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What has been ‘Submerged’

-in Regard to ‘Complacency’-

is Being Revealed:

(update in progress)



What a difference a week makes

~ In the Age of Aquarius ~ 


This reading took seconds (not minutes) for the cards to ‘speak’…

Spirit definitely has a specific message for us all, whether we ‘like’ it or not (thumbs up or thumbs down).

It is showing up for good cause in our cause-effect Universe……



(The Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven D. Farmer)

This first card ‘out of the gate’ represents past/recent past energy 
& made me instantly think of these corollary Environmental-Societal issues:
  • The Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets melting- and disappearing as Polar Bear communities become stranded, starve, and perish- they are but one example of what’s going on on #Earth, and as this species also succumbs to perilous environmental conditions that could have been avoided had care been the applied logic, so to speak. Humans are getting a bigger “taste” of this #profitxperil disaster.
  • It is not of coincidence that many humans are also similarly struggling to survive (unable to thrive and trying to cope due to the myriad abuses actually plotted and planned out, by ‘mankind’, especially since the turn of the 20th Century).
  • Mounting societal and environmental changes, intense ones, “climatic” ones, are undeniable then, as are those who are vanishing/perishing before our eyes- in our communities- in sudden endings as violence and co-dependency on violence walk hand in hand. Tragic endings to lives “cut” short, which are coupled with deeply ‘submerged’ feelings (‘pent up’ emotions) at the root (and heart) of #Issues that bleed out into the streets, but also into the airways. Thus, you could say this “synergistic effect” does not JUST apply to the thousands of manufactured chemicals plaguing us on a regular basis as they too are being “administered” to cause harm, choice by choice. Decision by decision. That simultaneous, disturbing acts are being carried out in MULTIPLE environments on Earth is not a coincidence. Nor shall we ignore, then, the Earth’s past and what happened to our ancestors and even the dinosaurs, due to compounding dis-asters (‘from the stars’)
  • What is disturbing to one’s internal ‘system’ is not mere coincidence, I have learned, to what IS plaguing us from past disturbing decisions and actions made- by those not even alive to defend or justify such antiquated “thinking”. So the disastrous behavior from multiple directions has been compounded by those who have not given a rat’s behind, all while “testing” heinous practices on innocent animals trying to co-exist with ‘mankind’,
  • Man clearly has though of himself FIRST, and the greatest being alive, even greater than God I have witnessed firsthand.
  • Compoundors of problems (there are many co-occurring in the natural environment and at “home”) tweak “solutions” to their benefit (and to those who honor this line of ‘thought’. These desperadoes often think very highly of themselves- especially “smarter” and “greater” than all others, all while compounding myriad problems on Earth with little to no REAL solutions. Their gas-lighting fools the best of folks, decade by decade, and it’s wearing thin on planet Earth. There is little interest, then, being compounded to protect Earth, despite billions of dollars alone in US spacecraft and instrument detectors, and data archiving/analysis.  Even the collective spirit on Earth has waned, making our ability to tolerate one another in increasingly congested cities built to “box” more in to a specific “way of life”.
  • Our planet- Earth- is a living breathing planet. It’s a BIOSPHERE. More toxic “inputs” affect more of us, since we are all interconnected. Mass producing money (printed from destruction of trees) has built up the pocket books of some to the detriment of the whole. And this “mobility” generation by generation is built upon unnecessary production of “stuff”- lots of stuff- we just don’t need. But clean air, water, and food products we DO need.
  • Those living “high on the hog” and on “high horses”, are those stirring up (‘shit-starting’) many problems on the earth all as they ignore the harm they are the root cause of, as it turns out.  The myriad distortions involved (to support such un-natural living) and all associated disturbances co-occurring are the root of such problems. Such problems stem from this habituated root of all evil “lifestyle” that has been drummed into the heads of billions of minds “tuning in” nightly to another “box”-the television. 
  • The “conditioning”, therefore, is widespread and it runs deep. IT is in need of being resolved, on an individual level and purged -cleansed from one’s system. Much as one must “clean up” their antiquated computer “box” in order to help IT run more efficiently. Some among us insistent that we all operate more like machines, as our #AnimalKingdom is machinated to its death, are not “in tune” with nature or nurture. It is clear that this “is the case”, particularly as they continue their blind agenda- to be divisive in the world (while acting as if they are “more” intelligent, new fangled, new and improved, like a product).
  • Earth is not a box, nor is it a “product” to be marketed and machinated (e.g. man-ufactured) -as war is- Earth is a sphere.- AND a living, breathing jewel in space.Earth is unique
  • Each of us are created uniquely too, aren’t we? We are not all male, or all female. We are diverse. And so is the #AnimalKingdom
  • What will happen when we let such diversity and individuation die away (which is co-occurring too…fyi)
  • Each of us CAN see (if each of us chooses to pay attention) that there has been way too much “Yang” (male dominant energy) and not enough “Yin” (feminine recessive energy) on our planet! This habituation (that is playing out nearly daily as a narcissistic & pathological one) has been carried on through multiple generations, as if embedded in the DNA all as some seek to change one’s individual DNA, and also dispose of certain lineages like trash. And as if to drive us collectively into a lop-sided way of life, or a linear way of thought and action/behavior, as if the only way “to live”.
  • Living in such a distorted way of thinking is indicative of a dis-eased mind, and heart. And a wayward soul. Even a splintered or harvested soul.
  • So this “way of living” is not really living but IT IS dying. Imbalanced behavior is generated from negative influences, ‘out there’ and within. I once asked a counselor I knew-who dealt with drug and alcohol abuses and family abuse- “Which came first: Mental Illness or Evil?” What do you think he said to  me?
  • To be individuals as we were BORN TO BE-COME, it is imperative-in my experience as a scientist (and former military spouse) that we each take responsibility for ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically in order to achieve true  balance and unity on Earth, otherwise the dominant “party”-often the damaged who have little to no conscience-find “ways” to tip the scales their direction. This #habit of taking advantage of ‘others’ rights and property, over time and space, is indicative of cold-hearted behavior- of mental illness, not real empowerment, then
  • It is “highly important” that those on their “high horses” and living “high on the hog” at others expense and personal/professional demise are set straight. And it will take far more than “an Act of Congress” to do so, as it turns out. Trading in one’s own God given individuality to promote and HONOR such duality is the “goal” of some, as if to be admired and dotted on endlessly, AND this is just where the illusion and associated (sociopathic) trickery (treachery) comes in to ‘play’ on multiple engineered battlefields.. What?!
  • So this primary habituation to live life in a lop-sided manner is to be purged from “the System”, not just from one’s own individual system, actually. Because people operate systems- with the mind/heart/and soul.
  • Cleansing oneself (and to cleanse the earth) must be done individually (e.g. no one else can do your ‘dirty work’ and your “karma” for dirty deeds is to be cleaned up by you, no one else). No more scapegoating on Planet Earth. No more “Prison Planet”, because in order to evolve to the next “level” each of us must “do the homework” to re-balance life on Earth- our SPIRITUAL HOME – a living, breathing, feeling/sensing/sentient water body called Gaia . Just look around to see so, with your GOD-Given eyes (and “third eye” or Pineal gland) even as you determine your part- the role you play- in revitalizing our Home planet and your own life, step by step, to evolve from within.


Indeed, the very negativity driving the mad engine of mental-emotional dis-sociation and distortion (the environ-mental dis-turbances) is not coincidental when one looks more closely (with an investigative eye and an understanding of how our planet actually works). While our planet can be treated as a ‘System’ there is more going on than meets the eye, particularly the mounting dis-asters which are more noticeable and less ‘”ironic'” – even to ‘the layperson’.

And too, these disturbances are continually disconcerting to see mount on ‘social media’  threads, particularly to those who actually care about #whatsgoinon.

Those of us who do not need to subjugate ‘the others’, or our planet tto look and feel ‘better’...

So, as you likely are, I have been finding my way through this maze, and I have since I was born, hindsight being “2020”. And despite paying close attention in my youth (that coincided with the volatile 1960s and 1970s) thereafter I would have to “go through it” to see the way out.

It’s no secret now how Prime-time “news” machines repeat what is actually not new but are utterly indicative of the deeply negative and widely impactful and negligent behavior of the “some”, and their intentional wanton and reckless behavior as if it is ‘new’ news but for some time it would be. And during that time period is when I was trouble-shooting what was sounding in the environment.

Often what is seen as unbelievable is not because those who choose to be (remain) ignorant are doing exactly that, choosing to be blind. Too, because, we have each been conditioned (to varying degrees) on what to believe and what to not believe, even if and when such conditions have been appearing before our own eyes.

The mind can play tricks on an individual, but not all individuals are the same. Some are more sensitive and also more clear-minded and resilient (able to see through) to observe what’s going on and accurately assess what is very Callous. The Cold.  The inhumane. The Demonic.

Unless one is plagued emotionally and unable “to relate” or “help”, one can also come to the aid of those suffering from The Disturbing. The Depressing. The Depleting.

Those of a twisted bent, however, cannot. And it is their choicexchoice behavior we can see playing out, The Contagion, which I wrote about in Past-Forward, that I speak about here too, to address how such highly impactful emotions spur on such Contagion. Conditions that I determined to be trouble with a “capital T” in the 1970s – long before my destiny played out to reveal such devils (demons), and the details involved.

Therefore, I have sensed and observed up-close and personal just what “#IT” is like, as I traveled across Terra Firma (many locations nationally and also internationally) over multiple decades. I did not know what I was seeing, really, initially but there was this persistent “energy” buzzing around, and in the increasingly unfriendly skies by (and beyond) 9/11. Was it a coincidence I was to write a book about such control. None whatsoever!


This overarching catchy “dis-ease”  is directed from “on high” -and IT seems to drive The Contagion harbored in The Rebellious.

Those I was witnessing who cannot control themselves and thus, the negative energy they spew- in toxic doses- into the environment and society, must be remedied in order to be completely overcome: The worst of these afflicted can be seen by millions of eyes, 24/7, from the comfort of one’s home on “prime-time” used not just to deliver the “news” anymore but actually to ‘rally’ people on toward hatred of many toward another ‘bad guy’, and also targeted groups, time and again. Even toward our own neighbor(s), or a loving family member. And radicalize those who are caught up in the fear-mongering that breeds war-mongering (e.g. Contagion) in many environments and neighorhoods on the earth.

This is a tricky tactic of war that is being replicated- as a machine does- and so is the manipulation of the #mind over time (See “The Century of the Self” & documentary and read about “MK-Ultra” for starters) and space. In fact, IT tools like GIS and GPS are also being utilized to do bad deeds, rather than serve what is good and healthy on the Earth Plane. in multiple locations on Earth – in neighborhoods across the world, at least since “9/11” to specifically target ‘the chosen’ in freakish manner as the surrounding observers become tight lipped and desensitized as to what IS happening before one’s eyes-by design. 

Confusion as to what is really going on becomes nearly unbelievable, let alone decipherable…..but not to those so targeted, over time and space. Especially so for ‘the chosen’ who are ACTUALLY to receive “the keys to the Kingdom”. Being on the receiving end of the plot (or “Plan”) – and the associated “trained-in” behavior spurring on hatred within paid human hearts to turn ice cold- is intent-ional. We can see so from watching “The Tele” as the past goes on repeat…

Until one has seen this “shift” or “reset”, one will not know for sure which “path” applies, but know that the wheat and the chaff are splitting hairs now. …Know, beyond a shadow of a doubting Thomas, that the eyes (said to “be the window of the soul”) do tell the dark tale up close and very personal…and almost immediately in person.

This “matter” or “issue” involves multiple other issues and matters, so IT is especially important to “get”, at this critical juncture in HisStory, particularly since “The News” is uber-controlled during the “Information Age”…imagine that. Also imagine that mass deaths have been co-occuring in a calculable and sinister manner, over the same period of time. It is imperative to not “tune out” about this interconnected wizardry performed by a rotating crew of sociopaths seemingly making decisions that are “new”, and to be deemed more earnest and valuable than the predecessors. Such calculated acts (and other toxic releases ‘in the air’) are eerie when one sees things with open eyes (Real Eyes), from a higher perspective. And certainly necessary to SEE so, as different groups of individuals are spurred on for this cause or that, yet still marching to the same disturbed ‘tune’ or ‘vibe’. This negativity bred and nurtured in as many ‘environmental setting’s as possible. Even in specific courtrooms.

Choices and decisions are being man-ipulated, then, so they are poorly made, because they are also poorly designed, and only for certain calculated outcomes to favor a few percent of the global population (the “some” that go along with “The One Percent”) while multiple “others” (human and animals) find themselves on the receiving end of these poor ass decisions. Decisions some deem as “consequences” that only innocents are to be  “receiving”  but only due to ingrained bias that steers icy-cold hearts, so trained and directed.

The old ‘Cold War’  habituation, you see, has been very lucrative for few at the expense of The Many. What a racket,  indeed. So, it is not ironic that the past is sounding around us all now, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Nor is it coincidence that our entire planet is suffering this negativity. Smedley Butler and Nikolai Tesla knew of this catastrophe and did what they could to help (prepare) the public.

At times other influential private citizens and public leaders have too, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and but I cannot think of a “leader” since I incarnated on the earth that has been honest about IT.  IT is not something “to fight” nor “to fear”…we have it all wrong. IT is something to understand and resolve from within otherwise you too chase the same ghosts in The machine. The key to resolving such destruction and associated dis-ease is too fix oneself, from within. There are countless, prime examples of complacency. There are few true leaders. Most who aspire to be “at the controls” are imbalanced within, and when they “achieve great status in society” they have typically generated a “great following” that further compound their wealth and this dis-ease within that is then projected and multiplied- like cancer cells- “out there”.

So, such malignant self-interest and self centered behavior is strange to view, let alone be idolized en-masse, as is throwing caution to the wind to join in on the absurdity (and immaturity in tandem). Such immaturity seems to be rooted in mental imbalance, into adulthood. Immature decision-making involves consequences, which also feeds into the purposing of increasingly traumatic situations (yes, it does) toward/against “others” (so does bi-polar and narcissistic behavior that does lead to sociopath-ick and psychopath-ick actions, despite those intending and projecting harm onto others proving at every twisted turn that THEY are of sound mind and their victims are not). In my observation, the gaslighting starts very early on, and what these individuals are doing is eventually projecting their childhood abuse onto “others” victimized, so they are somehow released from their own behavior. Yet, this is not ‘the case’ -in reality- for eventually this ‘pathologic trajectory’ and associated “triangles of trauma” leads to the attraction of more like-minded  ‘mad-hatters’ (and their rabbit followers) showing up at toxic tea parties and other meetings where a “meeting of the minds” is achieved, yet by more who are clearly not of sound mind.

Plans to further demean chosen “subjects” -especially innocent children and their mothers- unknowing of such plans are extremely vulnerable targets. Too, children are often separated from their parent(s) who are also “detained” TO BE abused mentally, emotionally, physically, and worse.

So these “choices” of a few percent sitting “on high” are being made to take away the FREEWILL Right of The majority…odd & evil indeed.

As if it is THEIR RIGHT to do so instead of the inherent RIGHT to live in PEACE & ENJOYMENT.

As such, most leaders sitting “on high” and acting out on “high horses”, in reality, are followers and infantile at best. Tyrants at worst. Couple these “human traits” with the use/deployment of one or more alien-based technologies- and what kind of concoction is thus “administered”- a VERY TOXIC ONE. So, Ideologies in ‘a similar vein’ are not really representative nor protective of “the greater good” but they certainly are “ADDITIVE”- thus NOT favorable for any body on Earth, truth be told).

For, clearly, just what planet do the “high and mighty” think they are they living on? Where will they go when their participation in “Mucking up” our home planet is no longer  “fun”, and our environment is perturbed so badly?

Mars? Likely

Mars is not known to be habitable ‘by Man’ (or so it seems).

 As such it is increasingly strange (odd), to me, that Man on Earth, has a particular affinity for increasingly compromising life on Earth, at every twist and turn- and in a very cold and calculating way. By lack of conscience that has been spawned TO BE hyper-active by (and beyond) the turn of the 21st Century, like in the past so a few more lacking conscience can “influence” us all this IS the way to “live”….as one profits to ‘gain’ illusory (ego-driven) status.

So, most are “stuck” in the middle of this dichotomous, repeating, and worn-out record recorded over and over with the same or similar “double-speak”, as we enter into the third decade of the 21st Century because one-track minds will never be able to “get it” right. And as I have observed, this “vibe” is certainly not melodic. Nor peaceful. It is quite the opposite….

Therefore, the associated negativity (eg adverse conditions and impacts) due to the associated historic conditioning is STILL manifesting before our eyes, especially in the “comfort” of our own ‘SMART’ homes, apartments- by design – and increasingly so where we “make a living”- our workplaces. Evil “agreements”, indeed.

This evil bent is the root cause of more Depression. more Destruction,

More Dis-ease on Earth, and More dis-asters  from ‘the stars”?

We can only hope to ‘remedy’ what plagues the addicts who only seek to gain “more” (control of Earth & her resources…)-

Survival of the Fittest?


A Black Hole if not remedied now?


That other planets near us are uninhabitable as particles of ‘mysterious’ planetary matter continues to orbit about them (and as “mankind” becomes increasingly unkind, unpredictable and dangerous) should jolt us enough to wake us ALL up to the fact that we are witnessing the precursor effects of such an ending, one horror show after another on “repeat”. Again, compounding, but not with positive interest yet surely such ‘additive toxicity’ compounding to such an ending if we don’t collectively “wise up”.

Luckily, there is safety in numbers but not into such ‘submission’ on the Earth plane.

How would know? From direct and indirect exposure, experience, and ‘dis-ease‘!

(Note the numerous adverse impacts and associated ‘dis-eases’ I had to overcome on my life path. See specific examples of said “targeting” and  specific intent to cause harm internally and externally in the workplace and neighborhood, all devilish acts which replicate war.)

It is no surprise that many sense (and see), not only remnants of ‘The Cold War’ past but also inclinations of “some” to repeat this past (and its ill-effects) on a global scale. What?! Repeating the past which The Majority of beings grew up learning about (and grew past), thinking that ‘way of being’ was long gone and over, left in the dust.

But it has not, in fact, because “some” among us have not grown or evolved, which can no longer be “faked”.

So, what seems as if ‘someone else’s train wreck’ is not but is actually connected to the very environmental conditions (and antiquated conditioning plaguing us) as aforementioned…oddly designed and engineered for maximum impact or ‘injection’ into society- to strangely be forced to suffer at large-and repeatedly so for desirous ‘effect’.

So, those who are officiating over such a ’cause’ are not stable yet continue to ‘re-emerge’ as if all-knowing and supreme. “New and improved.” But not so in realityIt turns out there is trickery involved, and dark matters (negative-based vibrations/energy) ARE at the root of IT! 

The ego (mind) is the ‘receiver’, at center stage, to replay just such embattlements which then ensure to ‘re-generate’ the Cold war era in all of its ugliness.

Too, we know or should by now that associated past choices to cause mental, emotional, and physical harm- coupled with present decisions to commit to similar acts- are the problems co-occurring before our eyes, and insidiously so. At the hands (and minds) of those ‘teaching’ this way of being, having not evolved enough to learn and grow away from the cold, dark past.

Thus, nothing has really changed on their insides, regardless of words spoken just as I have discovered, first-hand, too. And that such behavior on Terra Firma is as telling as the dirty skies above.

IT is not just about money, then, but money is the primary ‘tool’ being man-ipulated in “modern time” specifically to repeat the past, and worse…

Even to ‘feel better’ while getting “more” to filler-up on,

as others are sold down the flooding river….

This re-creation of the past involves multiple timelines and millions of people, in fact, to carry out such a bleak ‘Man-ifest Destiny‘ which is analogous to the United States’ Manifest Destiny that ‘settled’ the country in the past- death by treacherous death- all for individuals and families to grow toward what? More of the same treachery? Yes, it seems to “be the case”-  for the ‘favored’ alienation of certain breeds over the others. But not chosen by God- The Higher Power.

Such “karmic decisions” generate karmic responses, in our cause-effect Universe, however.

And that time has come- in order to rectify just such timelines of the ‘past’ as it turns out- timeline by timeline– yet true to nature, in a very punctuated (abrupt) period of time, much as the geologic evolutionary record has revealed past endings, and new beginnings too.

So, IT is no irony that many historical timelines are repeating simultaneously as US citizens (but also The World) are challenged to shift forward as all timelines of The Past continue collapsing, and so does that habituated mass profiteering and abuse, as the “dinosaurs” among us crash and burn again.

Associated generational wounding, more deeply rooted, will take time to heal, still, in those who will survive this “Storm” I learned about up close and personal by and beyond “9/11” (e.g. ‘Survival of the Fittest‘ rings true).

So, the brain and ‘the mind’ are at play, but so is the heart (and the associated negative impacts on the heart, due to abrasive and dangerous egos) then.

Those who have been in battles for so long 10-plus years (and “making a career of it all”) are not really commanding what is essential to living, let alone aspire to what is real. 

Those who are wearing “brass tacks” (e.g. are highly decorated in the ‘armed forces’) may likely emerge from underneath the rocks or entrenched in steely underground caves they have been “living” by subjugating others into such demise, yet doing so is not really living life on Terra Firma, and certainly not to the fullest!

*This mental state (mens rea) is very twisted (dangerous), to say the least…and #IT is transpiring before our eyes (e.g. human trafficking/child trafficking and Satan-ick child sacrifice, not to mention the Adrenochrome issues surrounding this “fear based” and abuse driven mens rea and associated scapegoating victims)…

Many, so plagued by demons, are not really “with it” despite their outward appearances and dress code. And many I have experienced, also seek to carry out future wars- including in Space-and SURELY to the peril of more beings who share our Universe. Sentient and far more intelligent beings trying to get our attention to communicate (patiently) with us about such demise. Beings like those I experienced increasingly so during and beyond the 1990s. And even still. There are many more of us on Earth who can receive such important communications, to help the “others” and to heal what ails many within (inside)..


The Perpetrators purposing confusion -as they sit “on High” in complacency- is “highly” problematic

for The Majority of human beings of Earth-

Especially so, as Earth (GAIA) experiences birthing pains to birth the ‘New Earth’  Now.




(Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit, by Tori Hartman)

Wow!, so, it is no surprise that the second card that appears  (from The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck ) is COMPLACENCY.

This card -and the “overall message”- focuses on the toxic energy at the “root” of all past issues- the BASE or ROOT chakra. The deeply rooted ‘memories’ are ‘harbored’ there, like an abandoned ship or a Trojan Horse that either mobilize or de-mobilizes Mankind. Those not “doing the work” (the unkind men and women) seeking to “achieve” what is false progress mistaken as empowerment are those who will meet karmic fate instead of manifesting their true destiny into the future that is New.

So-called ‘power trips’ that happen to be chock full of heinous low-ordered monstrosities that smack of the cold, dark past are of no IRONy, and they continue to habitually co-occur in multiple (and increasingly impacted) environmental settings, just as I suspected over ‘the long run’ then witnessed repeat in my neck of the woods.

The Base or Root chakra is known to also ‘house’ past lives (past life memories/energies), and of no coincidence, this chakra is the ‘root’ of what lies dormant yet that is also present and ‘sounding around us’ even as we conduct ourselves in normalcy to live our individual lives. Not dual lives full of separation and hatred (e.g. duality to control diversity)! What?! Luckily many on the earth “get IT”, and they each are choosing wisely to evolve (away from #ThePast).

What is at the ‘root cause’ can be and is being revealed, explosively, like a powder keg or evil under the skin- when forced to endure or be “under pressure”.

So what has been ‘submerged’ (from the past) is presently ’emerging’ for resolve, in many locations (‘co-location’) to allow for past issues that have not been resolved to be resolved spiritually, emotionally, psychically, and physically

Otherwise, the disaster-ous effect of such negative energy (which is “catchy” as I have learned about through first-hand experiences, including surviving cancer) will continue to be of no coincidence as the rest of us work to collectively shift FORWARD IN LIFE…




(Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven D. Farmer)

As the collective ‘story-line’ continues, in this reading (and also in my life) the “present” energy card here depicts the Goddess of Life as she emerges from the water (as primitive life did to evolve and radiate on Earth millions of years ago), her green eyes mesmerizing, she adorned with healthy green vines speckled with yellow flowers swirling by her Crown and Third-Eye Chakras to see the future. (The Crown and Third-Eye Chakras ‘energy’ also appeared when I prepared the 8/21/19 blog post you can find here on this website.)

Two golden Dragonflies perch atop her auburn hair…. 

A green Dragonfly rests on a purple Lotus flower that unfoldsThe Unfoldmentnext to another farther along in The Unfoldment process

(Are Dragonflies around YOU now?)



Lavender Aragonite

(The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall)

The first crystal “clarifier” card I pulled (from the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle) for this blog post happened to appear in last week’s “Hump Day” blog post message dated 8/21/19.

Big (REAL) News! 

The continuity into this week’s message is undeniable as is the re-emergence of the Lavender Aragonite crystal card too, to remind us to get calm, and stay calm as the past is purged, with help from The Higher Power (not really being done by those who sit “on high” yet stuck ‘in the past’- and in ego- as I have observed).

So, as it stands in this cause-effect universe we live in and as a few percent of raging lunatics plot and scheme doom, what has been submerged (in secrecy) is re-emerging to be acknowledged for what it is. And what it is not. It is not the “New World” but it is the old world of dis-order (made to look ordered, and to be revered in “lock-step”, at a high cost). Living simply and in moderation costs much less, actually!

What is really new is emerging and unfolding, continuously, as ‘new territory’ so to speak but it’s not new either. However, what is emerging is a “New World” full of what has long been disordered as we struggle to return to who We truly are during The Great Shift to The NEW EARTH.

Thus,We are collectively in the midst of The Unfoldment (or Dharma) on Earth….



We are collectively emerging from the Dark Night of the Soul on Earth, so, this delicate period requires us to still keep “shifting” forward- every little bit- as we each work diligently and consistently to offset the darkness (and mitigate the troubled beings who have made their choices to not care). To #ShiftandCare and #ShiftandShare in order to ensure real order- which brings peace not more chaos to The Majority on our planet. 

Peace to us and to our #animals who shall not be treated as numbers or property either…to no longer suffer with lack, and the perceived separation from Love so controlled.

To #HelpAnimals2 on the earth is imperative! It’s also non-negotiable!

Get Going!


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself —
the nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror
which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Recall: His-story reminds us, even as the poor choices are being repeated in tandem, to not fall into despair. Nor despite the disturbing ‘revelations’ co-occurring before our eyes, in “3-D”, to support The Illusion.

Conditioning (and evidentiary conditions) that smack of the Cold-War past is imprisoning and deathly both– designed to keep your mind, heart, and spirit trapped -like animals-to indulge in fear-based (“social”) conditioning, set up to entrap more victims in its Webs of deception, online and off…..and persistently so!

The Matrix -through manipulated technologies- seeks to keep you in-a-trance,

instead of making your entrance into The New Earth, Now….

But…YOU are wiser than that bag of tricks!


Your homework until next week? 

  • Understand: We are shifting away from the cold, dark past- it is an amazing time to be alive and to be a witness to this Glory of Love 
  • ‘The Unfoldment’
  • Study & use Crystals to ease your fears and disperse negative energy in your environment while you welcome healing energy in.
In particular, seek out Shiva Lingam. This crystal is associated with number 32, which numerologically denotes the number 5, or ‘change’) to learn more about this crystal energy and how it applies to you, and to the collective whole experiencing great (positive) change on Earth now and into the future.

It is the second crystal card appearing in this reading, for good cause.


There are additional cards which correlate to the information above,

(they appear to help us further discern our true destiny)

They are reminders, for us to honor our uniqueness, surely so…..

We do not succumb to the dastardly fate

that some may wish upon us,

and our evolving Earth, just like in the cold, dark past….

It is also ‘crystal clear’ just how much “more” Misery loves company

~ Their Dis-eased minds and hearts are ‘guided’ by wayward souls whose intended Destruction of Earth is very noticeable in these End Times~


Thus, it behooves US to help one another make it through “The Wormholes”, or “Portals of Empowerment”, then!

Doing so gives one both a more awakened mind and a peaceful, loving heart.

…and to remember your soul’s journey again and again

(and perhaps going down the steely *Rabbit Hole trap too many times)


So…decidedly harboring a one-track mind is not true “intelligence”… IT IS harmful to self and planet!


Choosing to not evolve enough to even sustain one’s own life as one takes from others

 is obviously not beneficial nor contributing positively to “The Whole”, but choosing to do so IS a recipe for disaster-

and is deeply and widely harmful to the diversity of life as Gaia energy is preyed upon too..

[*This Illusion- stuck on repeat- surely has entrapped a multitude of beings into extremely compromising “situations”: in mental, emotional, and physical embattlements not easily overcome, especially when weaponry is continually “developed” instead! The Seven Deadly Sins remind us just how these demonic chains bind us to lives of reptilian-like hell, rather than developing real Heaven on Earth-The New Earth.]


Having studied Historical Geology (and many other natural science courses in college) I do believe those who make this “Great Shift” (through energy portals) with a positive mind and joy-full heart (e.g. more biologically evolved) will emerge as a truly better “version”, and with a renewed sense of purpose- a Higher purpose

Like the broadcasting of seeded energy to grow new life (e.g. plants) across the land, new life is ‘in the works’. Too, there is indication that a new “root race” is underway.

I am not the Creator, but I know my purpose has been to study such topics and earth itself, and to convey what I have experienced and why I have learned on MY LIFE PATH. I am not a follower, per se, but I do follow The Higher Power who guides ME.

Creativity is (key to) “life” on Earth, so innovative behavior expressed in the positive (not for negative ends and means) brings about real prosperity- an abundant life.  Being “mean” just will not “cut it” moving forward.

Those who adapt and create in the positive will continue to move along in the evolutionary process. Those who cause rampages and are disruptive will not. It does make one wonder about the reptilians of the cold-blooded past and their demise, doesn’t it? These beings that I have studied, too. Ones that look different than us on Earth -in human and animal skin. Yet there are tell tale signs that some of their ‘traits’ are still here, in operation, and through the mind.IF you have not yet had the chance to read “Dragons of Eden” find the time. There is more going on before us, than meets the eye.

Too, the Geologic Record has not revealed -nor have geologists mapped- all there is to know about OUR home planet Earth.  So, there is promise of certain discovery in the “future”….. that is Now.

A spiritual takeaway- the purpose of living a positive life on Earth is rewarded- but not (obvious) “in the physical”…this is key. Those who “do the work” -they are TO EVOLVE and will be sustained (filled up) by the Creator -not with oil or gas- nor a load of paper money generated from destroying trees. Nor wearing around silicon technology that feels (and is) “fake” but controls ones “look” and “movement”.

So…Will you choose “fake”, or will you “radiate“, as you make it through the wormholes (portals of growth), to greet the New Earth?      

In my estimation,

Evolve or die still holds……


If you would like to learn more about this reading, and specifically as it correlates to you & your ‘environmental setting’, please contact for pricing, and to book an appointment.


Sources of INSPIRE ation:

  • Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven D. Farmer
  • Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, by Judy Hall
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit: A 52-Week Self-Discovery with the Lost Fables, by Toni Hartman
  • #AwakeningYOU on YouTube


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