This message is an involved one, for which an extended reading will be posted as an audio file (that can be accessed for $8.88)… so please contact me if you are interested in obtaining this extended reading link. 


The main oracle card comes from The Quantum Oracle deck (by Sandra Anne Taylor):



Intention- “Now is the time to identify the specific tasks necessary to accomplish your desires. There are some steps you MUST take in order to move forward.

“It is the time to take stock of where you are, how you got here, and which direction you want to go next. It could mean taking a new job, embarking on a new business venture, or moving to a new residence. Your move forward may involve something personal such as adopting mental changes, or a new diet. Still, there is energy at work here-and inner (energy) work to be done

Overall, it is time to muster up the courage

for the next steps into the unknown.

You are ready to advance!


The second oracle card that appears during mid-June 2020 is from the Energy Oracle (by Sandra Anne Taylor):

SECOND CHAKRA-ArchAngel Ariel (36=9)

Beautiful angel Ariel sends bright orange energy to inspire creativity and greater comfort. This card represents the second chakra vibration energy of Ariel who reminds you to ‘get creative’. Reach out into unexplored areas of self-expression.

Start new projects (or finish ones ‘on the back burner’) that instill in you a creative approach. Nurture yourself in this way, and others who resonate similarly may come your way with affection and camaraderie.



The third oracle card that appears during mid-June 2020 is from Work Your Light Oracle Cards (by Rebecca Campbell):


Your Vibration or “Vibe” is Rising

Two clarifier cards enhance this message; they resonate with the energy of
Anna-Grandmother of Jesus and the Pleiades/Pleiadians.



Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck

(by Kyle Gray)

Ascended Masters/Guides present to help you:  Mahavatar Babaji for Soul Expansion and Horus for Cosmic Gateway access. [Energy Oracle clarifier cards to the Second Chakra card (36=9) above also mirror this card]. Call on them.

Call out their names and ask for assistance now…. during these series of eclipses pertaining to Cancer, Capricorn, and the North and South Node energies of Gemini (ruled by Mercury going retrograde on June 17, 2020) and Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter that is also retrograde, as are Venus and Saturn).

There is a fifth planet that is also retrograde…do you know which one it is?

[Note: Three additional cards from the “Bottom of the Deck (BOD)” are important to cite in this general blog post, they appear to remind us-overall- to seek out Higher Learning… to guide oneself and others toward Care and Compassion -this master energy also appeared in my July 2019 blog post for good cause.]


Additional information about this guidance (and the guides that also appear to provide help) will be included in the extended audio reading for this ‘June 2020 Mid-Month Message’.

Much of this ‘work’ cited above is subconscious, so it is not coincidental that tarot and oracle cards/readings including mine- as guided- AID US in order to “Take Steps” to resolve what is plaguing us within and ‘outside’.  Buried memories of the past- in one’s chakras and in the #mind- must be balanced!

It’s imperative to acknowledge so and act upon all healing messages that Spirit brings forth…..again and again.




It’s a matter of choice- to heal or not…..

This is what WE are here to do Now


to “#CleanitUP”

-The Family Tree and the Environment-


Get going!




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