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Dearest You,

We’re a chatty bunch over here, always talking about how to support you in your life’s journey….

We communicate to you through the language of oracles, dreams, signs, metaphors, and omens. 

In your life on Earth, however, clarity in your communication is essential to being understood

You don’t speak in symbols, and if you did you would definitely confuse things.

So, right now you are facing a ‘situation’ in which you are being asked to have integrity

To be clear

Learn how to ask for your needs to be met…..

  • The first step is to admit out loud that you have needs!
  • The second step is to ask out loud for them to be met,
  • And the third step is to allow the other person, organization, or even us to answer you.

When you follow these steps, you can most definitely expect an answer. In your favor?

Affirmative, We say!

Loving You so very much,


REFERENCE: Postcards from Spirit– You Are Divine Beauty, by Colette Baron Reid.

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