too, even while writing a specific chapter of this book yet still knowing what I had been sensing for quite some time- thus not so discrete or elusive to the discerning (intuitive) eye.

There are, indeed, many ways to describe such a malignancy, and this negative ‘energy’ is dis-ease causing. Thus, such “energy” is very telling information in and of ITself. It has and continues to plague  many members of society (family by family) like ancestors once deeply entrained in such darkness. 

Art – like the natural environment-seems to speak of ‘IT’ rather easily and in ways that take far too many words to describe in a more linear way.

Multiple trips to The Louvre in Paris have been fitting experiences (for me) to piece this puzzle together bit by bit- particularly the dark and insidious energy that hunts life down. Energy waves that do not ‘feel’ benevolent, and that in fact are malevolent in nature as humans -like animals-would find themselves on lists, like endangered species,

Luckily I was able to make such early “connections” then rapidly so into the second decade of the 21st Century, as I discovered my purpose for incarnating on Earth (during the volatile Civil Rights and Vietnam War era) of no coincidence either.

For I was incarnated to be a certain person and to ‘do’ certain things, that which would not suit ones I came to distrust- for good cause- as this story unfolded.

I was built differently, you could say, than other females- and certainly in comparison to many populating the older generations (the “Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers). I was ‘stuck in the middle’ between the Baby Boomers (those beings who incarnated from approximately 1943-1964), and the Millenials of which one would birth in this “future”. 

 Still, it would be appalling to note and witness those, of a rather small age gap to mine, were ones who would become very accustomed to looking the other way as increasing suffering was to ensue, all to ensure that this “progressive” future became globalized.

As if “care” were a four-letter swear word as increasing control was to be exacted on Earth instead- even to work against their own humanity. And sovereignty.  Weren’t they able to read between the lines?

I was, during the 1990s and 2000s, again.

And luckily I could recall the very conditions I wondered about in my youth despite not knowing full well of the devilish “details” yet able to spot the devils more readily just like I had in my youth as I developed into an independent young woman when the Computer Age (or Digital Age) fast approached.

Nevertheless, as this ‘new age’ would kick into high gear  I would kick off my shoes to celebrate high school graduation (in 1983), with Michael Jackson’s The Thriller sounding in the airwaves too of no irony.

Shortly thereafter, I would take on several ‘menial’ jobs in retail, then in restaurant supervision, before meeting ‘the love of my life’ and settle down to enjoy a married “middle class” life. And this is just where it would start to get more interesting.

I would travel to “the Bay Area for vacation, then live and work near ‘The City by the Bay’ (and Silicon Valley) and “the Chesapeake Bay” bi-coastal regions over the course of the following 30 years, as my young family too would enjoy the wave of ‘home computer’ ownership, much as my parents and their parents consumed TV and radio programming.

As family incomes increased in the United States the newfangled computer would become all the rage that is until the ‘early models’ became obsolete, at planned intervals (planned obsolescence) leading into the 21st Century.

This shift in technology to “connect” – and connect globally- became “all the rage” indeed just as ‘technological advancements’ had during past warring periods. So, in reality, the computer was no exception to this planned obsolescence rule.

While earlier uses of computers were primarily for private government use the computer would also be used – early on- for educational purposes. It was at this juncture (during the early 1990s) when I would participate ina global endeavor to create and present instructional information for rapid transmission- through light and sound- for the purpose of higher learning and “K-12” education.

I would do so well before mass marketing-media machines kicked into high gear to ensure mass profits (the pursuit of quantity over quality), and gross adults solicited sex with minors across the Masses.

Either way a ‘get rich quick’ ideology merged with get-off quick to ensure some profit at others’ financial, emotional, mental, and physical peril.

For Capitalists had not only trained society to buy, buy, buy, using television ads, the computer was the next greatest invention to keep one’s attention at one’s “lap”, then even smaller in one’s ‘hands’ (as if becoming extensions of their own hands), and to ensure preoccupation with what should not matter but would, I learned.

This training and harnessing of the mind (and heart) bit by bit, byte by byte. Fix by fix.

Profits were to be earned by ‘motivated’ sellers seeking to sell their wares more easily than from a horse-drawn buggy. Doing so meant a rapid increase in the number and type of products to be engineered and manufactured by machines, products marketed to believe in-that we must have them, and cannot do without them ‘ever’.

Even information products, each geared to intricately fit specific business model demands, ensuring the supply of ‘humans’ could fit the bill so to speak, and despite the perilous conditions to be caused ‘out there’.

So more beings incarnate on Earth could buy more computers and buy more ‘stuff’ and become Super-Capitalists as computer micro-miniaturization advancements entrained the minds of The Masses via virtual territories, not just on terra firma.

And all while secret plans were instituted to target certain beings in these territories, including from the comfort of one’s family room, often where at least one television set still serves as a focal point, mirroring the Vietnam War Era and the end of World War II.

(Despite some trepidation of manufacturers, the television set did not, of course, usurp the value and utility of the machine called the radio which many families also gathered around during previous war eras. Is it any wonder that digitized control would rapidly increase into the 21st Century? That protracted wars would ensure rapid (and more) wealth too?

It is not coincidental that after the turn of the 21st Century the convenient laptop became all the rage, as did the Digital Age, as less became aware of their surroundings, and preoccupied from what was actually sounding in the air, civil war.

But worse, an all-inclusive, even as sentient animals were to suffer neglect and increasingly horrific abuses, just like in war. Even “man’s best friend”, and especially the Pitt Bulldog- known as a Nanny dog- and a revered World War II support dog, to soldiers in battle.

Why? To obviously ensure more suffering and less protection. That is evil, indeed.

Particularly fighting, harming, maiming, and killing (slaughtering) thousands upon thousands of domesticated animals who provide great service and compassion (e.g. specifically domesticated animals including but not limited to horses, and dogs and cats) to humane beings.

With an increasing number of ‘humans’ choosing to participate and indulge in extremely harmful acts for instant gratification (to ‘get-off’ on beating up the gentle, the meek, and the good), often coupled with an apathetic response and mocking tone as I observed and experienced. To seemingly control all conditions, situations, and associated outcomes at every turn.

To purposely not care. That is evil, indeed.

And in this increasingly vicious cycle, humans were to become valued less too as alarming numbers of domestic animals were to become increasingly euthanized ( sold as ‘meat’) and a holocaust of wildlife (including aquatic life) would ensue across the planet too, instead of being protected.

Still, humans and animals are not different in their makeup for they are similar in makeup, particularly the Mammals. So what gives?

What is really going on on our planet?

We can see (if we are not comatose) that some are playing games at “others” expense, as power plays are misconstrued as, well, “power”.  This play on emotions and feelings is co-occurring just as more vulnerable species succumb and die.

Animals, like humans, require attention and care just as nature’s ecosystems do. Our homes (houses, condos, apartments, etc.) are akin to the natural ecosystems that a multitude of species must have in order to survive, let alone thrive

The myriad beings among us humans who must live in nature, in the wild, as expressions of how they are formed. Diverse beings, to be sure, and many also able to express love to offspring and communities, and also collaboration and peaceful co-existence, but for such intrusiveness.

Increasingly so, more would eventually find themselves living in a more controlled “atmosphere”, a disturbing (disturbed) one, as war ensued in the Cradle of Civilization- the Middle East.

All as the propensity to foster an increasingly automated  “throw-away-society” due to the glorification of a model, or series of business models, to compete and profiteer by -all while competing for some strange need for attention, to “live”.

And with grandiose expectations that “others” must honor or even compete and die for in this ‘progressive’ society that continues to be marketed as ‘play’- to the hilt- while an increasing number of beings are being compromised in totality.

Indeed, the very ‘conditions’ I would be a long-term student observing, but doing so for a higher purpose, as it were. None of what I learned along the way has been for not, for I have learned exactly what I was to learn when I learned, where I did and did exactly what I was supposed to do (not what others demanded) as you will learn in the following chapters.

Why I learned what I have, along the way, is likely not something that the general population would be expected to realize, on their life path. And it certainly has not been a cakewalk. But I was to witness what I have on my life path when I did- because of and in spite of such “advancements” in advanced technology- as I became an environmental scientist,

And a communicator about it.

Surely, a secret ‘Plan’ for humanity would duly influence me in my youth in ways I could not know of, to exactness, when I was a child during the volatile 1960s and 1970s but indeed I was to have an ‘early start’, including that I was birthed at the precise time and location on Earth- and in the form which I was born, to learn and make important observations about such a plan.

The Plan that I would not hear spoken of until well ahead in time, as I became who I was intended to become, well ahead of the evil curve that you will see unfold chapter by chapter. Intention by intention. Space by space.

As it turns out this dichotomy of ‘the human mind’ is the disturbing one just as I sensed early on in life, and it is the “why” that I wondered about most while watching television in my youth, before bedtime.

But it would take precious time to discern these (and other) issues and intricacies of industry, of exactly what was really going on and is going on to impact Earth and the Universe- yet impacts of the same vein as my purpose for incarnating here in 1965, and ones I would eventually study.

Impacts and issues that were plaguing society long before I would stumble upon NASA and commence studies in Earth and Space Science to earn a university degree over the long run.

I would not know nor could have known at the time I studied such subjects – and where I did- what was being planned. I also did not know of the levels of automation being planned, nor that planned obsolescence of humanity was being engineered behind the scenes, in tandem.

But surely ‘it’ was being systematically manufactured while some ensured that they would have All and engineered ways to take all.

Because of their actions (and associated malignant acts), many millions would give all they had, to their last breath.

For, the advancements in technology that would occur before I was a kiss in the moonlight would not just be directed at targeted audiences marketed to believe in the such-and-such product(s), and that they and their families are benefiting from technology yet not knowing that eventually such ‘advancements’ would secretly be utilized to cruelly torture, maim and kill more life (and lives) than come to the aid of others in society.

Instead to harm others and the natural environment- Our home planet. How ‘smart’ is this technological-based thought? It’s actually representative of the proverbial “shitting in one’s own nest”, in my book.

The observations I made as I traveled during my middle adulthood happened to correlate with what I recalled sensing in my early adulthood, of no irony to that which was transpiring in my youth – and directed at me then too, also of no coincidence. 

Nor was what was directed at me, in my home environment particularly as “friendly skies” became very unfriendly just after the turn of the 21st Century, on “9/11” that has been marketed to the hilt., ridden hard, and put away wet- storm by storm.

And as this Plan was set in motion, to endure far longer than “Desert Shield”, I happened to graduate with a degree in environmental and resources science and become a successful (and targeted) scientist working and living near The City by the Bay.

Was it coincidental to hear of a “Perfect Storm” approaching my home front by 2002 yet not be able to fully discern what was being directed at me, verbally (and otherwise), by 1997, and 1999 on the other coast?

I would not know just how this double-speak operates for some time, but eventually, I would pinpoint rather precisely, ‘in the air’, having survived its ill-effects time and again.

I explain chapter by chapter how these dark threads and light threads became interwoven, over time, as a fated meeting with a serious lover in San Francisco took place by 1984. Little did I know this titanic issue was brewing but it was and I would glean just a little bit of information in the air and wonder as I watched the popular Titanic movie that became all the rage in 1997.

 The time when I was in the throes of fighting cancer (two types of thyroid cancer-two nodules growing happily near my vocal cords that were ‘discovered’ during a routine physical appointment with the nearby Flight Surgeon in Maryland) as I stayed dedicated to my college studies and my family while working full-time (for the Mission to Planet Earth Program at NASA).

I would not know I was amidst carcinogenic conditions then, too, as I simultaneously worked and pursued my chosen field of study: geology and soils (later I would focus on hydrology, biology, and physics). In my off-time, during 1997, I was guided to study Deepak Chopra’s spiritual works (by tape) as I commuted through green rolling land that once was covered in trees as a new nation called the United States was birthed.

My perseverance through ‘it all’ would pay off in the long-run, though, and even when others expected me to fail- or in certain words delivered, “to pay”. This ‘speak’ was part and parcel of the Storm that I was entering into, more than once, but indeed to problem solve ‘it’ and survive through the dis-ease.

 I can say in hindsight, that this “Storminess” precisely merged with the technological shift that had systematically transpired within the military units I was supporting as a “military spouse”, compromising my family too- underneath my nose but also in plain sight which I detected as odd, at first glance.

Few could readily detect such deception, let alone so close to home.

Luckily, too, I had learned early on about psychology in community college courses, then about the “gas-lighting” effect in a book I happened upon, as my community college endeavors segued with science courses, of no coincidence. Learning from additional “self-help” books I was guided to read after I graduated from college, in 2000, would also round out my studies of such a Plan.

In hindsight, the event called “9/11” was the newest indicator of the same ‘Storm’ or evil curve, the preposterous acts by Some who would insist that being perpetrators of darkness and deception was brilliant, while delivering double-speak (including those I would unknowingly interface with and even support, through professional relationship).

Of course, then, I naturally sensed something of a ‘titanic’ nature, brewing, but not being privy to the actual deception and associated tactics it took time to discern with greater accuracy just what the hell was going (to go) on because I was following my prescribed life path and living out my purpose, you see- not Satan’s, hindsight being 20/20.

Albeit running among the devils, and meeting up with Satan, has been a bit of a mind-bender, it turns out I was in need of ascertaining ‘some’ things, and of recalling one specific dream that re-occurred in my youth which the early chapters of this book describe (whereas the latter chapters spell out this plotted Storm, the spaces and places I traveled and lived upon Earth’s surface, and just why I dealt with such storminess more than once).

 For the “dark threads” were necessary for me to eventually experience in order to rapidly recognize the darkness in its intricate distinctness, especially as some tried like hell to make a difference in the world in a putrid fashion- by making what is evil look “better” while simultaneously ensuring what is real is made to look evil, and fake. Sounds like Satan, doesn’t it?

Even to destroy all that is naturally beautiful. Including multiple ecosystems. Destroying beauty in exchange for dark ugliness-inside and out.

Luckily, I and my sidekicks would be able to provide great ‘context’ to other trusting souls. The context that was not so obvious through communal and familial situations, and less so from news reporters choosing to be dishonest in their delivery of “the news”, to feed such dis-ease. 

Such reporting of dis-information (controlled to the hilt) is just when my environment became increasingly compromised, like many other environments and people experiencing compromising conditions- one by one- in society. And globally.

Of course, this is no coincidence either!  But it is at this juncture – as this habit ramped up- that I would be guided to do like I did in high school- to communicate -but rapidly so.

So, you see, it is not coincidental that I was to utilize my ‘five senses’ as a curious young girl who explored her world and wondered “Why war?” during the Vietnam War Era. It’s the dream and this question that I had, which I had to recall foremost.

Then, I would be able to rapidly process current information ‘in the air’, regardless of distance, and well beyond the use of my five senses in human form in order to accurately ‘forecast’ what was sounding in the environment.

Because ‘Some’ were up to no good, again. And again.

That some in the global Earth population would not bat an eyelash at adversely impacting others to get more and to look better (and ‘stronger’), is disturbing to say the least, but it has become highly disturbing to witness what is behind this mask- forcing such sacrifice in tandem and unduly influencing minds (and hearts) to believe there is no other way to live.

And so it is that ‘more’ are being conditioned to follow in lockstep order, to embue the associated narcissism and sociopathic-based behavioral tendencies as more valuable in order to ‘get more’ while living on Earth. And infringing on others’ lives and well-being in the machinated process.

The very behavior apparent yet not readily identifiable until more recently as gas-lighting and predation of targeted victims- behavior that is ‘alien’ to the Majority of humans (and animals) living in peaceful co-existence on Earth.

This inextricable linkage of dark and light is not easy to overcome, however, and it takes evolving to a higher level of thinking and behavior (which requires spiritual muscle) to do so.

Mental and physical strength is not enough, individually, not even when coupled.

And so it is that the ‘computer’ and the “information superhighway” is being geared to mine the pocketbook but also to entrain (and seduce) the mind and heart in insidious ways, like the television and radio in the past.

In exceedingly toxic ways, likened to chemical addictions of many types that spill into myriad environments to cause irreprarable harm and damage. But electronically so.

Predatory ways, however, that mine slivers of the soul (and Gaia) bit by bit, byte by byte.

 Machines conditioned to dominate on Earth, in a multitude of situations where conditions precedent and subsequent would become nearly impossible to keep up with, let alone in a courtroom, all while nearly entirely permeating and swallowing up life (and family) as We know it.

Akin to a black hole swallowing up the Light of individual, family, community and nature. Youth.The future. Of no coincidence whatsoever.

Ways I would ascertain with preciseness, over time, on my designated life-path even while enduring and surviving cancer (and corollary abuse) as I completed a Bachelor’s degree to become who I was to become well before Y2K. 

One whose eyes were primed to monitor “the environment” for good cause.

So, the odd things I would notice into early adulthood, the “situations” I noted, would eventually add up to multiple evil acts, all told. Easy math, once one knows just what they are looking at. And why. And temporally, during the same time frame that millions of households were to become “digitized” in the United States that was secretly (and quietly) to become de-united of no coincidence. 

There would be at least one saving grace as I noted these simultaneously birthed acts of repute, and as life on the home-front would take on a vastly different look. And this saving grace is defined throughout the trilogy that is Past-Forward.

The “look” I would sense as being unreasonable and dangerous that was sounding around me in my youth would be the very energy that would manifest before my eyes as a young adult. 

With my own eyes, I would need to discern what ‘energy’ really is, as well as just how it works and moves, not just how it “looks”. But how it feels- the very energy I sensed and also felt during my youth. The energy of love. And then how love (power) has gotten so twisted and confusing.

Confusion ‘engineered-in’ to confuse what love means, and what love is.

Specifically, targeting “care” that is being boxed in, and boxed up, to honor the ideology (dogma) of “control” I sensed accurately so.

The mental framework and foundation that is so disturbing to millions who are not only being mined of their life energy but often robbed of their possessions and family in tandem.

So, naturally, I would increasingly be prompted to recall the past if ever so little in order for me to realize just how ‘some’ beings among us are not acting for humanity but are ‘acting’, thus, they do not really want society to evolve into higher consciousness.

Certainly more are participating in ‘acts’ against their neighbors (and friends) who desire to live in peace and quiet enjoyment, and who readily violate peace to bring about chaos and conflict (rebellion), the incivility that war brings as if it is to be the only way to live forward.

As it turns out, however, we are to collectively revisit the past in this time, to address this Storm as the old world gives up the ghost.

The ‘storm-front’ I had accurately assessed as problematic in youth, then sensing early on while fighting cancer during the 1990s, only to confront such energy on the ‘home-front’ by early 2001, as Desert Shield ‘evolved’ into Desert Storm in the Middle East (the Cradle of Civilization).

The ‘past’ was, indeed, resurfacing by 2007, like 2001, and this is the time period that I would need to recall the past, rapidly so, for evil minds were speaking up ‘a Storm’ like so in 2001. But differently. Like the movies.

Of course, I had no idea how Satan speaks (or looks), nor the ‘mechanics’ behind the masked intent, to purpose more dis-tortion, dis-information, and dis-ease, but I would well into the second decade of the 21st Century.

Many beings on Earth do not fully realize so being that they have been focused on progressing, on family and career, and trying to live day by day until finding the need to pay closer attention-much closer attention, just as I have had to amid the distorted and volatile past that resurfaces the minds and hearts still harboring a strange sense of entitlement – and animal-like prowess.

Doing so all as the Animal Kingdom evolves, instead, into a higher state of understanding. One akin to humanity when not besieged by war conditioning and conditions. In fact, more are acknowledging this disparity, that animals are becoming more human-like and man has become increasingly predatory while also confining and killing more sentient beings, of no beastly coincidence. ‘Evolve or die’ seems to apply.

So, the lack of empathy and conversely the intent to become ne’er do wells – due to lack of evolvement- seems to accelerate the more machine-like nature of ones that once behaved more humane-like.

So, it’s not ironic that I can sense so, I can see “IT” coming even before it arrives, and ID it for what it really is regardless of being a paid (and non-paid) environmental scientist. Surely one that would survive near destitution and annihilation that professional counterparts would not so viciously hunted to their deaths predominantly during the first and second decades of the 21st Century.

The ego is suspect at best, vicious at worst.

~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

Because of love (and in spite of it due to those who cannot feel love and fear it), I was a ‘threat’, but likely also because their kind knew I was prepared for what they were dishing out, and as it turns out I was also being prepared to endure the dark energies that seek out the Light. Indeed I was being guided through such firestorms– one by one- so I could also write this book about control.

And love.   A special kind of love, as it were.

A book about love (and control of love) that I was prompted to start thinking about writing just as I finished college in Y2K and landed a new ‘gig’ at an environmental consulting firm. At that time it was more about ‘control’, of course, and when you read the rest of this book you will begin to see how (and why) the dark dis-ease gravitates toward the Light but avoids the truth.

Having little idea what I was to write about beyond Y2k, the details (and devils) would soon reveal themselves and the purpose for writing this book would come into clearer focus on my journey- a quite challenging one to say the least.

Being around such dark energy (and not fully knowing what IT was or that it was adversely affecting me) as a full-time working mother, one who persevered through the onset of serious disease and divorce (twice), I can say in hindsight that each is inter-related and in essence, they are one in the same. And as such, the compounding dis-ease does get in the way of love. And that’s the gist of Satan’s ugly game.

Luckily, being a long-time student of nature, and of human nature, I would discern the darkening shift (and their ‘nature’) in a timely manner despite not knowing fully just why I was experiencing all that I was, and would in “the future”.

The question would be “Why is this happening now?” In my lifetime!

How can a person stop this train wreck? Or even transform these adverse situations bearing down? But this was (and still is) the purpose, all in all.

For the past has been bearing down on us all, not only to disrupt my future.

Looking back at that long, winding road, as the last remnants of another ‘storm’ dissipate, as I prepare this introduction, I cannot imagine being so ‘green’ (young) and going through this again, but that is the overarching lesson to teach.

To help others.

I am fulfilling my purpose for incarnating and God’s special purpose at this time on Earth, but I am not here to get entrained in the karmic trench. For it seems that that is precisely where Satan and his minions (demons) reside and wait with baited breath. Subsequent chapters detail so, and the point at which I discerned this to also be true (and to realize what ‘they’ are up to, and when I did, was mind-numbing, if I let it be).

Some choose to stay stuck, permanently.

Despite the great opposition, the threats, and the obvious systematized obstructions I realized into the second decade of the 21st Century (and approximately 100 years since World War I) I would realize the orchestrations for what they were (and are)- orchestrated acts supporting an old school indoctrination intimately steeped from a wicked mens rea (mental state).

Thus, not fighting for the greater good, or against a contrived Bully. But a man hiding in a mountain, literature does support this orchestration, as do myths of yore.

So, I was destined to forge ahead while I figured “it” out. And I had no intention of staying stuck in the karmic trench, because of some and their poor decisions and associated wizardry cast my direction (electronically and otherwise). 

I am but one individual on Earth’s surface, but like others, I was to “keep the faith” in order to learn what I needed to in order to help raise awareness, and bring about more light to such dark schemes and plans that have caused and continue to cause unnecessary destruction, notwithstanding the possible annihilation of our home planet!

And as I persisted, with faith in the Higher Power, it has become very clear to me that what is going on, on Earth, is hell when it could be heaven on Earth. Yet, as I figured out “why” so, I learned I am not alone and that specific others have also incarnated on Earth to do similar or same work to reverse engineer such singular wickedness, that like a machine is stuck in its gears and cannot shift (evolve) along the Big Wheel of life.

It turns out that I am a change agent for the “future”, the future that is Now, to help others make these shifts. For the future that once was did not make it happen, meaning there were many chances in that future (the past that I have had to recall) that esteemed leaders have failed to cure.

Instead many policies, programs, and plans were enacted to actually cause more emergencies and catastrophes, leader by leader, decade by decade. To skew reality and change the climate to suit their less-evolved ‘nature’. Just like Now. Can you see so?

Ayn Rand could see so and wrote a famous poem about this never-ending story, one wrought with deadly sinning.

Being able to recall the past negative and positive situations and communicate ideas has been imperative on my journey into my future, the future that is Now. I could not fail. It was part of my sacred contract to bring about a brighter tomorrow. Yet I am not the only one interested in a brighter (more truthful) future. Am I?

Remembering my purpose, and not forgetting who I am, and why I am here, makes all the difference, as does ensure I communicate what I can in order to restore peace and quiet enjoyment which ‘the Laws of the Land” call for before the deadly sinners who rebel against all that is pure and good mucked things up, including the intentions of America’s Forefathers’ communicated in The Constitution and Bill of Rights

To say their intent is evil as hell is an understatement, in my professional opinion.  The type of leadership of these narcissistic-sociopaths who expect to make (force) changes to the natural ‘climate’ to serve them is not only representative of unkind man (and women mimicking them for perceived strength through technology) but is reflective of biblical behavior including that which has been purposely omitted.

Staying ahead of this evil curve as I have called it, has been imperative, therefore. 

And, of course, faith has everything to do with pursuing such a path in life, and not “going along to get along”, nor succumbing to their perpetuations of fear to gain more control.  Such intentions (by unkind men and women who seek to make conditions worse rather than truly better) cannot be denied any longer.

The truth (the Light) sets us each free.

And so it is, that it is no coincidence I was born where I was when I was, and I have been guided to learn exactly what I have, where I have, when I have while living in human skin on this Earth. My studies were to include but not be limited to astronomy and earth science, engineering, technologies, math, and laws…….as I quietly worked out the spiritual laws behind the scenes.

Universal Laws to be exact.