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Thank you for patiently waiting an extra day for this “Hump Day” message! 

Aside from the Labor Day Holiday on Monday (9/2/19) in the United States, the cards associated with this message (and that of ‘labor’) are greater in number and also in-depth of the message.

You could say “It’s deep“, and it is wide-reaching….

While ‘the message’ became instantly clear to me as each group of cards came forth, I had to ‘sleep on it’ to gather my thoughts so I could sit and write out the entire message to be conveyed. As with any tarot or oracle reading, the message(s) conveyed are not time-limited…they can apply to your life-situation whenever you come upon this message. And also to past corollary events, over “space and time”.

(“Time” is man-made. Time as we ‘know IT’ is a controlled series of occurrences in 3-Dimensional or “3-D” life. We are collectively shifting out of just such limiting existence and into the “5-D” existence- and beyond.)

The initial cards (3) that appeared as I shuffled are discussed briefly below; the entire message is lengthy but important. It will be made available to those who resonate with this message (of being keepers of light -and #LIFE-on Earth).

[Contact ChristylBlue to order the entire message, the Sept52019_Base&Extended reading, for $11.11, if you want more detail. This entire reading involves 25 cards and takes a much deeper look into this very important message that IS applicable to all who must share Earth’s resources wisely while caring for wildlife, and humanity, into the future. To do so requires love & care, not discord.   Not greed.   #BuildUPNature   #REMEMBER2Nurture   Have Faith in God!]

The initial basis of Spirit’s message in this reading

is as follows….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Main Card 1: 

“Sedna is the Inuit Eskimo and Alaskan goddess of the sea who provides sustenance for body and soul. She is protective of the sea and its creatures.”

(Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)


Doreen shares Goddess SEDNA wisdom to remind us:

“This is an abundant universe, filled with more than enough for everyone.

Yet, the ‘energy format’ of this planet (Earth) is about polarities.


The key is to GIVE and RECEIVE-to BALANCE each.”  “If you only give you will be drained, resentful and feel a lack. 

If you only receive you won’t really enjoy what you have.”


Your ego serves to ‘trick’ you so you will want, and expect, more than what you really need as wants become perceived ‘needs’ instead. You will “shop ’til you drop” even, becoming addicted to the ‘more’ mentality (and the materialistic world view that is ‘The Matrix’), thus still feel something’s missing while acquiring more stuff & addictions.


Even attracting more negative or even dangerous situations when fear sets in, unrealistically so. What goes ‘MIA’ in this dark process? Love of self and the genuine concern and care for other beings on OUR home planet- Earth– that WE are to Share. Really.


As an environmental and natural resources scientist (and a former military spouse) hindsight is “20/20”, and so is traversing this very ‘Storm’. Of course, at the time, I did not know what I was in the middle of (nor that I would need to learn to survive and problem-solve through IT).

Likely it is also ‘The Storm’ you have experienced in one or more ways as more of Earth’s resources are squandered, hoarded, or otherwise selfishly used and abused, and controlled to the hilt. Resources we all need to live: precious air, water, and lands that are being purposely/negligently polluted and also grabbed by force, and otherwise controlled and denied, over time and space, via the cycle of abuse.

In other words, there are multiple causes but then also similar unrealistic expectations that drive some to foster and nurture this “lack mentality” (that the some should have more or the most all as others-including animals-are being starved and otherwise harmed and brutalized), just so ‘the some’ can feel more privileged.

These  ‘Number 1s’ often do not really earn what they possess and see no harm in taking what ‘the others’ have earned through labor (“blood, sweat, and tears”), just like so in the dark past. This lesser evolved kind of human strangely “sees” no problem in causing harm to others who they steal from as they also kill for “booty”, with little to no conscience about doing so repeatedly, and they often do so under the guise of God.


This ‘attitude of ‘righteousness’ (coupled with ignorance and ‘privilege’) is just an attitude, and a far-reaching destructive one-not a productive and truly successfully driven one. And this attitude is fed by a negative source that adversely impacts all it comes in contact with, of no irony.

So the associated negative source of such attitude (and resulting behavior that plays out in the environment and runs deep into history) drives most if not all of the “control dramas” that continue to be carried out before our very eyes. Is it surprising, then, that our “climate” is suffering, then, and in relation to the multiple psycho-somatic disorders derived from such “catchy” energy which is being rapidly ‘normalized’ now and especially so in numerous influential professions?

These corollary & extreme environ-mental conditions and associated habituated thought processes are indicative of a particular state of mind (mens-rea) that also is polarizing, just as is the perceived ‘need’ to control ‘more’ of what could be shared.

This negativity breeds an unstable mens-rea which is being repeatedly advanced as if superior, and for effect, to actually bring about more polarizing situations to be controlled over “time and space”. Such conditions, and associated conditioning, that ‘drives-in’ more insanity which is difficult to overcome, obviously so, and ever more evident in daily life over the past century of habituated wars.

Indeed, there have been and continues to be myriad ways that lying, manipulating, and blatant misrepresentations still are carried out to achieve this End perceived as ‘success’ by ‘the some’ over the many by force. Some choose to carry out their mayhem against the natural environment and many sentient beings reliant on nature, by artificial design. 

So this ‘way of life’ of some, to get more, is not natural and because it is not it comes at a very high cost to life. This behavior is chosen by each afflicted individual whether they real-ize so or not. Such choice and subsequent choices are also associated with the distortion of success and of image (reality vs. what is being synthesized and also engineered to look more desired and accepted, e.g. ‘The Illusion’).

Who is behind this intentional distortion of life, then?

I would ask that very question in my youth and in fact, then again when very ‘stormy’ conditions transpired in my neck of the woods at the turn of the 21st Century (by 2000). I would not start writing about such ‘control’ until I realized what I was in the middle of  (e.g. The Storm) and not until I could actually begin to share what I had been experiencing as a mother, wife AND environmental scientist witnessing this distorted ‘success’ painted as if reality (and using the family unit to do just so).

Thereafter, just such unrealistic expectations and unnatural behavior would indeed become increasingly impactful to #nature and #nurture over a very short period of time, especially when one considers past changes on our planet that appear in Earth’s geologic record to those that are occurring very rapidly in modern time.

This fantasy (or “dream” I observed first in my youth) can be a nightmare to realize in one’s own life and so IT is that the impact to more lives and to our planet is co-occurring very rapidly too. When will IT stop?

In hindsight, IT is THE nightmare I observed as a young child…one who observed many enjoyable things in life but also noted how ‘the adults’ we acting strangely, and that others were not able to live in peaceful co-existence on Earth.

This dichotomous thought patterning precipitates a very wicked domino effect of destructiveness over “time and space”. So, I sensed a major “Earth” problem early on while attending primary school, and it turns out I would live an interesting adult life researching this “problem” extensively,

The way of being on the earth which “the some” represents is the cause-effect imbalance and source of problematic symptoms we see before us (associated cyclical disasters impacting more people just so some can have “more” instead of considering others’ basic needs and exploiting such individuals heinously so.)

News Flash: This is not indicative of true power; IT does represent force and control which is the opposite of The Golden Rule, actually.

(The ‘key’ illustrated on the cover of my book Past-Forward represents The Golden Rule, which I learned makes some so uncomfortable to acknowledge let alone practice and live by even as their own life, their family life, and children are targeted for destruction along with nature deteriorating and wildlife also being simultaneously destroyed. Sacrificed even. House by house. Habitat by habitat to force extinctions. To irresponsibly control life on Earth…..and the earth!




This is no coincidence AND it is demonic I have learned first-hand, with many “third party” opportunists seeking out what belongs to others. Such habituation also happens to involve manipulating “labor”- of different kinds- but specifically labor that brings about Creation….the creation of LIFE….So during these tumultuous times, getting grounded and staying balanced is KEY!

~ Marianne Williamson reminds us all in her excellent book:  ‘A Return to Love- Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles:’

The ego is suspicious at best, vicious at worst.

If WE each listen, The physical body reminds (even warns) us to pay attention to it, even when one’s mind is not if one only stops to really listen! This warning system also involves listening to our Home Planet!

Making the “mind-body-spirit connection” is imperative then,… gain re-balance from every negative emotion! Get grounded. We are undergoing The Great Shift away from such darkness!

Main Card 2:
RELEASE Shadow Grey Storm:
I can no longer keep your secrets.

This card, from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook (by Tori Hartman) describes the scenario, the inspiration, the personal inquiry, key ideas, and keywords associated with this card in this abbreviated message:

‘Nikita rushes through the graveyard in the wind and rain, terrified of the Shadow Grey Storm that speaks in her voice reminding her of her actions toward others, and to herself. She learns amid the dead and buried-caught in this storm-that to change and not feel miserable she must forgive herself and others.’

In other words, to move forward, she must take personal responsibility to ‘clear the debris and move on, and not hide.’ This requires facing (and clearing) the past to be healed. (Righteousness, consciousness, judgment day, discovery, and clarity are key factors.)

Meditation: Seek out Shadow Grey Storm if you sincerely want freedom….

Freedom is, well, Everything

~ ~ ~ ~

Overall Crystal Message:

(The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, by Judy Hall )

Tiger’s Eye-Empowerment

“Tiger’s Eye symbolizes prosperity & encourages the right use of power;

this crystal balances your needs with others’ needs, & to finding solutions.”

Face challenges boldly!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Deal sensibly with day-to-day reality….

Explore past lives….

Soul Path:  Becoming empowered

It’s important, now more than ever to Know Who You Are, to fight the good fight-

that which involves careNOT control and force


Also, train your brain to practice

living a minimalist lifestyle, thereby not exploiting LIFE.

As you do step by step & build spiritual muscle, to evolve, remember Gandhi

….his inspirational advice and life remind US each:


“There are enough resources for everyone’s need,

but not for anybody’s greed”

Mahatma Gandhi


Practicing self-control & self-respect (loving oneself in a healthy manner) is imperative- Doing so is a labor of love!


(Note the purple/grey/orange-red theme of cards pulled appears again in this reading. This continued ‘theme’ is not surprising for I also saw the red Complacency card and the grey Confusion card as I prepared to shuffle and cut the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck for this blog post reading- doing so one week after the relevant blog post I did August 28, 2019 – having shuffled the deck after that reading as well. (Too, the August 28, 2019 blog post ‘read’ also correlates to the August 21, 2019 blog post read accessible on this website’s main page.)


Homework questions:

Can you identify which Chakras are purple, orange & red? Of which, does Spirit remind us to clear?

Hint: when one looks at the complete energy message, carrying forward three weeks in a row, there are additional clues. What condition are your chakras in? Contact for guidance.

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