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by Christyl Blue

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You likely are wondering…….


What does “Divinations” mean?

First, I must say that I broke the spelling rule here because there is more than one way to gain Divine help (or “intervention”).

So, I took the liberty to spell divination with an “s” (to pluralize this word) in order to articulate that in our  3-D world divinations are occurring, daily, even by the minute, and they have occurred in such manner my life over several decades, in fact.

There are divine messages all around us if we only pay attention.

There is the Higher Power’s plan and an individual’s plan, and when the two do not meet it’s stormy, to say the least.

So staying on one’s life path is not just a side-show, or preoccupation, staying “on track” is so critical now. And one usually needs a positive mentor or two.

(The Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about such in-spiring ‘Spirits’ in their very popular song Can’t Stop.)



Likely you see how some “things” in your life aren’t so good, and it surprises you. It’s true for me that “things” were happening in my neck of the woods and they were not so good despite completing many outward and inward challenges successful, and surviving cancer.

Around me, things were not actually clean, but toxic. Not safe, but life-altering, over time and space. And these matters would often worsen, unexpectedly, and in ways I could never have imagined- but actually had in hindsight.

I did not know such conditions could occur, nor why, even when Divine Source or ‘Spirit’ was contacting me to let me know something was awry as I took closer note of such signs.

Yet I still would have to “figure it out” and do so with FAITH. I had to come to the determination that there was indeed adversely impactful energy showing up in my environment and by 1999 I was prompted to ‘do something’. 

All told, it would take me quite a long time to figure out not only how, but ‘why’.Being a scientist aided me in determining just why, however, and having a knack for engineering and law helped me too.

Actually concerning conditions had been occurring far longer during the 1960s/1970s/1980s, and I was picking up on this ‘condition’, which I would have to recall many decades into my adulthood…into my forties.

So, as stated, clues or “signs” were sounding in my environment but I was a full-time working mother and a college student for the longest time.

And, of course, I had no idea that the particular “signs”  were actually signs that I would need to remember but they would come up to remind me ‘in Divine Time, even though I could not ‘speak the language’ of signs.

But I would.

One thing I became aware of during this pivotal period in my family’s life was that I was being helped and guided, in a more noticeable manner.

So, I had to trust not only what I was sensing in my environment but more, as it were….

Not in an urgent way initially, but eventually to be sure.


I was destined to learn the language, then, and then more ways to decipher messages as I came to realize that I was surrounded by very protective support during a particularly challenging period in my life (or cycles of time, over the course of more than three decades, from 1982 onward), when I would become a witness of sorts.



It is true that Angels, Ascended Masters and other spirit guides help those who have a specific life path or life mission (a ‘sacred journey’ of tasks to accomplish while here in human skin, in “3-D” Earth. 

And so it was (and is) that I was to accomplish specific things as part of my Sacred Contract, a contract I did not learn about in law school, nor in formal schooling (K-12 or ‘higher education’) but those skills would also aid me in more ways than one too.

I would first read about a Sacred Contract as a ‘concept’ by 2000, just after completing college course work in environmental and natural resources science.

While a lot of gimmicks and trickery was ‘in the works’- behind the scenes- which I would have no tangible knowledge of as a studious person, even in my ‘off-time’.

So, indeed, I was being prepared to deal with just such trickery (actually sorcery, in hindsight), and to embrace esoteric science, too, in order to help others ‘see’ what I was being shown.

And what I was also to write about it in creative ways that piqued the mind, in less forgettable manner. Because aren’t we all very busy? Yes. 

While the alpha-bet helps one to learn in a measurable (linear) way, over the long run, conveying ideas in pictures is the ultimate key to exercising the less used right-brained hemisphere, and to gain a more balanced way of thinking. Esoteric science aids us in ‘getting the bigger picture’, but also the devils in the details too.



So, it was at the very time period that I graduated college – and used my ‘left-brain’ a whole lot more that I would first come to realize I was to read even more AND also eventually write a book about my experiences, about me!   Really?

But I am a private person. True, I ‘think’ a lot’ but I did not know then what I was to really write about. 

Thus, I would not begin writing such a book for at least one more decade after graduating from college (in my early forties), because I not only had to learn specific ‘things’ into college but beyond, over the ‘long run’.

So, certain conditions were to transpire and associated information was to be conveyed and also to be revealed for others to learn, as ‘public knowledge’.

And I have been a part (or party) to this effort- to put together certain pieces of the puzzle as my role, or part, in this larger tapestry of life observing both The Dark and The Light.

You likely also have a ‘starring role’……..



When you consider exploring your own life path and purpose, more, it is likely that you will need to (eventually) commune with the Higher Power (or God, or Source) in ways you might not be able to do yourself. Maybe you already can, and are, or maybe you feel things and sense them- like I did by 2000, but don’t realize just what it all means to you.

And to you, in your life.

So, if you need some help, and you choose Christyl Blue (me) to help you ascertain ‘what’ it is you seek, it is very likely that you too will gain important insight about YOU on your life path, especially during these darkening times that are of no coincidence, I can tell you firsthand.

And, as I learned, some things you cannot imagine you would need to know, until the sensation shows up for you to further query. Thus, I can help introduce to you what Spirit is trying to tell you and wants you to know (not what I want you to know of course).

For when Spirit releases this information it is divine timing, not ‘man’s timing’ as I have learned by following such sage advice.

It has been kind of difficult to understand then ‘explain’ this gift because I have been at it a while, still it’s been far more fascinating to discover “I can” use my own abilities to help others see- or determine what they may sense but not yet know.

Even to see beyond the “veil of illusion” which I write about elsewhere on this website (see my “Posts that Pop” blog posts for specifics) and in association to specific readings, Spirit has been specifically guiding me to prepare regularly since December 2018).

Why? Because there are so many layers or veils involved!

So I feel eternally grateful for this gift of deeper insight and my general and specifically acquired knowledge that is complementary to this life-saving ‘in-sight’.



In-sight we each need to traverse the road ahead, in-dividually and also collectively. In order to navigate through multiple “energies” that are also co-occurring together, which can be (and often are) very confusing and sometimes very risky to circumnavigate-so to speak.

And much like a car, but with a heart, our gears must be shifted to get from point A to B to C on our life journeys, and sacred traveling in order to return home.

It sounds like a movie (kind of like The Wizard of Oz) and it is, for life imitates art and art imitates life, indeed.



I am able and willing to HELP others, on their life path, when such a pursuit occurs with an open mind and heart…. 

Yet, those who have not been as willing or able did not continue on (or decided to take ‘time-outs’ to learn another way, or to grow elsewhere). So it’s good not to judge others for We all need time to reflect and grow, don’t we?

It’s imperative…..



I have helped multiple people along my journey because we happened to share a similar ‘leg’ of the life journey – to acknowledge a condition or situation and to share specific information, or to gain a specific skill for the next part of the journey.

Know that being with those who do not grow hampers us…and this ‘hampering’ turns into toxic dependencies & co-dependency! It does. Look around.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


So, with that said, I am compassionate as I provide general and extended readings and additional ‘soul-growth’ services in my “Shop” – on this website- for those interested in growing from within while leaving the dependencies, and co-dependent materialism and embattlements behind.

This is ‘key’ to actually achieve inner growth and one cannot just ‘make it up’. It’s muscle-building of a very different kind and it must be done in the future that is Now. Don’t turn into a pillar or stone!

Life is an adventure, and it is yours to navigate. No one can do your ‘home-work’ but YOU. No one else can do your homework to make (true) progress.

After all, that is the major reason for one’s existence on Earth! To evolve.

Not de-evolve while making every ‘possible’ excuse under the Sun to control others and their existence, lives, and resources. Doing so is to invest in deadly sinning is it not?

It is YOU who makes the choice to pursue ‘higher learning’, through free-will, which you must exercise Or not.

It’s Up to YOU!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I continue to provide multiple options for individual self-study and self-reflection, and group quiz-based thoughts, in accompaniment to learning more about THIS earth we are to share (not hoard, bomb, and otherwise annihilate into non-existence).

Maybe this might sound “strange”, and to some people it will be and that’s okay because you don’t know what you don’t know YET. 

I can say from where I sit, taking the necessary time to deeply explore the facets of my own existence and reason for being (not just ‘do’, ‘do’, ‘doing’) you find exactly who you are and what your true purpose ‘in life’ is while incarnated in a physical state.

And like physical muscle building, it is not easy but it is very rewarding to also achieve!  It’s like ‘spiritual graduation’.

In this process, then, you should come to realize there is far more to life- and to you- than what you have been led to “believe in”, and follow.

And, like most, we each are ‘guilty’ to some degree following others we should not have- following those who did not actually know any better despite age (and due to the apparent conditioning and directives co-occurring in 3-D).

You won’t likely fully understand until you come to some basic truths that have been shrouded in great secrecy, even for thousands of years. So stay ‘tuned’ into this channel….so to speak because I am learning some cool things too, even still.



Being attuned is imperative to proceed forward, and it is precisely WHY attuning to your physical body (mentality, emotions, and bones and muscles) to your emotional needs -not greeds-requires that you align your Chakras energy system (electrical energy grid within you).

Doing so goes hand-in-hand with understanding HOW to become your best self. As a work in progress, then….

This is why I have chosen the second category of my new website, sciencespiritualityuniversecity.com to focus on offering “Divinations”, right out of the gate, as I ‘build content’ in other ways that are entertaining as well as ‘in-sightful‘. 

It’s that important at this time on Earth- to move forward and not get pulled backward any longer into past habits, addictions, and associated dark energies and situations. 

(I have had to do so- and I am no exception either.)

This is not ‘dictating’ what others must do (but people confuse help with control, and that’s unfortunate as is becoming controlled so much so that YOU find that you end up doing their dirty work.) It’s time to recognize the subtle and not-so-subtle differences (man-made man-ipulations).

When you are better able to discern this you Stop in your tracks, in order to save YOU….

You evolve forward.

And this is when the ‘magic’ kicks in, for This IS how the Universe works! It’s ‘advanced’ physics, you could say, yet still energy in motion…. as are we…..

So, watch the clock in a different way as you gather a notebook and pen, grab a glass of water, a cup of coffee or what have you.. and begin to explore this website

AND a world you cannot likely imagine yet, but will as you peel back the veils of illusion that plague the mind, heart, and spirit….

It’s time to achieve REAL progress and as you invest in the Universe, in this manner, you learn to become more of who you REALLY can be (and want to be) while in human skin on the Earth plane.

Come on, sacred traveler….let’s go….Let go…


A Closing Note: 

I recently heard an old “80s song” that ‘took me back’ (but only for a few minutes), and it seems to re-cap what I have written here, very succinctly which is why I love music and have studied and paid homage to music of all kinds since childhood-, during the volatile 1970s and unstable early 1980s.

(I incorporate many musical references on this creative website, in fact.)

The song – Magic – is from the 1980 movie  Xanadu, sung by Olivia Newton-John (a highly popular recording artist I admired when I was a child). I so enjoyed her music and often sang along while taking in the subtle and meaningful messages that you just don’t hear as often ‘nowadays’…

“You have to believe we are magic”, she sings….

It’s true-  if YOU don’t squander away opportunities and energy YOU become magical too!

Be creative, be magical!

Let your positive ‘vibe be inspire-ational to others….

Get going with your spiritual muscle-building, which you can even do at the gym!

Don’t let anything (else) “stand in your way”!

~ ~ ~ ~

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