Today’s ‘Hump Day’ Message comes through in a specific deck I used as I asked Spirit to please give me guidance in accordance with the energy that is persistently troubling many on Earth-
‘The Energy’ that clearly is in need of being healed.


I selected the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit (by Tori Hartman) and also a separate crystal deck to clarify the three Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards that came out for me, after several minutes of continuous shuffling (approximately 3-4 minutes). Some amazing information came out before my eyes…..

The energy in ‘the Air” is:


Every Silver Lining has a Cloud.

Yet, CONFUSION forces us to STOP and gives us the opportunity to think again about where we’re going, or to wait a bit, until a good solution appears.

How do YOU deal with confusion in your life?  Be aware of physical ailments (dis-ease) that crop up which are the expressions of inner confusion representative of a form of ‘resistance’. Resistance is necessary some of the time, but not indefinitely! Of course it depends on the ‘situation at hand’, as I have learned in multiple ways and also about the silver lining despite the clouds.

It is no surprise, either, nor is the constant confusion so prevalent on ‘social media’ as multiple lines of information perpetuate a certain ‘spin‘ that continues to occurs particularly due to Ne’er Do Well behavior but also due to a lack of understanding. Both generate additive distortion (spin) of truth that gets ‘capitalized on’ and that leads to chaos and additional toxic emotional conditions that manifest physically (as dis-eases).

Chaotic and confusing “situations” cause pressure-cooker conditions which also have life-altering implications, particularly for vulnerable children and animals on Earth increasingly scapegoated and suffering in multiple environments due to ‘the adults’ – during the 21st Century!

By Adults who should know better, but for the dark “energy”of deceptiveness that is man-ifesting as negative behavioral conduct to affect (impact) others in our cause-effect Universe. The Energy which we can see continue on and on- “in the environment”- is that which does not need to occur (and co-occur) but for such intentional and consequential interference(s) that impact our collective societal framework, and our humanity too. (And some of these “consequences” are being intentioned.)

Chaos and confusion get in the way of meaningful communication that is necessary
to bring about good resolutions for positive change, and future growth.


Negative emotions have multiple shocking and taxing effects that numb us from finding positive resolutions.
This negative feedback loop only ensures that more dis-ease and confusion go on until they are
so destructive they become COMPOUNDED UN-NATURAL and SOCIETAL emergencies.


A prime example is the ongoing #AnimalHolocaust that has transpired in relation to the ‘Economic Recession’ that is co-occurring with obvious climatic changes that collectively decrease our quality of life on Earth (e.g. the extinction of more species, contamination of our freshwater supply and air quality, seeds & food supply, housing & schooling, etc).

Still, there are enough ‘Lightworkers’ striking a balance on Earth by traversing through such heady and dangerous ‘climates’ as they experience and identify the issues, problems, and corollary innuendo in order to bring a higher awareness to others’ inhumanity – particular abuses of unkind man (and woman) toward vulnerable and unsuspecting beings on our planet….forgetting others’ feelings (via biological-neurological pathways), and also that we are spiritual beings in physical form.

Especially cold and cruel, are those with the specific intent to “muck things up” in the natural environment (specifically involving air, water, and land resources we each need to LIVE), and doing so while purposely (not accidentally) targeting the Animal Kingdom in all her glory as ‘Society at large’ suffers in equal or worse measure. Conditions that George LoBuono has accurately assessed and compared to alien behavior and attitudes in his book Alien Mind: The Thought and Behavior of Extraterrestrials.

Thus, it is no coincidence these cards from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck appear…

The first card out of the chute, so to speak, is:



(This card is represented by the color Grey)

Indeed, it has been doomy and gloomy far too long on the earth for these are all symptoms of warring that has persisted throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st Century, obvious to most of humanity since the “9/11” emergency in the United States and abroad. 

The spread of such dis-ease, that ‘grows’ like a tumor, is the root cause of other associated diseases and disorders (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually), then, to ‘tax’ society and further impact the natural environment and our individual and collective ability to thrive, let alone survive.

As if the associated conditions involved are to be ongoing into ‘the future’, and also a large crutch (or addiction) for us each to hobble along with as the rest of our lives are made unnecessarily difficult.

The “root source” involves a dark and evil-ridden past chock full of deceptive practices, then, BUT this is where Spirit comes to our aid so it is no surprise that my subsequent blog post ‘readings’ begin to tell how, bit by bit,

to grow by……no kidding…


“If survival (in the past) included the need to know answers then surely confusion can be a great struggle. It can feel very unsafe too. Know that Spirit is ‘in the silver cloud’ though, guiding and protecting us.”

This statement surely rings true, in my experience, for it is exactly these warring ‘conditions’ when Spirit came to my aid in a major way– and to aid my family (and animal companions). To help guide us through what I came to observe, know, and track as ‘The Storm‘, and the associated patterns that transmit “vibes” (identifiable waves of energy).

It is true that some people ‘hide’ in confusion which makes them feel safe, for a time, but eventually, each person must address what ails them from within.

Even pertaining to war– especially war conditions and “situations” that I observed first-hand. Too, I have noticed (even longer than 18 years) that the War mentality (war mens rea) does bring about a level of security to those accustomed to it, and the highly controlled (and volatile) environments that come about eventually. So, controlling the natural environment and/for resources (to exert absolute dominion or #war), is risky for all of life (animals, plants, and humans).

Unless a spark occurs to get one’s attention long enough to change this entrenched dynamic for the better, the control tactics (dramas) do continue on and on, before one’s eyes. As they did mine over time, which I had to figure out largely on my own over the long haul. However, this learning-and the associated confusion that permeated life increasingly so by the turn of the 21st Century is exactly when I endured suffering as I also became the student (and survived). Spirit was also preparing me to become the teacher and as it turns out doing so (and living through “IT”) has been part of my soul or sacred contract.

*This recent post on YouTube by Consciousness Evolution Journey, and other posts leading up to this time, accurately captures and aptly describes Spirit’s help and guidance open to you too.

Journaling does help one come to a truly better Soul-ution, be it personally or professionally, (and likely intertwined as I discovered in my life over a specific 18-year period, 2001-2019 that has become crystal clear since its inception). Journaling can help one sort ‘things’ out and come to the conclusion that actually works, that is when done with honesty in mind to ensure a better way forward

The one that is Divinely Guided.


Otherwise, ego gets in the way of making truly positive connections.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Certainly, I discovered over time how to live a good life but also that there is a better way to be in the world. To not be asleep at the wheel as to what is sounding all around US to be addressed and resolved. And as I thought I also wrote- particularly so when dealing with major difficulties that suddently cropped up despite putting in ‘the work’ daily to make a living and raise a family over time.  Why this energy came toward me – a mother, a scientist, and a loving person at heart, was perplexing to say the least. As it turns out I had to process this heavy energy and the associated evil (egos) involved in order to move beyond ‘it’ once and for all, particularly so when some wanted me to be stuck (indefinitely), even buried physically. The question was why this dark energy was focused upon yours truly. And as it turns out I had to turn this ugliness (jealousy, envy, sloth, avarice, gluttony, unrealistic expectations, blocked speech, abuse of power and control, etc.) into something truly better. Useful. Productive. NewInclusive. POSITIVE.

  So, it was at this pivot point (the cloudy skies or “Storm”) when Spirit really had my back, even through rather risky and difficult conditions and dis-ease. This pivot point period was necessary for me to realize just “how” I was being manipulated and why, in order to determine “how” to bring about some relief to me and my immediate family then others. So I was being guided to determine just “how”  to do so, while addressing (teaching) the “Why”.

I was, you could say, working out the “how” as I continued to ask “why”, like so in my childhood.

It is true, I have learned, that a small fraction of beings among us do not want solutions to what ails us individually and collectively, but prefer instead- and even at all costs- to continue the confusion (and control dramas) that infringe upon others lives in their investment in the cycle-of-abuse process and this ‘cycle’ is repeating in our Climate-Environment (which I wrote about in Past-Forward.)

 Shifting one’s perspective away from this illusion of ‘issued security’ is key, and so is seeing the illusory issues and associated insecurities projected outward in the environment as the root causes of the myriad adverse impacts that are co-occurring again and again.

*Integrity and Fair-mindedness are key characteristic traits one must have, and keep, to thwart such male-ific behavior and associated projections to distort reality- via ‘3-D‘ perceptions.

For, only when one ‘sees through’ the Illusion (lies, misrepresentations, manipulations) to the truth do real answers and real security come to light. It is ‘the Light’ that helps one to see more clearly from the soul.

And the heart!

Seeing differently- even seeing grey as ‘silver’ trains the mind to shift.(Silver resonates at a higher vibration than grey) and this resonance shift toward the positive helps one deal with negative ‘projection’ scenarios to feel light-er. We know so, intrinsically, by spending time with those who resonate from a higher vibe, right? Being around those who are loving and caring helps raise one’s “vibe”. Doing so independently (and regularly) helps lift one out of a rut, even if a little bit, to shift by. And to create that “spark”  to help others through. (Watch this excerpt of Power vs. Force to see how and why.)

Yet, again, one must be willing to ‘see’ differently in order to make necessary shifts, even despite certain programming, thus to begin healing negative energy trapped within one’s own body that is in one’s environment, as it is over space and time. Because We are all interconnected.

Yet, one must be calm and rational to do so.

It’s about choice-


A Helpful Meditation:
Be still. Relax and close your eyes as you sit or lay down. Invite confusion in as you allow the stillness to expand your awareness.

The more you allow this space to expand, the more ‘the answer’ will come to you with Spirit’s guidance. Just ask for the ‘highest good’ to come from the answer you seek. This ‘answer’ may not come right away. Write them down in a journal to help you stay ‘on track’ into the positive.

Patience is key. Be calm. Don’t panic.


Other thoughts to put in motion:
  • Write a list of pros/cons about the CONFUSION that troubles you (and those you know and love). Think about “what”. Let the “how” work itself out.
  • Consider seeking out a reputable Reiki healer, and heal your body by clearing trapped and toxic energy from your  body (e.g. clearing Chakras) if you cannot relax and find yourself reaching for substances to numb the root cause of your suffering.
  • Independently practice yoga (which is best, if you can do so) to center the mind with the body and soul, and release toxins. Visit your local library for audio and visual resources.
  • Dance to music or play a musical instrument. Take a walk in a nature (#environmental) setting.
  • Help others, or animals, in difficult circumstances to foster a win-win situation. Practice random acts of kindness to reverse the traumas involved.
  • Purchase crystals that ‘resonate’ with you when you see them. Use them to heal.
  • Meditate regularly. There are many awesome meditations to choose from on YouTube including these favorites:



Lavender Aragonite (37)
Lavender Aragonite is the main crystal card I pulled (from The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle deck) and this card correlates to the main Chakra card message on the CONFUSION card that I discussed above.

Lavender Aragonite heals one’s personal environment, raises the vibe of the planet, and heals Earth’s magnetic grid. If one’s environment (land/home/workplace) is unhealthy and disharmonious it cannot support well-being.

And so it goes for the natural environment and all beings reliant upon healthy functional (not dysfunctional) ecosystems…….

Transform ‘the environment’ and well-being returns.

(It’s a very simple, clear message- one that is not political or governmental– in reality.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In nature, lavender grows in plant-based form (e.g. in The Plant Kingdom). Lavender is a calming, soothing herb that is light purple and is fragrant. It is marketed in perfumes, sprays, and sachets to bring about calmness and serenity in one’s personal environment, and especially to sleep near.
Lavender is representative of purple which represents the hues of the 6th chakra-7th Chakras,
The Pineal Gland (“Third Eye”) and Crown Chakras, that helps us gain ethereal insight in order
to see through and navigate the confusion so prevalent and difficult in “3-D”,
in order to gain personal (pro-ductive) control over IT!


So, it’s no coincidence that the color purple is strongly resonant in this reading, including on two other crystal cards that came out as I continued to shuffle, to clarify the entire message. The “third eye” or pineal gland chakra and heart chakra are collectively involved.

NOTE: If this chakra-crystal message resonates with you it is likely that the associated “high vibration” is serving to inform you of your own soul path, that of ‘HEALING THE ENVIRONMENT’…..

And likely your own self.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • For further information (including the extended message involving associated chakras & crystals discussed in an ‘Extended Divination‘) please contact ChristylBlue for assistance.



Sources of INSPIREation and Credit:

  • The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit, by Tori Hartman
  • Awakening YOU, Channel
  • The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, by Judy Hall.

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