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Spirit is firm about this message, with its multi-layered meaning!!


Valentine’s Day is to be celebrated on February 14 (in North America) as the


prominently surfaces here, just beyond the powerful Full Moon in Leo on February 9, 2020


also as Mercury goes retrograde (Rx) on Sunday, February 16, 2020.


This card clearly accentuates just ‘how past energy is showing up to be dealt with once and for all,

during this particular Mercury Retrograde period


in regard to the heart

(e.g. including obvious dis-heartening energy that is troubling many & harming animals in the World).


This “Clean it Up” energy has been resonant in past readings I have been journaling about,

as I assessed environmental and societal issues plaguing people- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Therefore, this message is to bring to light what IS to be addressed

(rather than commercially glossed over artificially and materially)-

involving LOVE



The Essential RelationShip Meaning:

~ Getting to the core of a ‘situation’; freedom from a burden ~

Clean house. Sweep away what is no longer needed

(in order to move forward in a positive uplifting manner.


Sweep away the old “stuff”,  so that a SPRING BREEZE can flow through with *NEW energy


It is the perfect time to do an inventory of your dynamics and see what’s yours and what’s not yours’ –

to clean up old relationship energy-to take responsibility for your actions

Everyone brings some baggage to a relationship, and many “relation-ships” are being interfered with.

Thus, it is imperative to sort through #whatsgoinon…of what baggage you carry and why-

Let go of what is no longer needed-including controlling others.

Become unencumbered and your relationship will flourish.

(And #HelpAnimals2 live forward too!)


ORACLE CARD REFERENCE: Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

To learn about the collective future of humanity and highly necessary HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS that are REQUIRED in the ‘New World’ (*the New Earth rising), please visit additional blog postings within this site, or connect with ChristylBlue here

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