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I Invoke The Mahatma Energy to Flow Through Me


“In the Golden Era of Atlantis, many great souls placed

some of their energy,

as well as Christ-Buddha light and that of the 12 Rays,

into a sacred pool to create

high-frequency group consciousness.

People could draw from this sacred pool to enhance themselves,

and their projects.”


“This golden-white MAHATMA ENERGY is once more available…
You are invited to draw this energy in through your internal Chakras System-
Ground THE MAHATMA ENERGY into the earth too…


Doing so WILL help our planet Earth, or spiritual water-body called #GAIA
And you will leave golden-white footsteps wherever YOU go.


Send THE MAHATMA ENERGY to others in the world to accelerate their insight
& help energize GAIA.”


Note: The Chakras System represents your electrical energy “spine” that radiates energy from the base or root chakra up through the trunk of your body, and into your heart, throat, third eye or pineal gland, and crown chakra- each working together through increasingly positive intention & spiritual insight. There are five more chakras that I will teach about in a future blog post.

So, helpful energy-based healing modalities -including but not limited to Reiki, crystals, and certain yoga practices for instance- can aid you in raising your frequency or “vibe” to help you experience an improved, healthier state of being. (You WILL need an open mind to do so, however!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NUMEROLOGY of the above Ascension Oracle Card
Number six (6) attributes: The Number six connects above and below, reconciliation, intellectual creativity, (wise) discrimination, imagination, union, love, perfection, ability to use the imagination and the intellect combined, relatedness, taking responsibility for choices.

“As above, so below”


TO aid you on your spiritual quest, please contact ChristylBlue to gain assistance on your life path with readings, energy assessments, and specific Soul-Searching-Services. #AskHow

New World Communications, LLC also actively promotes the hashtags #GAIA, GreenhouseRefugees, #HelpAnimals2, #JoinMe, #ShiftandShare, #ShiftandCare, #Talk2Angels, and the newest #BuildUPNature.

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  • ASCENSION CARDS: Accelerate Your Journey to the Light  by Diana Cooper

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