Loving and Fighting to Survive with Faith, During the Great Shift.






Chapter One: Introduction



Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks,
and all it wants is the liberty of appearing
~ Thomas Paine


Although I was too young to know about United States history and World history, the time that preceded my incarnation on Earth, I would seem to know more about what was sounding around me in my early years – a female child birthed in the volatile 1960s- than I would know in my early adulthood after being schooled in the Western United States.

But I would be prompted in adulthood to rapidly recall just what I had observed during my youth and had wondered about in the early 1970s.  I would have to remember just why  I had paid such close attention to “the News” in my youth, and also why I was having to recall what I sensed during my youth not long after completing college coursework to become an environmental scientist.

Yet I had been one all along, hindsight being 20/20.

It turns out that my developmental years – a little girl growing into a young woman-would become pivotal in this future I was growing up into.

Living as a child during the volatile 1960s was not a unique occurrence of course, for there were approximately 192 million people alive in the United States where I was born. And new individuals were making their appearance as expressions of love all around the world, too, just as before.

Indeed, something was going on under the starry skies despite the unrest and associated volatile acts designed and engineered to repress what makes us human (and humane) beings.

To me, though, it was very obvious then that some of the approximate 3,334,874,000 people alive and kicking were causing chaos and I was taking note for good cause. The question would be why.  That question, as others, would be answered in time.

Divine time.

So, this stage was being set, and it turns out that my “future” would be pivotal too.

Making observations into the future, my future would become a critical necessity then, and in an extremely truncated period as the habits and “teachings” to repress the many would resurface by the turn of the 21st Century.

It turns out, what I was sensing in my youth was not coincidental to what would sound around me by Y2K and certainly so thereafter. But, I was being prepared, in hindsight, to not only come to the aid of many animal species on Earth but to help many unknowing humans while living forward into the Information Age, or so I thought, as the past would be repeated as if shiny and brand new.

But I took notice, of course.

For this future that I was to ‘grow up’ in- and simultaneously learn more about would eventually be thrust backward as if by force. And it just so happens that I was to learn why, early on, and remember why I took notice in order to answer a specific question I had in my youth- about the adults.

On my journey ahead, having to trust the adults as I learned to walk, talk, and eventually take care of myself as parents and mentors teach, I did not know exactly what my future would be like nor the compelling characters and ‘environmental conditions’ I would encounter while independently moving about on Earth’s surface.

I would, of course, meet some who would strangely choose to communicate in mixed messages, even to cause harm much like those I wondered about with great concern who disturbed me, including ones I watched through an illuminated wooden box called the Tele-Vision (“TV”)  in my family home, “family room”, in the United States of America. The nation of ‘liberty and justice for all’ that taught the importance of independence in public school classrooms during the volatile 1970s.

Luckily, I also learned important things from several influential, entertaining Children’s TV programs such as Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and I enjoyed viewing (and laughing) at the simple situational comedies or “Sit-Coms” that aired weekly. Too, I was interested in several crime-fighting series that were popular during the 1970s and early 1980s (e.g. The Streets of San Francisco, Starsky and Hutch, Baretta, and Charlie’s Angels to name a few).

And  I thoroughly enjoyed getting fresh air and playing sports like softball and basketball, and fun outdoor games with ‘the neighbor kids’ too.

I truly was lucky to be able to travel to multiple places in my hometown during my youth and early adulthood, and I did so long before I was granted permission “to drive” a machine along the city streets I generally traveled by bicycle or skateboard.

These occurrences and the collective experience I gained before the Age of Majority helped me to learn many things early on, and to gain some street smarts and not be so sheltered.

There would be other types of experiences I would need to gain though, and I would learn them in a timely and pivotal way as it were.

In my community, I was exposed to a ‘way of life’ – or of a ‘type of thought’ as I saw it then. A type of thinking that carried through as instruction by “religious” people, yet something that I intrinsically knew of differently despite my young age, However, I still listened to my instructors and caregivers with patience, and also with reserve.

During this time I also learned about the importance of family and geneaology (“family trees”) and consistently setting personal goals for positive growth as a young girl growing into a young woman who needed to plot her own course in the world. So, while I held certain reservations along my journey, the ‘instruction’ would serve to be highly invaluable during my adulthood, as subsequent chapters reveal.

That there were situations I was particularly reserved about as a young person, and that carried into my adulthood, was not coincidental in hindsight, for they happen to revolve around specific belief systems including particular settings I would become involved in again, and that also made me ask “Why?”, like so in my youth.

Why I wondered, were some adults demanding more of me, and even a portion of babysitting money I earned at an early age.

So, while I enjoyed feeling close to my Creator by going “to church”, and participating in many church activities to grow me, it is true that I felt better being outdoors playing sports and playing games with other children my age or near my age outside of the church, including neighbors from different walks of life.

Those with who I played kickball and ‘Hide-and-Go-Seek’, or rode bikes and skateboards with were free spirits like me living life on the suburban streets of Northern Utah, a place referred to as “Zion” yet not as bizarre as one might think in current time. So, it’s important to keep things in perspective. To separate the wheat from the chaff.

For the focal point of the religion I grew up around is Jesus Christ-an Ascended Master who walked the earth and helped the sick and downtrodden during difficult times, a supernatural being who cast out demons and disease with his Light. But like any religion that is ‘man-made’ or ‘manufactured’ there are those who will push the limits despite their own confusion & projections, just as they did in Jesus’ time.

Of course, I knew as a young girl that I did not need to “go to church” to be a good person and to be close to my Creator, but I liked to go to church many Sundays, and learn from experience. I was, after all, eager to experience life.

Despite the attitude and perturbations of some adults during this time, it turns out that my Creator was guiding me through all of my choices and experiences and would always be with me, as I pursued what made me happy.

I was also able to spend time at a place called the Environmental Science Center, too, both for church outings and school outings when I became a student body officer in middle school. I fondly remember the adults involved there too, ones who inspired me as a young leader, and luckily I found many among me who I could trust and rely on at school.

As I was developing into a young adult I generally complied with the adults, still, I would not know full well just how some would expect children (like me) to follow their footsteps into the future. The future where I was to become the individual I was destined to be and to do what I was born to do. What inspired me.  Not what was ‘expected’ of me.

Therefore, to become the adult person I was born to become regardless of the good and bad intentions of others around me, and those older than me who were growing up during the same era of strife and challenge.

It became clear to me- by the Age of Reasoning– that there was a problem, a dichotomy, and it is this dichotomous condition (and associated conditioning, in hindsight) that I would need to remember and to distance myself from more than once.

I did not know that I would ‘attract’ more situations like this, nor that certain conditioning was at play underneath it all but I would in time as would many of my peers, but some too late.

Things are much easier to realize (and figure out) in hindsight, but I was living forward experiencing life, making some mistakes and misjudgments along the way, and learning ever more about this dichotomy that eventually became a Storm.

A devilish Storm brewing, like the one that did when me and the ‘neighbor kids’ became closer friends and had great fun. For I was still learning what I needed to, when I did, and how I did so in order to prepare for ‘Its’  return.

Just like an odd, recurring dream I had in my youth.


(Additional excerpts are to follow as professional edits are achieved.)

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