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~ Spirit Speaks About ACHIEVEMENT This Week ~


For this “Hump-Day” Reading 9/26/19 (just prior to the New Moon in Libra-the astrological sign representing the Scales of Justice, and of balancing Karma over time and space, in “3-D”)…..


I am using the Oceanic Tarot deck

(by Jayne Wallace)

Three (3) cards rapidly showed themselves, as I shuffled this pre-shuffled deck:
They are:
    1. Eight of Pentacles “Achievements”
    2. The Hanged Man “Limbo”
    3. Eight of Cups “Change”
Achievements, Limbo, & Change


Upon taking a closer look, these three cards add up to ’10’ which denotes an ending (in Tarot), but also a new beginning (1+0=1), and that is precisely where We are at amid

The Great Shift

for Earth

Those who have followed their life path in a commendable (and fair/just) manner will realize- or harvest- “the fruits of their labor” even under the shifting energy (Storm) waves upon us.

Those who have not truly put in the work to achieve what is required of them while here on Earth have accrued a spiritual debt (deficit toward another or many others) and will experience the associated karma until such matter is rectified. This is not some ‘thing’ that can be pawned off or scapegoated onto innocents.

Karmic debt is also carried through, from past lives, to be rectified during this time on Earth in order to be released from The Karmic Board (to be a better version of YOU- the YOU that you COULD become when bogged down with others karma or problems you keep carrying).

Or, your life path now could involve ‘clearing’ ancestral karma you agreed to clear in this lifetime, even as you ‘keep your nose clean’ and don’t accrue other karma along the way.

Or, you could have created continual negative karma in this life (e.g. cause harm and foul) that must be rapidly rectified now as timelines merge and wind down. There are many scenarios (I have witnessed these ‘effects’, and I have also experienced some of them myself).

So, this ‘change’ upon us is part and parcel of The Great Shift enlightening “energy waves” arriving here to get to what is real, what is true, as we collectively ‘balance the scales’, and also ‘the books’, which the New Moon in Libra (air energy) reveals now.

(See the New Moon in Aquarius energy helping us to further #CleanITUP, into February 2021.)


We can see so as many play their ‘roles’ on the earth plane while dealing with karma, and as the myriad karmic effects co-occur that are confusing (karmic payments, karmic debts accrued as karmic acts are thrust onto unwitting victims as scapegoats- especially so in politics).

While many have done well, and some have even been ‘achieving’ amazing feats in their lives, the karmic debts still exist behind masks. And it seems the periods of limbo like to coincide during the same periods as those tests in life…including those that bring forth rapid (even very toxic or unhealthy) changes

Either way, we are given a chance (and often multiple chances as ‘opportunity’) to sit down and assess or re-assess conditions. To determine just what has transpired, or is transpiring, and figure out ways to make things ‘taste’ better.   To even serve up something TRULY better, not more of the (same) past mistakes-

Not worse.


Because of, but also in spite ones ‘achievements’ in life, to responsibly change what must be changed in order to leave the past in the past.…so make plans and prepare for more changes before us that must be achieved in a positive, productive manner. They cannot be ignored any longer…

How do I know?

From experience!


This “energy pattern” is what I have been sensing ‘in the air’ since I was a child, long before drawing the three cards above to share with YOU. Actually, I sensed this energy in the air, even as I perfected this creative website while enjoying some “tea”, and a goody (see the recipe below as you too ride out The Storm).

Also, I re-posted ‘The Environmental-Society Quiz’ I created by Halloween 2017 on my Twitter page @ccrezee (nearly two years can request a copy by e-mailing

This energy, then, is not ‘new’, but it is a repeat which I have discovered is in the air again- but as a motivator, not as a detractor -the “Negative Nancy” behavior that is co-occurring before our eyes even now. 

Observe. And stay Calm.


We do not need more hap-hazardous situations.

Nor must We change Everything right now-this minute (the noticeable habit of some and their demands playing out on the world and national and international stages of “life” but also “in situ” locally). The chosen behavior of some to race through life (often by erratic force, sandwiched between long periods of doing nothing in the positive) is not only disruptive to the even-flow of life.

This erratic behavior is often learned through exposure, and can be extremely damaging to others in the sphere of influence…ones reliant upon a more balanced state of being on the earth-but for such rapid shifts. It does not help when planetary energies exacerbate what is already manifesting in ‘The Environment’ to create a more disruptive “Climate”.

These “climatic changes” are becoming more obvious with each passing season, thus much easier to parse out the unregulated behavior that smacks of malicious conditioning:

Of Queen & King-like energies full of high expectation-
that ‘the others’ bow down for nothing
all while sitting on high horses & incessantly collecting “royalties”,
like queens and kings in the dark past
(except that horses are being slaughtered DAILY by The Machine).


For the demanding, unrealistic yet rapid change of ‘others’ by those who are choosing to remain entrenched in preference and perceived entitlement as if ‘true belief’ (e.g. perceptions based usually on egoistic patterns of The Past) usually only serves the tastes of the few to benefit in such belief (e.g. that their way is “better”), all while leaving a ‘bad taste’ in the mouths of those who are not sitting ‘as well’ in societynor in the natural environment purposely so of course!

In fact, His-Story is replete with high expectations, for nothing, so it is no irony that history repeats like a broken record does, and in similar or same cycles until such depleting matters are rectified in the positive!

Being in this sorted world story, amid dastardly “kings” and “queens” promulgating periods of ‘protracted limbo’ before their next moves on the chess board, and unexpectedly needing to figure out the next steps under out-of-the-ordinary circumstances and rapidly shifting energy can be highly disturbing

-all as such evil acts are further ‘normalized’.

There are patterns here, however, and patterns provide guidance.

During previous periods of this limbo-to-change ‘energy’, I have had to occupy my time in more creative ways,

while seeking to improve upon the ‘catchy’ negativity in the air which some also refer to as “Negative Nancys”.

In short, I had to remember why this energy was sounding around me,
then rapidly repeating more than once by the turn of the 21st Century.

(e.g. situations that eventually resulted in increasing poverty and worsening concomitant social problems.)


*For relevant environmental and societal information, and ‘spiritual context’, please see @BlueChristyl on Twitter and additional blog posts I have prepared on this website pertaining to


ConfusionComplacency & Primitive lack vs. Evolutionary Abundance.

So, is it any wonder two of the three cards I pulled for this reading (9/25/19)

are affiliated with the energy of ‘8,

despite these problematic issues in the air?



Because truth leads to true abundance- for the Greater Good:

not just “All that is Golden” for a few percent of Hoarders on the earth

  • those who must be identified by their acts, recognized as such, and all damaging acts to be timely rectified

Aligning oneself with positive intent

to be of service to all truly in need-

is imperative now in order to shift away from just such negativity

that IS highly impactful:

We can see so!

SO, Take the Quantum Leap toward the Golden Future
Which is Now 


While I never ‘planned’ to become less abundant as a scientist making a good living (and I did pay close attention to my surroundings more than most) this negative energy I speak of is very dense & palpable, and highly intrusive, yet IT ‘communicates’ differently– of a low vibe -that motivates some on its wavelength to purpose real harm.

Even cryptically to hunt life into extinction…before one’s eyes…

IT is part and parcel of “the energy” I noticed as a child, which I would come to “trouble-shoot” as issues plaguing both the environmental and society (and of historical significance- when I discovered IT appearing in my neck of the woods near the San Francisco Bay Area, in the Western United States. 

Yet, I noticed it well before multiple concomitant poverty-based issues surfaced like a plague into the second decade of the 21st Century.

A spreading dis-ease that “likes” to go on repeat, & to “force multiply”, as IT reappear like dark magic.

Too, IT moves like darkly orchestrated ballet. And I wondered why it did so…and just WHAT IT IS

In fact, the very ‘energy signature’ that IS imbalancing Our HOME PLANET


It turns out that I had been unknowingly attracting energy I did not want, even absorbing ‘IT’ in my environment repeatedly,

and increasingly so beyond Y2K, as I determined just what was happening

over several decades-

and as I wondered why such efforts sounding ‘in the environment’ were so “strong”.

The very conditions that I have been tasked to trouble-shoot and that I have written extensively about in my book PastForward

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Indeed, deceptive tactics, coupled with distortion of truth, by distorted individuals under the perceived notions of acting just. This ‘perception’ I discovered is not actually law-full because such association is steeped in the organized manipulation of society and of the natural environment to make gains at ‘the others” expense. Victims of such deceptive practices equate to massive dis-service to humanity and to the damaged environments involved, which in turn adversely impact millions of people and their health and well-being, over multiple decades in fact. That increasing dis-ease & death (not less), is also of No IRONy.

Albeit such manipulation has carried on, unsuspectingly and elusively to most “minding their own business”, but for ‘the signs’ that sound in the environment not minding their own business, including those I began taking notice of on my life path. My purpose, it turns out, would be co-mingled for a time, with those causing problems on Earth, in order to ascertain such behavior and the undeniable facts recurring in society to purpose such dis-ease.

(e.g. The odd things ‘in the air’  that added up to both great deception and great lack of abundance, over time and space of No IRONy.)

It is no coincidence, therefore, that I had to keep assessing my environment for more than 40 years, as I learned just how this ‘dark vibe’ operates- and why– all while learning how not to “absorb” ITs energy in order to gain ‘higher ground’.


Reflection and self-reflection are imperative.

So is observing, from a higher perspective, while communicating important and helpful information -to be of service to The Many- along The Way.


Even as more “Negative Nancy” situations would proliferate ‘in the air’, shifting away from such negativity (e.g. enslaving, emotional binding) releases “the chains” or “the shackles” which only serve the devils in the details (contract by contract)- the ‘Number Ones’ desperately plotting to steer life and our earth into hellish black holes, the darkness increasingly representative of their cold hearts.

Energy drains of many kinds (e.g. societal, familial, and environmental) are mirror effects of just such “efforts”,

and do continue to cause a collective deficit-based energy dynamic

via great deception (= great lack) on OUR planet. 

So….consciously shifting away from negativity-while still staying engaged in a helpful manner to humanity- enables the rest to actually use more of their own energy to foster a “win”, just as I have done. 

To further problem-solve, educate others, and continue moving away from this negative ‘void’.  The void that is akin to a black hole, which is the very energy I sensed early on in youth then increasingly so by and beyond “Y2k”, so plagued.

The energy that I had to not only discern but work through,

mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, during adulthood too….

In short,

I did what I felt I had to do, to be positive and productive instead of aligning with “the negative” draining energy around:


I followed my own intuition– to transform dark into light.


History IS being repeated again, so the ‘some’ can “gain traction”, so IT is no irony that

there is more dark energy sounding in the air even as another

‘limbo-to-rapid change’ period ensues into early 2021.


So, too, the “limbo” and “change” energy is showing up ‘in the cards’ now to remind us to Shift toward the light

the truth, to achieve true abundance.

And leave the cold, dark solicitous-prostitution driven past behind.

That is what this blog post is about, moving forward on the spiritual path of enlightenment.

(The turning away from IT- Darkness – is 8 of Cups

while working for what is good- “The Light”- 8 of Pentacles)


The overarching message resonating, then, is that abundance or blessings are earned not stolen regardless of the perception or belief of the few who operate differently on the Earth Plane. That old world IS dying away ‘more’ rapidly so, and in accordance with just such energy signature-

so chosen.

Do be sure, then, to NOT give away your good energy abruptly, nor YOUR earned resources to that/who which is false AND fear-based. Perhaps even dark (deceptive) underneath it all….

Nor unwisely use your hands, and energy, and hard-earned money to supposedly “gain the world”

(via materialistic ideologies)


  • All as you lose YOUR soul journey in these pivotal and biblical end times….
Lest you turn into a pillar of salt too

(with no New Beginning to enjoy)


Believe it or not,
Spirit has a sense of humor and reminds us, too, to lighten up despite the negativity in the air so we don’t attract ‘more’.
There are many ways to feel and be happy just as there are many ways to be happy about one’s achievements in life, rather than obsessing over others and what they have or don’t have, and making unnecessary comparisons which jeopardize others’ stability and rights, nation by nation, state by state.
Forgetting (conveniently) that embracing diversity lifts up rather than pulls down a society….
Some achievements that feel good almost instantly, and typically harm no one, can be as simple as creating delicious entrees, having lunch or dinner parties, or baking yummy desserts to not only raise ‘your spirit’ but also to raise up those you know and love. Everyone needs food, water, and also love….
“It’s the spice of life”…
I personally love to try different recipes, and I bake using recipes I have collected over many years. It’s very relaxing to sit down and enjoy a delicious dessert with friends, family, a date, and those truly in need.


I’m sharing this recipe below, it’s one that I have used several times during Summer 2019- try making it yourself, or bake with a friend:


Grapefruit Pound Cake
(Yields 8)



A delicious cake with a refreshing taste. Baked in a Bundt pan.
Prep Time45 mins
Active Time1 hr 10 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cake, cream cheese, grapefruit, topping
Yield: 8 large pieces


  • Bundt cake pan
  • Medium and Large mixing bowls
  • Measuring spoons (¼, ½, 1 tsp) (1 Tbsp)
  • Pyrex measuring cups (¼, ½, 1 cup)


Dry Ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt, sugar (or healthy equivalent substitute).

    Liquid/Soft Ingredients: butter, eggs, oil, vanilla, milk, cream cheese, grapefruit zest.

      Topping: grapefruit juice, salt, powdered sugar


        • Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
        • Coat pan with cooking spray or a light coating of vegetable oil. Dust with flour.
        • Dry ingredients: Combine 2 c. flour, 1 tsp. baking powder, 1/4 tsp. salt and mix well.

        Liquid/Moist Ingredients for Cake: 6 T. butter, 2 eggs, 1/4 c. oil, 1/2 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 c. milk, 6 ounces reduced fat cream cheese. Combine butter and cream cheese in a large bowl with 1-1/2 c. sugar. Beat with a mixer at high speed until light and fluffy. Then add 2 eggs, one at a time, then beat in oil, vanilla, milk and 2 T. grapefruit zest.

        • Add dry mixture and liquid mixture alternately to the batter, beginning and ending with the flour.
        • Spoon batter into a greased Bundt pan.
        • Bake for prescribed time, or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out with a few moist crumbs.


        1/2 c. grapefruit juice
        1 c. powdered sugar
        1/4/ tsp. salt
        Prepare as the grapefruit cake bakes.
        Place grapefruit juice (and a couple tablespoons of grapefruit flesh, if you like) in saucepan over medium heat, bring to a boil.
        Cook until reduced (approximately 4 min.)
        Cool slightly and stir in powdered sugar and salt.
        Drizzle over grapefruit cake to lightly cover.

        So, as this machination of life, and ‘limbo-to-change’ energy rapidly transpires like waves coalescing  and crashing onto a beach,

        batten down the hatches and do take some time out to “chill.



        “Joanne Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers”, by Joanne Walmsley

        “Awakening YOU” video (YouTube)

        Pink Floyd Music– “Wish You Were Here”

        “Time Winds Down” image, unknown creator

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