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We have been working on many ideas, products and next steps to teach, publish and help many more people on Earth via New World Communications, LLC’s Science and Spirituality website-


Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts, heart-mapping into the future, key inter-stellar guidance received, and also excerpts from NWC, LLC’s book ‘PastForward (a 21-chapter trilogy) that has been written and is in the process of being finalized- in stages.


(ChristyL Blue is also preparing to create education-based material for “the road ahead”!)


You too can become more informed when you choose to”tune in” to The Universe (rather than the “Tele” or television) for very important environmental-energy that actually surrounds us ALL – including energy patterns that indicate adversely impactful conditions!      REALLY.


Especially negative energy directly associated to antiquated conditioning

that continues to persist for the worst…Why?


To tear up the Fabric of Life –rather than choose to evolve beyond Ego

which is not for the Greater GOOD


Not “Smart” whatsoever in REALITY.



Luckily, there also is a ‘Great Shift’ occurring to improve or evolve life on Earth, right before our eyes.


So, tap into this Divine wisdom by scheduling a Reading with me right here:

They are out of this world!


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