For the month of May 2020 I used the following decks (which I will be using to do weekly or bi-weekly readings, with clarifications as guided):

Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray,

Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor, and

Work Your Light by Rebecca Campbell

Each message will help you to gain more sense of balance and awareness in the weeks to come.


Keepers of the Light is a terrific oracle card deck that introduces you to the Angels, Gods, Goddesses, and Ascended Masters. The messages conveyed in this reading, as in others to come, will provide guidance to help improve specific “situations” in your life- the things that concern you personally and as a member of our larger collective as spiritual beings in physical bodies.

In this reading, I am focusing on the use of Kyle’s deck as I provide guidance about the ‘invisible beings’ among us that are just a prayer away…they will help you as I am (in human skin), yet the answers or solutions for you are up to you to decipher and to act upon with determination & perseverance. Doing so will not be like the 3-D lifestyles we each have “grown up” accustomed to (e.g. others telling you what to do with YOUR LIFE, and even to “do, do, do” until you drop).

Spirit allows for Freewill and Divine Timing…to let you do what you ‘will’ as you work through choices in life, and also work to heal within to ascend. The choice is UP to YOU!

  • First Card: FREYA– “Phases & Cycles” (Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards): There is a beginning within every ending- Illusions are revealed and released,

Bottom of the Deck: El Morya- “Awakening Presence”: The UNIVERSE is with YOU

Wear a cloak of protection and love.

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle card: Purpurite (44)

  • Second Card:Adjacent Possibilities” (24) (Energy Oracle Cards)- Many Unconsidered Options: Be conscious, be aware, be flexible & willing to take new and different action now! As you consider the many life choices available you will feel more empowered & motivated to make decisions that bring happiness, strength, & forward motion. In terms of your goals, this card could indicate unknown and previously unconsidered ideas, tools, and connections to take you a different (better) direction. (Yay!!)

Bottom of the Deck:Deceit‘ (25) is in reverse.

‘Door to Spirit’ (32) and ‘Angel of Balance’ (48) also follow this card in reverse.

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle card: Ajoite (30)

Bottom of the Deck: Answer the Call & Align Your Life

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle card: Lavender Aragonite (37)

(After clicking the Lavender Aragonite link above, scroll down to ‘Card 4

that I discuss within:

Moving Beyond Confusion AND Complacency’, 8/28/2019).




Karma Cards (by Monte Farber): Sun in Libra representing balance & justice.

Zodiac Reading Cards (by Patsy Bennett)- Key House: 8th Housepersonal power, the mysteries of life, major change.

Key Sign: Capricorn– Your goals, day-to-day reality, use the most business-like way with the dedication to achieve.

Key Planets: The North Node & The South Node (which currently involve Gemini and Sagittarius respectively) and in relation to Mars, the Moon, and Venus (three cards at the bottom of the deck).

To obtain the extended reading to the above-listed cards

(& additional cards that further clarify them)

please contact Christyl Blue!


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