An Environmental-Society Quiz


To Help Humanity

& Animals on Earth!

Think through the questions in my Environmental-Society Quiz $5 (5 USD),

and incorporate one or more of the questions I pose into solving what concerns YOU

– in your neck of the woods.

And even farther, for it is not so difficult to ‘see’ what’s going on,
both in society and within the natural environment, to cause harm!


Significantly impactful environmental and societal conditions

 that continue to manifest, even as more “odd” clues add up!

This is not coincidental

It is not IRONic’,

And #IT’s Icky!-


As such, it’s not a coincidence that the #AnimalKingdom is suffering needlessly so-

animals of many kinds and particularly those in close proximity to inhumane humans

who are acting irresponsibly and especially cruelly toward them

yet millions of animals are reliant on humans & are getting caught in “Cross-#fires too.

In fact, since at least 2011, millions upon millions

of #dogs and #cats are being trashed (rendered) in Our

Throw-Away-Society’,  for-profits, & are being served as

  “feed” (contaminated in the process), &  fed to others’ #Animals for profit.


This ‘Industrialized’ processing for gain is  full of

machinated ‘isms’ to control

(which do rival care)

from those among #US spiraling out of control.



For one, poor impulse control issues abound, thus poor decision making is co-occurring yet made to appear as if legitimate and ‘official’. Such ‘officials’ specifically target vulnerable (and trusting) beings, especially Targeted Animalsbeing systematically taken away from the comfort of their homes (by humans using more #machines).

Ensuring, instead, that they are placed into steely-concrete cells (jail) at multiple county-based ‘Animal Care’ Control (#ACC) facilities, state by state, in the United States. That’s #sicko!


Influencing more men and women to mistreat others including domestic animals, as if doing so is a good or smart thing to do. The ‘right thing’ to do. Such imbalanced thought is induced & contrived, both. IT smacks of the psychotic mens rea (mental state) that impacts many to induce traumas toward others’ on our planet, simultaneously.


Just WHY are #Animals being trashed (scapegoated) by many “Humans”

in myriad ways across The Planet?   Such SCAPEGOATING is Devilish work.


Animals are heart-centered, whereas humans are ego-centric. many cannot process emotions under pressure, in a responsible manner.

So, like the proverbial ‘kick the dog’ habit, these ‘humans’ acquire more and more habituations which impact more of us, especially our children and our animal companions PURPOSELY being REMOVED much as orphaned children have been in past war situations.

Innocent beings being treated sadistically and to be ‘auctioned’ off as ‘tangible property’ by these heathens among us. And as more human beings become homeless similarly.

Such behavior is, indeed, alien to The Majority who seek peace and balance in their lives, but for such broad-based induction of aggression, impulse problems, & associated violence over time and space.

The evidence ‘in the air’ which also has a trickle-down effect on life, on Terra Firma.



Just look around..and also read The Holy Bible, particularly

Ephesians and Revelations


In fact, more & more ‘humans’ think it’s so wise to seek “more”

(which spawn more addictions, narcissism & psychopathic tendencies)

In tandem, these “humans” among us are ensuring that

More people



are marginalized (cornered) & harmed, instead of loved…

Teaching even MORE Humans to target ill-prepared ones, to experience grave harm and PAIN

they project upon (mentally/emotionally/spiritually) being

rather imbalanced humans who force their unhealthy desires onto targeted ‘prey’

– even stockpiling, drugging, prostituting, or otherwise running ‘their’ prey down

– in the machinated process!

Animals are not beastly but they, as #Sentient Beings,

are similarly preyed like humans despite being here to help balance the energy on Earth.

here helping ‘The Humans’ in their evolution even as MORE humans become more strange,

& estranged from their own civility & humanity…

~ And love ~



As it is moving into the third decade of the 21st Century, #DOGS are being beaten, boiled, and stockpiled in small crates like crabs ready to be eaten alive- beaten to induce “fear” energy that supposedly ‘tastes’ better which IS horrendously ‘witchy’ because domestic animals – closest to man (man-handling them)- are sentient-of higher emotional intelligence that “low-vibe” humans behaving in a beastly manner do not nor cannot understand.

The mere fact that they choose to project such harm onto innocent animals who have evolved as “Man’s Best Friend” is compelling enough to DO SOMETHING to stop this cruelty, yet courts in America and in the United Kingdom are showing their ‘true’ Imperialistic colors by promoting old-school brutality & abuse….

Animals are Major energy contributors to our planet! 

And they are beneficial to #humanity!


Animals have physical bodies! Thus they possess physiological senses (they have feelings too). They are “full of emotion” and nerves just like humans without furry skin who feel, and also feel pain! They sense trouble as they serve to be early warning detectors.


…to say ANIMALS “don’t feel” (and are therefore worthy of being slaughtered) is purely imaginative cruelty fashioned by sadistic, dark minds pursuing them to play out what drives their ‘kind’ (the unkind) to ensure few survive to protect and love us. Those jailing them (too) are to be suspects of crimes – against humanity- against nurture & nature (e.g. environmental justice).

It’s not a harmonious coupling for “man’s best friend”, any’more’.

This darkening state of mind (mens rea in legal terminology) becomes more evident through multiple as planetary shifts, eclipses, and moon cycles wax and wane and reaches far, wide, and deep as “habits” that do invade us, our families, our communities, courts and also our “climate” (environment), and what goes on in the stormy skies above. Yet, also, reminding #US each to remember past history and also Earth’s past,

in order to take appropriate corrective actions to remedy such plotted abuses.

For this negative-minded energy is very catchy and spreads as dis-ease, much as cancer spreads within affected “dis-eased” (water) bodies due to increased aggression and crimes or similar-minded scenarios that spur on harden hearts- in split seconds-across miles-much as ‘civil war’ behavior does.

That issues are being created (engineered) made to be #UNsolvable by unkind Man betraying “Man’s Best Friend” & Humanity too is of no coincidence, whatsoever. Nor so even as energy reserves (especially ‘natural resources’) are rapidly consumed and otherwise hoarded and stockpiled to give such dis-eased souls the “security” they value in order to stir up more problems on Earth….


~Not truly~


I have witnessed just such controlling behavior and vacuous energy ‘in the flesh’- as a former military spouse AND also as an environmental scientist who has been in near disbelief as to what was playing out before my eyes in my neck of the woods. (Including but not limited to California, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Maryland, and Texas as well as Europe where all was not well and specific ‘signs’ sounded all around me a full decade after appearing in my life ‘stateside’)

So, when I was studying hydrology, soils, and geology, and became a ‘water scientist’ I became more aware of the soul-less predatory energy around me, what I termed as “shadow engineering” well before realizing the ‘point source’ of ITs toxicity. And the associated and very intricate game transpiring by these beings in human skin who, as IT turns out, were aligned with such a dark force.

[IT is a dark force that has been in existence for eons, and still lurks among us now in our technologically ‘advanced’ society, as it has in religions, in family lineages, and in the governments comprised of those who mirror abusive lineages which stem back into ancient history. Predatory, sacrificial behavior of past centuries is documented and so are the deep, dank and mysterious behaviors that wrap tightly around modern believers deeply entrenched in Society.  The weaving such dark threads into ‘modern society’ at least since ancient Greek and Roman times. Weaving in practices of ritualistic sacrifice with modern medical practices, and govern-mental (judicial) practices to ensure the Past remains ‘victorious’ in the present. A Past that haunts us over time and space, through the Ages, specifically Roman, Greek, and Egyptian times but also stem-ming from antiquated, barbaric behavior of the Druids and primitive man.]

And, as it turns out, the very energy I sensed as problematic as a child during the volatile 1960s & 1970s, which I had largely assigned to ‘past history’ and essentially forgotten about into adulthood as I pursued my interests and family desires on the West Coast and East Coast of the United States. It was not until the last year of the 20th Century that I would be quickly summoned to remember what I thought I had observed and moved on from, as The past….

The force that seeks to gain traction

and more energy

(which often comes from behind you see)…

Since, it is no irony that force against life has been ramping ‘up’, and is “to be continued” as a violent movie series by irresponsible beings intending to harm as many humane and peaceful beings on Earth as possible.

Their desperate goal?

To do worse on Earth (while dressing up to ‘look’ better) but as if doing better than ‘Others’. Despite their convincing appearances otherwise- they are not all there, and so they are not genuine in their acts We can see continue to de-value life in order that they gain (more rank & status in) ‘The World‘… 



To honor a supposed nobility, also projected,

and to be perceived as true, and valued at all costs.


This ‘negative energy’ is permeating many bodies that are running amok on Terra Firma-

IT is the ROOT CAUSE of such dis-ease & dis-turbances to one’s peace of mind…

So, what kind of thought is IT?  


Such malefic behavior is chosen, to a degree, so it is tricky...

IT is extreme behavior that We can see!

Thus IT is no laughing matter


For these types of energy ‘investors’ (specifically invested in destructive high technology but also physical & chemical-based control) find altering what makes US human, so entertaining. Such satisfaction is ‘gained’ in their rebellion against life- of what is and has been in existence for millennia.

Even to revel in winding down, running down, & abandoning a once healthier planet as other planets are “eyed” for habitation. Why wreck such a beautiful planet? Jealousy abounds, as is so regarding the targeting of those who are educated about caring for and about Earth.  

The intent of their kind to do worse (and make it look honorable)

even beyond the Vietnam War, as “Y2K” approached, is telling then, isn’t it?

And so is the chosen behavior serving faulty logic, a collective imbalanced mental state (mens rea) also serving as proof positive, of just such intent to cause harm. One needs only to look around with eyes wide open to see the proof sounding loudly in the environment.


Certainly, those of us in “humane skin” (who are not possessed and have self-control) possess a certain healthiness and balanced state of mind see so, without a perceived compulsive ‘need’ to control others’minds, bodies, spirits. Others’ lives- to the extreme. (The Majority on the earth are not operating from darker recesses of the mind/heart/soul, you see). And there is the issue of overcoming what is known as The Dark Night of the Soul, individually and collectively too.

Those of us on Earth who are evolving beyond this spiritual test of TRUE LOVE are operating from a higher vibe so We know what “does not fly” and does not make ‘sense’ on the Earth Plane, and we sense (intuit) just such dark-negative energy (e.g. the dark egoic vibe) as exceedingly problematic! Just as I did by 1999 without knowing all of the ‘devils in the details’  as a child of the Vietnam War Era when  I did not know ‘what’s up’ (besides the hair on my skin)… by 1999 when I became more educated as I entered (expanded) into a new career, of no coincidence.

So, I knew well enough to keep IT at bay with the knowledge I had by then, and now,

to protect what I love

(& I would have Great Help in doing as guided)



I came to determine this dark energy to be ‘at Issue’ in my neck of the woods a few years prior to 9/11, and thereafter I determined just how dark and dank such negative ‘energy’ really IS, and how it likes to operate (systemically so) over time and space.  And Why….


To control beings who don’t ‘need’ to be controlled, nor to possess others,

nor take others’ possessions,

but for such a dark, dank (ancient) mentality being trained-in.

Thoughts developed, then, that translate into predatory behavior

which has become a sickening trend to be modeled, as if ‘model behavior’.


So pervasive & costly, & highly vampiric & cannibalistic in nature, however.

Not humane, in actuality!


Within these compromised humans ‘reside’ energies (entities) to fill them up, ones consumed with toxic emotions (anger, resentment, entitlement, unrealistic expectation, hatred, etc.), instead of good vibes

As I have witnessed, personally and professionally, these energies (& these ‘entities’ involved) work to sever good ties while serving what appears to be other-worldly goals to feed the vacuous, predatory appetites (of destruction), much like black holes swallowing up light!

So, it is not IRONic that our Home Planet is also suffering in the cross-hairs?


Clearly, then, The Majority is not the problem, just as

The Few are not really co-creators on Gaia

-for they intend to cause problems just like in the dark past,

Yet The Majority

remain the soul-ution to the spread of such dis-ease…


The interference with the right to live life (the basic right to individual autonomy, individuality, & personal security) on Earth is the addiction to “the I” – in fact, the most challenging chapter I wrote in Past-Forward, which I wrote based on 50-plus years of observations and experiences.

 In fact, in several chapters, I discuss the ‘internal and external storms’ that intertwine to impact US deeply and widely including but not limited to trashing the family, the community, Nations, the Environment, The Animal Kingdom (both domestic and wildlife settings), The Plant Kingdom, The Atmosphere-Hydrosphere.

The World

The Root cause involves many soul-less ones who not only lack good attitudes, they lack conscience and not only find delight in their abuse(s)- they behave as if such abuse is to be tolerated, accepted, and further indoctrinated (as dogma),  for-profit as if the only way to live.

Such selfish behavior ‘coupled’ with a grossly unstable mens rea does feel its way to entitlement and to feed off of others pain & loss- pain energetically stored within them but projected outward like a toxin. Targeting of the unsuspecting who are leading productive lives (e.g. actually working for a living to buy some finer things in life as possessions and resources) and wondering why they are working largely to survive rather than thrive.  

Fiendish beings who think (not feel) they are entitled to what Others have built up in their own lives have not ‘gone through IT to get to it’ and so this senseless entitlement involves habituations much like addicts who cannot consume enough on Earth. Notice they are never satisfied for long and stir up more energy issues- seeking more-satiation, stuff, sex, items to manufacture, stockpile, steal. To consume more food, clothes, shoes, houses, etc., as if to get ‘their fill’ which has been and continues to be so destructive, internally and externally, while stealing away more lives in the machinated ‘process’. 

So, these ‘fill-ups’ perturb us all and our societal ‘condition’, minute by minute, due to this associated conditioning which IS costing us all dearly in reality. Of course, this chosen deviant behavior is not isolated and IS showing up as compounded incidents (including “emergencies”) in The Environment and on city streets. Globally so…

Evolutionarily so

The associated negative energy-based incidents are not accidents, either, but are calculated mentally from the mind, imbalanced in male and female energy. This mental state is being conveniently overlooked by “Officials” as they too participate in more imbalanced decisions while fiendishly participating in such perilous schemes for payment, to supposedly also ‘live a better life’ especially obvious (to me) since 9/11.

Such calculated incidents are linked causally, for they are caused in order to be ‘collected’ by to “fill ‘er up”. In this machinated, processed sequencing more of “The Others” are ID’d as victims, to fail and to fall -storm by troublesome storm.


The preoccupations- addictions generated from within these mini-storms build into bigger ones which cause deeply and widely impactful suffering and loss to displace even “more” for gain in cyclical effect without care or concern (e.g. the pain caused violates others’ basic rights and translates into myriad kinds of loss, internally and externally).

And, to ‘top it off’, these compounded, significant societal and environmental storms are the very ‘energies’ to be absorbed by The Majority of  Earth’s occupants identified as the weak (the Meek) by deviant predators that hide just like in the dark and twisted past…. 

Genuine, civil (humane) beings do not think like this, obviously. They individually and collectively seek out a peaceful co-existence and collaborate responsibly, not controlling others, but for such imposed upon conditioning that conditions set in motion to influence more egregious inhumane behavior. So, these associated crimes that have been and continue to be instituted for periolous and unnecessary ‘gain’ (too many that continue to go un-prosecuted on the Earth plane) force lack thus they are not civilized….

“Civil War” is a misnomer, then, isn’t it?

Yet, time and again, century by century, such harmful acts against nature and nurture are repeated and even ‘bested’ and ‘multiplied’ all while those caught in this proverbial rabbit hole are ignored and unable very often to get ‘unstuck’ (to see the Light). And like in the past, such ideology is promoted as being more intelligent, more valuablemore desired, and more recently exalted while simultaneously exonerated, as if to rewire the mind toward insanity (rather than reason) as The Rule of Law.

Those among us doing so, however, acting out are acting out the battles in their minds (& hearts), as their souls become more devoid of life, lacking ‘a moral (soul) compass‘, choice by choice that compounds like interest as purposed choices to commit harmful Acts repeatedly so into the future mirror The Past. This ‘habit’ is being passed down lineages (in DNA and chakras that go uncleansed), just as Illicit drugs induce similar toxic “energy” passed onto newborns.

The ‘internal baggage’ so accumulated over generations, indeed, makes its mark externally, which continues translating as highly toxic environmental conditions as the population ‘explodes’ emotionally, mentally (chemically). Is it any wonder such suffering is not just an isolated storm here and there any longer?  – IT is war and it IS he storm I observed man-ifest in “my neck of the woods” particularly at the turn of the 21st Century.

The very conditioning so exalted continues to be ‘earmarked’ for favor so backed by trillions of largely stolen (‘lifted’) US dollars in order to confuse right from wronggood from badwhat is real from what is fake, and do so well into the 21st Century…

So, it’s no wonder The Preoccupations and the Addictions are to favor The Illusion to birth a more compromised human being, generation by generation, and Planet. I can say that it has been birthed from the past to man-ifest such control, and it is occurring from intention – from the dark recesses of the (old) controlling mind indicating a lack of evolution mentally, emotionally and spiritually so.

Revering the old ways (and minds) may be considered by some to be of higher (and more valuable) intellect, to “honor” the elders and control the feminine at any cost, and many are even awarded honors and entitlements for ‘lifetime achievement’ for doing so, but these indoctrinated ways of thought are antiqued.  And We know from History just how damaging they are. For the damage we can see manifesting all around us is a direct result of just such habituated thought.

‘Thought’ is energy, just as money is energy, so the energy involved- in totality- energizes (and promotes) The Illusion as real, thus and reality as fake. Spurring on such confusion enables more and tighter control that prevents evolutionary leaps. But luckily Spirit  (The Higher Power) which I speak about in several of my 2019 blog posts, and in relation to clogged energy in need of cleansing to ‘get at’ the root (chakra) issue and also the heart of such important matters.

To be sure, then, the Addictions and Preoccupations so deployed (to steer One from what should matter) do generate deeply and widely impactful pain collectively known as “war”– The Addiction that is rubbing us all raw and wrong, not right.

Despite any commanding 3-D ‘appearance’, and associated theatrical appearances, such misqualified thought and actions (deemed by some to be of great value and order) catches the unsuspecting and unaware off-guard, through the intentioned (energetic-based) distortion of truth that causes such confusion. 

The confusion that takes a ‘cool head’ to deal with for these dark entities do their ‘work’ at a fevered pitch as mirrors of such low-vibe energy, “vibing” on the same ‘wavelength’ & often possessed with a very low emotional IQ).

This societal ‘conditioning’ -through parental and peer pressure is challenging to say the least, and feeds into the pain of force that directly and indirectly translates to the violation of others’ basic right to live peaceably so. Just what I have written about, chapter by chapter, for IT is not to be taken Lightly as I have observed and sensed first-hand.

For, like birds of a feather, the negative ones do flock together physically and energetically- and this flock often has gone undetected but for the dangerous (deceptive) storm tracks left behind as a deleterious chain reaction of issues coupled with destructiveness


Problems which smack as Crimes against Humanity in fact!

-Specifically targeting God’s creations-



One can see this proof in ‘the Environment’ playing out before our eyes

-locally, nationally, and globally-

If  One pays attention, that is!

(And One must, for We are One

Surely WE can collectively see the vacuous state of being & such volatile behavior manifesting

more often- simultaneously working in conjunction with the devaluation of life and the right to a peaceful co-existence on Earth…

thus to infringe upon those who are actually living with civility in mind….

And heart!


Indeed, I have witnessed this darkening over “time and space” as it manifests in odd and concerning ways both. The root of this manipulation became very obvious to me as I evolved (and trouble-shot) beyond IT using my “third eye” that became more developed & more so as my lower chakras also healed from associated conditioning that kept me locked into control dramas (for a time).

So, clearly, the time came, then, when I stopped wondering”Why?” as I collected more facts through direct observation and experiences as I learned through intuitive guidance HOW to go through IT to get to it…

Still, it does not take a scientist

(nor a rocket scientist)

to figure out this important ‘energy’ connection…


Nor the ‘energy difference’ or negativity deficit

so costly

to Humanity & The Environment.


IT has been especially obvious to me that a Dark Force ‘entered the scene’ again during the 1990s

– the timing that I begin to address in my book Past-Forward

Just when I received information to prepare ‘a book about control’

-and just when the Digital Age and Information Age merged by “Y2K” of no IRONy.


When rather convenient means and modes of control at one’s fingertips were set to transpire- to set up increasingly poor conditions inside the family home environment- and to become all the rage while simultaneously usurping family values- in unprecedented ways all as more ‘divorce’ loomed.


Throwing humanity ‘off the set’ in Society-

ensuring The Masses fixate more on increasingly morbid details

inside television sets, then computers beyond the Vietnam War Era,

and to look for a Savior– but a false ‘One’ at that.


Indeed, “high tech” has enabled such systematic-based perpetrators their control-drama fixes,

and access to your minds.

Mind control that is ‘self-induced’ to plague the mind, heart, and soul of society

– and drive you and yours “mad”.


YOU and yours are to also “fix” the problems they birth, which drive you mad

all so The Few can continue to have ‘more’

Those choosing to make such unsound choices are also guilty of the Intent to commit deadly sins

  • Intentions to cause harm. 

Intent is the first step backward into a deep abyss, the ‘environment’ where such control-based (criminal) behavior plays out in multiple ways via multiple egregious acts that are alien to the Majority minding their “p’s and q’s” (not others’ lives and ‘business’).


Thus, this Interference is The ‘Climate’ issue that is THE ROOT ISSUE to be addressed,

and remedied now, not to continue to be used against the innocents, the other way around…


We humans don’t favor darkness over light each day for

We NEED the Sunlight to live and grow……

So, collectively and collaboratively We must ALL overcome this ‘conditioning’ to make truly better choices in our ‘responses’ (response- abilities), day by day as we simultaneously tackle these demonic energies being used against us. As the new “5-D World” anchors in we must support its energy structure (crystalline, not carbon), and act wisely in accordance-

  • Not favoring lazy thinking as more choose strangely to become more lackadaisical (e.g. glazing over the devils in the details & the REAL ISSUE at heart both in professional situations and in personal lives so ‘sloth’  and ‘avarice’ over-rule the mind/heart/spirit.
  • Nor indulging in control-based behavior to the ‘nth degree’ – so as to find it ‘entertaining’ to control information and persons for ‘gain’ (akin to gluttony and vainglory). These types of behavior are not really human behaviors thus they are not in compatibility with nature and nurture….

Respecting Diversity of Life is required, which is compatible with nature- and involves the preservation and conservation of life…in nature and in society both experiencing deleterious conditions-

It’s Icky and Tricky ‘work at play’ to be sure-

Strange changes manifesting before Our collective eyes-

to be perceived as ‘Reality’ instead as more wonder….


….the very question I pondered in my youth, and the very question I would come to answer as an environmental scientist in adulthood- living life & getting through IT  as I continued to determine Why.

It gets down to brass tacks, this dark ‘vibe’ or ‘Storm’ with ITs Highs vs. The Lows….

Those who value life (who can express real & genuine love) live on a natural high and their moods and lifestyles do not ‘swing’ to extremes.

  They do not work ‘a fevered pitch’ on the Earth plane

but ‘pitch in’ to make real changes that benefit the whole and The Environment

Not a Devilish desire to denigrate ‘Others’ while destroying life from the shadows.

It’s certainly a different ‘high’ that I have observed, of those ‘on a High-way’ -to Hell… and now “vibing” with my energy…as the lower frequency nature clashed with my evolving nature.

Those truly ‘On a High’ in life (but not acting as if superior, from ego and subconscious issues) can maintain positive energy or ‘vibe’ and live consistently on waves of energy that serve to be beneficial and reciprocal in nature….from a balanced state of homeostasis you could say.

Not as an opposing force but naturally reciprocal energy transmissions occurring between ‘like-minded’ beings congruent with nature. And nurture. So they feed & nurture naturally, much like a mother does a child and vice versa (so the tampering with children sexually is especially dis-turbing as this ‘energy’ interferes with their purity. True love is pure, then, isn’t it-

And “Love is like oxygen”, isn’t it?

Most beings on this planet we call HOME need oxygen which is also diminishing, and this is due to the hate-spewing out of the minds and hearts of the cold, domineering, and wicked before us- seeking the “more”, and more control (at the controls regardless of gender)…

Meanwhile, those who naturally love, who naturally care, do not crap in their love nest nor their home planet because they know better…

Beings we sense as being ‘in tune’ with Mother Earth, not solely male (Yang) energy so prevalent.

Beings that also choose NOT to purposely denigrate others in ‘hyper-masculine’ ways, but who extend love and share genuine love that others extend too, in a ‘full-circle’ manner. Beings utilizing positive vibes of love rather than embracing the destructive mannerisms trained in by certain plotting institutions who seek only to destroy beneficial and meaningful progress on our collective ‘Home’ planet (and to others’ detriment)…

….Those who naturally love have a genuine concern for ‘others’ even despite being abused-

such as The Animal Kingdom!

Those ‘On (a positive) High’ regardless of status & income have a different morality and moral compass, then, and We can see it is a true, more pure way of being in ‘The World’, and it’s living a reality-based way of life. Not an illusory command-control life full of artificial ‘care’ and ‘concern, thus void of care and concern in reality.

In comparison, animals express love in congruence with the vibe of nature which is reality, which is what nature is! It is real. Perception is key! Positively-minded humans who can reciprocate positive energy back (e.g. mirroring) in ‘real-time’, so evolved, perceive accurately then. Those plagued by dis-ease and drugs and disorder don’t in reality. They live a life of dis-tortion and distort the truth about others often through projection, and separation (discrimination).

This is, therefore, true of those who express false-based love or a synthetic (artificial or fake) love of life while concerning themselves with getting more through just such illusory (and targeted) conditioning.

Sadly many (still) are unwilling to “see the Light” but Lightworkers are here to transform such limitations and patterns, including those showing up as being harmful in nature and to the nurturance of life. I am one such Lightworker, in fact, and I have learned these ‘limitations’ by default. I have learned what true love is and what it is NOT- of just what is calculated gain from what is genuine concern and care.

~Reality-based living is security-based living and ‘it is rooted’ in love then,

not contrived love for gain but heart-centered and centered about humaneness~

The more accurate ‘love quotient’ then is perceiving and learning the difference between living in an illusion and living in reality, thus learning about negative (destructive) versus positive (constructive) behavioral conduct on Gaia and the balancing of such behaviors and associated ‘energies’.

Those who pretend to ‘love’ family and country while plotting the next ‘war’ moves are not living in truth. Rather they are living in an illusory way, on a different ‘plane’ that is not based in reality even in the skies above.

They cannot express emotions as humane humans can, and they cannot tolerate The Light, I’ve come to realize. They literally block sunlight, which in turn interferes with the rest of life on Our Planet then. Look up in the murky, hazy skies above to see so yourself.

So these ‘issues’ are actually the environmental-based conditions that I was initially sorting through in my youth, long before realizing I was ‘in the process’ of achieving a life-long career as a scientist, one who would need to remember the past and to ‘realize’ how things were changing on Earth, which in turn has required a whole lot of faith and love to ‘get through’ IT. To reality once more.

Valuing life, diversity and domesticity go hand in hand, then, as does living a more Holi-stic way of living- not to be confused with gaining more, more, more (e.g. amassing “more money” known to be ‘the Root of all evil’), for such amassing is still harmful to the environment because it still IS highly toxic behavior, because it is unrealistic, thus illusory-based, living). It is not clean living but is addictive behavior in reality.

Holi-stic Thought involves more simplicity and honesty- living simply while respecting, protecting and securitizing life in a natural way (not respecting how to “gain” as the basic needs of others go missing in action (& as more animals suffer because they have no voice or means of true protection in ‘domesticity’-yet.)

Those who cannot speak up about their conditions and who are traumatized- including being jailed or otherwise obstructed without positive assistance, or even chemically affected in some manner, cannot readily defend themselves from such a monstrosity either.

So, this holds for both humans and animals- ‘the Vulnerable’ who find they are ‘under the gun’ in one or more ways, as they try to cope but become in-toxic-ated or injected with one or more toxic (lethal) chemicals, each proven to be poisonous alone and certainly so in additive measure we measure day by day.

Regardless, these toxic societal ‘injections’ (intended and consequential) continue to impact the natural environment-especially our ‘weather’ and multiple types of ‘water bodies’ (human and animal bodies) so deleterious to life that most of us truly love.


So, it’s no wonder that Society-at-large (full of human and animal water bodies) is struggling due to such controlled environments on Earth, and just such “matters” have been co-occurring for the longest time.

~ The dis-ease that I sensed during the Age of Reason, for good reason~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seeing how toxic some ‘Humans’ choose to behave and ‘think’ as if superior on Earth is highly problematic as it is highly dis-turbing, then, and not only to youth in this day and age (like me in the 1960s and 1970s) but to many adults who are luckily ascending more rapidly ON Earth at this time, away from such low-level vibes representative of lower ordered energy that feeds the criminal mind that which is ‘alien’ behavior to the Majority of Earth’s inhabitants- of no surprise.

It’s Organic, you could say, but the ‘Green Industry’ is no haven in “3-D”, so REAL positive change in Society must replace this long-term criminal mens rea that has insidiously permeated our World, to control all that is- that which I suspected as a child during the Vietnam War Era, and more so by 9/11.

Some Stormy Examples

  • Notice those who maintain their ‘Humanity” does not dismiss nor de-value life, nor animals’ basic needs to favor one’s own greed- for ‘the finer things in life’.  Living life from a  ‘sound’ mind & from a Holi-stic place within suits the positive-mind instead,
  • In juxtaposition, notice the automated use and abuse of systems to both alter the Climate (#Environment) and to irreparably change Lives (#Life) to suit a certain taste of the ‘privileged’ who flock together,
  • Ones who are ‘backsliding’ in their evolution despite bloodline competitiveness fashioned to scapegoat the ‘others’ in the machinated process
  • Choosing to not mature or ‘de-mature’ (to act egregiously), thus not to care on the Earth plane in reality,
  • All while the proverbial ‘Kicking Fido the Dog’ has now led to mass animal graves, akin to the ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’.

Real problematic environmental and societal conditions on Earth!

Just so some can amass ‘Great’ sums of money and act without a care in the world….crazy. We can see this ‘craziness’- so it’s not to be ignored while jumping aboard the Gold-seeking crazy train-which #IS running full steam BACKWARD…..

So it is that a massive amount of effort and money

is being invested to inject toxins into Earth’s protective atmosphere that formed

in a specific manner & composition approximately 4 billion years ago….


Those who are ascending naturally and LOVE Mother Nature in all her beauty do find such abominable behavior highly disturbing- they are “Woke” about such dark energy and how it ‘operates’ on the Earth plane & skies above. For such ascended beings are of a higher ‘vibe’, and of no surprise, they are congruent with – in collaboration with- Nature and with Spirit.


Humans are like animals, either beastly or loving depending on their environmental setting, but toxic learning so conspired can be ‘un-learned’ in every case.

For neither are to be abused physically, nor emotionally/chemically, but for such intrusiveness largely owing to the ‘advanced technological prowess’ invested in and so obvious during the ‘Cold War’…and again as history is intentionally repeated.

To dose up the same environments with deleterious nerve agents (such organophosphorus ‘constituents of concern’) and massive amounts of heavy metals that drive “industriously trained” people “Mad Hatter” is no coincidence. For ‘do-ing’ is replacing’love’ too…

Toxic “doses” and “acts” that are co-occurring but DO NOT need to occur at all on Earth!

Yet, a plethora of chemicals are constantly being injected daily in lethal doses-in the skies above, but also in our water so contaminated by industrialists who persistently and

more rapidly seek to silence more humans, as tens of thousands of our animal companions are experiencing on a yearly basis, post 9-11.


So, this overarching ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ issue plays out daily, weekly, and monthly on ‘auto-pilot’, so machinated, but also more often in toxic courtrooms (such as “family law practice”) all as technology and Technocrats are revered over actual lives (#Life), of no irony whatsoever. Cheating the law, and therefore the truth only goes so far, however. For such intentioned deception is an unbalanced way to live on Earth, and the Karmic Trench is the remedy to what ails such poor decision making.

Because their ‘habits’ are being ‘copy-catted’ -as if a trend to pattern oneself after -which replaces one’s real ’empowerment’ in favor of gaining so-called attention (e.g. the Vain, and ‘vain-glory’-one of the Seven Deadly Sins).

Thus, this overarching problem is created by choice, and ‘connected’ choices- choices to pollute and abuse en masse not to be misconstrued as being of ‘higher intelligence’ regardless of “tests taken” which are increasingly being compromised (too) in this Game of Life, achieved by “gaming the System”.


The Games (some) People Play is surely nothing to applaud in reality


Do ‘The Vain’ (and gluttonous) realize they are actually giving away

their true power to cheat and enter such an Illusion-

that which causes confusion as it overrules real Common Sense

& also Common Law?


Again, reality-based living is security-based living which is centered on humaneness and is heart-centered, the ‘love’ and ‘war’ conditions that I was initially sorting through in my youth but having no idea that they would worsen into ‘the future’.

Therefore, those who choose to jeopardize others’ lives (and the safety and security of all human beings and animals within this ‘Sphere of Influence‘) are ignoring others basic rights and will exceedingly devise more ‘hair-brained’ schemes and operations, to make calculated gains in ‘The System’ on in their quest to be ‘great’ but in the machinated process habitually de-valuing life and environment both.


That’s mucked up!


So it is, this habituated ignorance (lack of true knowledge and use of It), and turning a blind eye (turning away) that will need to be addressed to mitigate but also to prevent more harm, rather than be reactive and controlling as most “leaders” are.

This is not truly ‘leading’ however and indicates they are not well equipped to be leading countries let alone making decisions about the natural environment and others’ lives.

Being in ‘high’ positions to decide things DAILY (and hourly) all as more ‘mammals’ get caught up in a vast web of lies and toxic environmental conditions “for-profit” is part and parcel of the canary in the coal mine issue, and The Big Gorilla in the room too…

(e.g. the Disaster Capitalists that Smedley Butler informed the world about after WWI, and that Naomi Kline educates about in modern time as do others involving the associated, deceptive “Web of Debt” and the associated, costly FEMA environmental “emergency” disasters.)

Such Broad-base ‘consent’ -to enter (& impose upon) millions of lives into such a backward minded lottery is to not only trespass on others lives and privacy but it is truly barbaric thought from times past which just happens to be translating into highly cryptic but dangerous behavior we can see manifesting ‘in the environment’ (that which I ‘picked up on’ as problematic by the very early 1990s).

So, as we enter the 3rd decade of the 21st Century it not only smacks of a ‘titanic’ problem, it also feels like The Crusades, an imposed-upon religion but alien to The Majority:


In the mind’s eye the Privileged-

the Ones choosing ignorance & vanity over reality

& who abuse Life in all of its glorious diversity-

are The Ones chosen to Inherit the World…..


Say What?


Yet the Holy Bible tells a quite different story-
Ephesians 2:1-2 reminds us of those who are in rebellion against God (and why),
while Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds God’s children what HIS special purpose is
and that we are to fulfill His purpose-
as we protect future generations while living our lives with God’s grace
Notice that those among us who do not maintain their ”Humanity” (but could) are making choices to not be civil-minded (Meek), but systematically and conveniently de-value life (and the basic necessities of life needed) as if an unimportant issue while witch-hunting  & stealing from others while stealing away LIFE as we know it and love it
Notice their dismissive ways about LIFE, with a wave of the hand, and important issues such as health care, food, water and shelter insecurities, and animal care or lack thereof at “Animal Care Control” facilities (in the U.S. and abroad).
Also notice the simultaneous habituation of imprisoning or caging animals and humans in multiple environmental settings, as stackable manufactured items. This is not ‘theoretical’ rather obvious conspiring of ‘minds’ for-profit, and under the auspices of trade.

So, is it any wonder a massive amount of effort (and money) is consistently being invested to inject toxic chemicals into Earth’s protective atmosphere, that protects life as we know it and love it?

Dosing up the same environment with deleterious nerve agents and heavy metals that don’t belong their either? Chemicals that We as a society have become ‘trained’ to view as harmless in mass doses, all so more toxins can be manufactured to excess for more profit?

As those manufacturing them hysterically seek ‘more gold’ in the process?

(Particularly since WWII)

Living life from a  ‘sound’ mind & from a Holi-stic (organic) place does not really excite these demonically driven entities, but the automated use of our systems to control and abuse does. Changing the Climate (#Environment) while living wrecking-ball lives suits this privileged mindset, scapegoating ‘the others’ to amass ‘greatness’ and win the next magazine cover, or election.

So, these ‘humans’ who have the audacity to talk about ‘hope’ as they demoralize & demonize others’ (thus life) are the toxic ‘backsliders’ in life, and they also happen to be advancing this toxic game of control that YOU are expected to revere as if Holy.

As such, IT is more than just casual ‘trickery‘ when one peeks behind the IRONy curtain to revisit The Issue at hand, as I have done during the first and second decades of this 21st (not 12th) Century…



-‘The ‘Rabbit Hole‘-

is where Satan is deeply embedded as The Serpent,

to drag down life war by war intended TO spear-heading just such evil initiatives-

especially obvious during these ‘End Times’.

This overarching ‘canary in the coal mine’ issue continues to play out daily, weekly and monthly in the natural environment and in-home and work environments, then, but much less so in courtrooms where the protection of technological and chemical ‘advances’ overrule instead which I too learned is of no irony whatsoever. And just why.

Humane beings do not naturally think with such pathology and

will stop such hedonism and egregious behavior whenever possible.

Humane beings do not fashion illusory

 information as ‘trends’ to emulate

(in order to carry out such devilish ‘practices’)

Generally, ‘Normal people’ (balanced mentally/emotionally) do not need to subjugate others in their families and communities. Nor domesticity. 

Ahh, but ‘The Demented’ who habitually think of doing so (those who gang-stalk and also expect ‘the Others’ to pine over them) do.

Most Normal people don’t have massive fears of being inferior and simultaneously take out their individual frustrations on ‘The Others’ en Masse-including “man’s best friend” being served up as dinner-that is except for anti-Christ figures from history. 

Humans and animals used to be in better congruence, particularly in an Agrarian Society, but obviously more humans are choosing to “automate” life as they choose to simultaneously regress their humanity (and their own evolution) by operating under such faulty logic.

Either way, Humans and Animals were not ‘made’ (created) to be abused- In Reality. 

Thus, the ‘automated’ mind is increasingly proving to be a physically/emotionally/chemically abusive mind – a disturbed mind- which is not typically revered but for such intrusive man-made manipulation.

(e.g. “games people play” including trauma-based ‘mind control’, & twisted societal conditioning as documented involving Edward Bernays and Saul Alinsky, for instance, to revere the advancement of ‘advanced’ technology instead of their own humanity.)

Sick stuff, indeed. Especially when one can become more loving instead of more beastly (regardless of their specific environmental setting). Doing so requires LOVE. And Spiritual-muscle building, too.

AGAIN- this overarching issue is based on choices being made- wholesale slaughter choices comingled with the preference to pollute and to abuse en masse- which are not to be misconstrued as being of higher intelligence but certainly indicative of a highly problematic level of intelligence that is alien to the majority of occupants living peaceably on Earth.

It is undeniable, then, what is co-occurring on a Global Scale (sphere of influence) so that a few chosen ones ‘gain the world’, and all while selling their souls. And more lives.

IT has become more problematic surely as ‘Research and Development (R&D)’ dollars have become misappropriated (especially electronically, through machinery and machination) to ensure life becomes anything but natural. 

This is the ‘rabbit hole’ I speak about, from experience.


This is the Illusion.

So, as I have learned,

it’s highly necessary to use one’s own God-given intelligence

to thwart such darkness and cease to honor those running amok

and plotting to cause “more” problems on the Earth plane…. 

Certainly, We can collectively see the associated tactical and strategic tactics that have been and continue to be taught then deployed, over time and space, to essentially war against God’s creation (#Life) on #Earth (#GAIA), while claiming to be representatives of “God” (e.g. using artificial intelligence). 

In my field (science) I worked on more than one-hundred projects in multiple states

worth millions upon millions of USD, paid from human labor

in the form of tree-based currency converted to electronic currency,

to assure life is sustained-

NOT detained.


(My work has predominantly involved managing and investigating issues involving natural resources, specifically water quality-water rights-water resources,  in association with animal habitats, plant resources, land use planning, permitting, and environmental impact assessments in multiple Western states).

Yet, overall, it is the ‘human condition’ (and associated conditioning) that I have incarnated to observe most over time, and in many ‘environments’, and to also reflect on past experience and experiences to pave a better way FORWARD.

Particularly involving the ‘deep’ and ‘far-reaching’ issues and impacts adversely influencing nature and nurture that We cannot continue to ignore any longer on the earth plane….



Individually, then, it is up to each of us to take action- and act responsibly– rather than just relying on the liars (and their lies) to promote what higher echelons of Society want (not need), and to our great detriment. 

And if ‘Society-at Large’ does not get involved in thwarting such archaic selfish and deadly behavior the ‘Fabric of Life’ so interconnected to keep us strong, like a covalent bond, will permanently be broken  (e.g. ‘mucking up’ human, animal, and plant genomes- the environment).

So, it is time to address just such an embedded dis-ease

intent on uprooting life,

and the twisted ‘mens rea’ permitted

to twist more human beings’  into emotional pretzels,

under pressure-cooker conditions, floods, fires, and other assaultive ‘nature’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In a Nutshell

It’s going to take millions of Humane beings

into and beyond ‘The Information Age’

to Focus on such problems,

in order to stop such pathology in

ITs tracks….

(and not have “Sympathy for the Devils” which the Rolling Stones sing about)



Focus on improving conditions that are particularly ‘sensitive’– not protecting technological prowess at the expense of protecting life

Especially vulnerable beings on Earth,

and particularly the less ‘well-connected’

women and children (Mary and Jesus)

caught in the #Cross-fire.


And considering ALL Sentient Beings

who are not being protected either,

of course,

War by war.


It is actually way past time to serve up something better-

Truly Better….


See what you can do in your neck of the woods, then, as you stop to think about the questions I pose in my Environmental-Society Quiz

  • Form a discussion group online that helps provide support to those in need, especially animals and children (the ‘vulnerable’) among us, or
  • Join one or more existing groups in your physical community who are actively helping to improve such extreme and toxic conditions in your community, and against Earth (#GAIA).
  • Take the Environmental-Society Quiz challenge! (It only costs $5 USD.)


It’s worth the time, investment, and energy to begin thinking

About HOW to value #LIFE living Forward

Every step helps on this journey The Majority of Us collectively share.

John F. Kennedy reminds US

You Must Try.


NOTE: Illustration credit to Lewis Carroll the creator of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 1865, which he wrote amid the American Civil War period and the ensuing INDUSTRIAL AGE, which is man-made/manufactured/synthesized (e.g. anthropogenic).

Think about it.


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