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I have been “shifting” through this newest energy challenge, or pivot point, and I hope you have been too.  A lot is happening!

So, it is no surprise that this ‘Sirius’ energy happens to be showing up for this newest “Hump Day” message I received from Spirit, and at the same ‘time’ Saturn goes direct after being retrograde (Rx) for approximately 5 months!

Learn how planetary energies plus Full and New Moons (and eclipses) are impacting life on Earth by watching my YouTube channel, ChristylBlue, where you can also gain insight about the continuum of portal energies since December 12, 2018 – they are significant.

Also, see if you can determine which Chakras are of predominant focus in this reading. There are some repeating crystals again, too, of no coincidence!

The primary card and two additional cards (secondary & tertiary cards) start this reading,

in this way forward now…….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~




An opportunity to open to higher wisdom,

to learn about spiritual technology


bring about the New Golden Age now….


Focus on:

Spiritual Laws

Sacred Geometry

Alchemy & Magic


Understand & Sense:

Angel Sonics


Higher Dimensions

(5-D and above)


Drawn from Ascension Deck: Accelerate Your Journey to the Light cards by Diana Cooper)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Card 2 & Card 3 (+Bonus Card)

(Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Collette Baron Reid)

A Leg Up (34):  Receiving help, Delegating Authority, Interdependence.

Go the Distance (47):   Endurance, Strength, the Long Haul.

(Note: The song The Long Run by The Eagles comes to mind. Have you heard it?)


Bonus card:

“Breathe” shows her face to remind us to meditate-

to stay ‘in tune’ with Mother Earth, to lift her up too.

Become more resonant with #Gaia



Looking back, for a moment, as you shift forward, see which crystal cards have appeared in past “Hump Day” blog posts. Can you predict which two re-appear in this reading?

Not only do two specific Crystals re-appear in this reading but two specific Chakras cards appear together at the end of this reading (from shuffling the Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland), and they also happen to carry through from past readings!

(Other Oracle & Tarot Readers are discussing these specific “energies” appearing, too, as they deliver messages on YouTube.)

The chakras of ‘focus’ indicate that specific energy effects are at play, and that individually and collectively these specific chakras need to be focused on to heal within (and ‘out there’ in) the environment- which is our home planet.


Thus, it is imperative that WE clear past ‘energy’ issues (blockages) within to shift forward, individually and as a Collective.

While you may not ‘see’ results immediately, the Universe does ‘register’ your intent and your progress even when you may not yet feel your inner and outer being change.

Rest assured (even as you rest) you will be helped through this major shift that continues.    Setting your intent is key.

Those of positive spiritual intent (e.g. pertaining to Spiritual Laws) will see results, much like body-building and dieting (consuming healthy food & water) does physically over time.


Yet as important “spiritual muscle building” will surely help US make all necessary important energetic shifts, beyond the past.

~You can seek out Spirit alone, but it often helps to have a knowing and trustworthy human to help you communicate and receive important validation that you may not be able to tune into (yet).  So, crystal work and Chakras clearing help immensely, because-


When you don’t take care of your body, mind, and soul

-as One-

YOU will become more imbalanced. Even lost



Some fun homework with a reward:

If you accurately select the two ‘repeating’ crystals and two specific chakras ‘at play’ this week I will give a free 15-minute reading (link of written or videotaped message) to the person who provides the correct answers. There are four total answers.

To win this free reading, just e-mail your correct answers with “Sirius, Seriously” in the subject line to

Test your energy metal!


NOTE: If you would like to purchase the extended reading of “Sirius, Seriously“, which also includes a nice additional Postcard from Spirit message & defined numerology to help you on your journey, please email your request to

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