The prominent energy present as Saint Patrick is celebrated on Saint Patrick’s Day (both nationally and internationally on March 16-17, 2020) involves influential Super Full  Worm Moon Energy of March 9 (in the constellation Virgo- The Virgin), along with strong Saturnian energy.


Just as MercuryThe Communicator– begins to move forward (from its retrograde positioning) into the constellation Pisces- The Fish on March 16, 2020. 

Then, Saturn– the Eye-in-the-Sky “taskmaster” planet that issues energy ‘lessons’ in affiliation with ‘Saturn Return’ test periods in our lives enters the constellation Aquarius on March 21, 2020 (by “Spring “, the astrological Vernal Equinox). Pluto is also influencing Us.

Astrologically speaking, and through ‘The Tarot’, one will likely notice something is up, then, and perhaps even unexpected and shocking “tower” events manifesting in one’s life and environment, and in correlation to Taurean influence represented by “The Bull” constellation, but also Venus-ian “love” energy.

Taureans (like Librans) are ‘ruled’ by the planetary energy of Venus. So, with each of the aforementioned planetary (energy) influences, “love” situations could suddenly arise, and perhaps even those involving “tough love”…

Check out your own astrological “natal” chart for specific planetary alignments in association with Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, and Venus which could directly or indirectly impact you in YOUR neck of the woods. Also, keep a journal of what you observe in the process of learning more about your-Self (including during ‘dream state’), especially as significant future planetary influences and eclipses come to pass in 2020.


All of “this and that” occurring in our universe on the heels of the very powerful “Super Full Moon” that has been positioned in the constellation of Virgo – “The Virgin“. The moon is also representative of divinely guided feminine energy.


The Moon (our Moon materially or physically) is Earth’s satellite that regulates the ocean tides on our WATER PLANET, and also the rhythms of OUR Mother Earth which in turn influences our emotions and associated behaviors- thus spiritual growth (or lack thereof).

You will learn from this website, and through others teaching esoteric science, that properly ‘attuned’ crystals aid and encourage us on our spiritual journey in human form.

Being attuned to the Moon, then, will aid in helping us each better adjust to the natural rhythms of life (e.g. ‘Moonstone’ is known to calm us), rather than artificially trying to control life which only leads to increasing negativity and proliferation of associated dis-asters (i.e. ‘from the stars’) and dis-ease.

There IS a lot going on as planetary energies shift us

– in our lives and in our environments –

Surely We can feel IT in ‘the air’,  can’t We?


Moon Energy is showing up “in the cards” too, of no coincidence, just as I prepared this special reading that happens to commence with Saint Patrick’s Day 2020.

As I reflect on past situations and conditions, I continue to learn more about such interrelated cycles of energy and the associated synchronicities that I have personally observed and experienced, both, locally and regionally.  And again now on a national-international scale (temporally & spatially).

In the traditional Tarot deck – which dates back to the mid-15th Century- The Moon card represents the astrological sign and constellation of Pisces (but also Cancer, correlating to the Crab and “Home base”), and Illusions or misperceptions.

Too, the Tower card in Tarot indicates that problematic energies (e.g. dis-ease in ‘laymen’s terms’) exist and are to be shifted in the environment- in order to mitigate or end such long-term negativity.


So, it’s really no shocking surprise that many of us are dealing with ‘home’ issues that encompass ‘dis-ease‘. And We are communicating – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, about being quarantined ‘at at home’ (much as others have been adversely affected or ‘impacted’ in the cold, dark past). 

Surely past history (including The Crusades and The Inquisitions) that we learned about in school is serving to remind us if ever so slightly, and so are repeating energy-driven cycles that are often well hidden, including in everyday business affairs.

That I happened to pull the “Moon Energy” card now, as Mercury’s energy (The Communicator) enters Pisces (represented as Illusions in The Tarot), even as I prepare this post on March 16, 2020, is amazing.



That’s how energy information works, and also how The Tarot works…..what is mirrored in the cards is mirrored ‘in the air’ (environment), and vice versa, just as I -an environmental scientist– discovered over time and space (e.g. 30-plus years traveling locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to experience life).


Over time and space, I independently observed and correlated increasingly concerning and severely compounding environmental and societal conditions, even deathly situations, the associated conditioning involved, and multiple repeating anthropogenic-based environmental impacts persisting to plague us on Earth (e.g. Gaia).

The “stuff” that WE are collectively supposed to “clean up” in modern time- to EVOLVE-because repeating the same insanity only breeds more of IT!

(Please see my February 2020 ‘Mid-Month Message’ & ‘Heart of Matters’  icon leading to my ‘EnvironMental-Society Quiz‘).

Specifically, the highly concerning societal situations, and the associated conditioning (expectations that are highly unreal-istic in modern time). For such antiquated conditioning does ‘drive’ such deplorable ‘conditions’ and ‘situations’.

The very conditioning that has spawned highly concerning situations over time and space which have also impacted me and my (right to) life in the long run.


Of No Coincidence whatsoever.


I shuffled and pulled multiple cards to round out the full Mid-Month Message for March 2020.

As aforementioned, I pulled them as March 16 approached to ensure I posted at mid-month. I am always surprised (and then again not) by Spirit’s accurate and Divinely timed message that not only synchs between cards that surface, but also in relation to what needs to be heard and shared.

I focus on three prominent cards that ‘dominate’ the scene and of no coincidence as Mars – representative of  Arian “Warrior energy” – prepares to enter the constellation of Capricorn in March 2020 also. Capricorn (ruled by Saturn, the “taskmaster”) is represented as ‘The Devil’ (binding chains, temptations, or ‘The Vortex’ in The Tarot. Chains (and negative-immature cycles) we are to “break free” from, as we (our souls and hearts) each take positive steps to evolve…

Taken a step further we know from studying personalities (thus, the Brain) that one can choose to be a “Light Warrior” or a “Dark Warrior” operating in the SHADOWS, based upon one’s FREEWILL. (Too, many movies remind us of just such archetypes- and their shadows- presented within various environmental and societal ‘situations’, and associated life conditioning involved, scene by scene).

  • MOON ENERGY: “Surrender to the Natural Ebb and Flow of #LIFE. If you’re feeling confused, this fairy comes to CALM emotions and reassure you that peace of mind is possible.” [Oracle of the Fairies deck, Karen Kay]
  • 32. DECISIONS-Higher Self  Confusion, Quandry, Ambivalence, Juggling: Use your intuition to not get stuck in the (Luna-tic) mire! The ‘Higher Self’ (intuitive decisions) is always The Wiser in comparison to the lower self. Ignoring the Self (& thus self-love) by being a follower leads one deeply into temptation and trouble with a capital T.
  • Following such impact-full energy and associated unreal-istic expectations in”3-D”  is considered ‘lower base energy living’. Carnal or banal even…and not really living when it gets down to brass tacks. It is ‘getting stuck in the mire’, the ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of reality, and thus compromises one’s ability to live a truly higher quality life because of the “confusion” that actually stirs up & supports/supplies/sustains The Illusion. That ‘grey area’ where ‘The Demons’ feed loss by loss. In fact, the very Illusion that sustains (feeds) WAR, instead of LOVE. Really?  Know what is real…. only LOVE is Real
  • So, ask YourSelf: Do you want to get stuck in these habituated erratic-based illusions and associated, repeating harm-full ‘practices’ and ‘communications’ that smack of ‘The Past’ (and do so a Follower)? Or move FORWARD and truly live an abundant and free life with the HELP of Mercury’s energy that reminds us to reflect on The Past, but not stay ‘living’ in that past -the real change No.”5″ (32: 3+2) portends [Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards, Sonia Choquette]
  • CALM IS NOT A WEAKNESS [Messages From the Guides Transformation Cards, James Van Praagh].


“Each Time I Choose to Tune Into Spirit,
Guidance of The Highest Truth Shows UP FOR ME!”

~ SUPER ATTRACTOR deck, by Gabrielle Bernstein.


NOW it’s TIME to BIRTH a PEACE-FULL NEW EARTH, so, are YOU game?

HOPE  (plus Magic from the Universe to Guide Us)  IS THE COURSE OF ACTION!


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