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A compelling story in a series, or sequels, based on the true story of an endearing love between a mother and child, amidst a changing environment, in the United States.

The epic saga of enlightenment that would prevail in the Northern California region of Sacramento, where science and spirituality would meet like in the past, and despite the plots and schemes of evil doers who would secretly then not-so-secretively decide to surround their home and workplace and university (the mother an environmental scientist, the son a music engineering college student following his passion too) to cause mayhem.

Many more in this region also would have to come to the determination that their community- this community of intellectuals and blue-collar workers, and a mix of various religions and races living and working rather peaceably so, until environmental conditions would be rapidly changed as an increasing number of communities would suffer one or more forms of environmental-justice abuses (even to be flooded out or scorched and burned to the ground) as war raged on in the Middle East into the second decade of the 21st Century.

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New World Communications, LLC Presents

A timely book by Christy L. Spector with Ryan D. Spector

PAST-FORWARD: The Shared Life and Insights of an Adventurous, Patriotic Environmental Scientist-Loving and Fighting to Survive with Faith during the Great Shift

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Past-Forward is a book written by Christy L. Spector with assistance from her son Ryan over the past 5 years. It is being prepared for publishing in stages, with this Introduction to be the first product of our start-up business Christy co-founded with Ryan on November 1st, 2011 called New World Communications, LLC despite the conditions she would find forced upon her and her son and their four animal companions in different cities, and all at the same time. She was being urged, in fact, to start up just such a business.

Reading their book in its entirety will help the reader see just why, and how so, through Divine Intervention.

She is an accomplished Environmental Scientist, a former military spouse, a 2000 (“Y2K”) University of California (UC) – Davis alumni and a thyroid cancer survivor. Since 1984 she has worked at the IRS, the DOD (Hill and McClellan AFBs), NASA, Raytheon STX (Hughes STX), the USDA, UC Davis-IPM, the CA Regional Water Quality Control Board – Sacramento,  the CA Water Resource Control Board, and most recently the CA Department of Water Resources.

She was a US Military spouse for 22 years (a “Key Spouse” affiliate through The Pentagon after the 2008 remarriage), her ex-husband having served in various capacities of the Air Force over 30 years, including serving aboard Air Force 2 during the Bush 41 and Clinton Administrations, with the US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), the Air Force Space Command (AFSC), and the Air Mobility Command (AMC, formerly MAC). His father – Ryan’s grandfather-was an Army Veteran of Vietnam who spent most of his civilian career after the war as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

Christy grew up with parents who both retired from the DOD Civil Service, her father having worked as an Aircraft Mechanic in the Air Force before working as a civilian with contract procurement/competition advocacy at the DOD and her mother doing similar work.

She began writing Past-Forward in May 2012 while under siege all while trying to recover from unexpected and sudden heart attack symptoms in the workplace (workplace targeting or “mobbing”), and other health problems that were exacerbated in the midst of targeted harassment during a second divorce with her former military spouse.

Christy endured such mobbing and harassment all while simultaneously (and for a time successfully) fighting mortgage fraud and associated harassment by those in collusion and purposing”Targeted Individual” (or #TI conditions) set forth in a highly systematized manner.

In fact, both she, her son and their four dogs were targeted, made ill covertly and overtly during multiple compromising situations that were set to occur, to ensure they would suffer, and also eventually be forced out of their Northern California home- and to live ‘on the streets’ – as additional fraud took place within the local and state ‘Justice’ System (DOJ).

As a result of others’ greed and manipulation, their earned home equity over 12 years was thieved with the aid of the local courts in Yolo County, to ensure they both would be forced into homelessness (to become permanently transient like Veterans of past wars), and have to find refuge in their sole vehicle (an SUV) during Spring 2015.

They would have just enough luck to find and purchase an old but sturdy 1977 Winnebago RV they fondly named “Winnie”, around Cinco de Mayo 2015, which they had to ‘live’ in – on the streets during several seasons (including multiple winters)- into 2018. Doing so, without the use of an operable shower, and amid multiple Veterans of past wars and other civilians who they met and helped how they could while living inside this 26-foot RV (forced out of their 1500 square-foot home) with their four dogs, due to Northern California’s corrupted city systems. 

Ryan found work to make ends meet so Christy could work on finishing their book. Over the past year (2018) they have found refuge under roof and are working to ensure this timely book IS offered in completion, as they secure more funds to have a professional editor further assist them.

The Introduction to Past-Forward, then, is an overview that outlines their experiences detailed in 21 chapters comprising their book and gives good clues as to the depth and breadth of their journey and the associated book delays. By 2000 she would be prompted to write just such a book, but the details (and the devils) still had to ‘play out’ as she pursued the path that God intended for her instead. 

She would, of course, glean valuable clues on this journey but have little idea as to just how the past (and a past dream in childhood) was factored in during her adult life. Yet, indeed, also foretelling of this necessary journey she was on, over more than 50 years, as the past and present would collide with her future but not just her future as it were.

Yet, indeed a “future” where the past was coming back to haunt not only her and her family again, and what she had gleaned from ‘the environment’ she was accurately sensing and feeling during her youth, during the Vietnam War Era.

So, as she listened and observed, over time, she began to more closely ascertain what was sounding around her into adulthood as a professional scientist, when shadowy characters made themselves ‘known’ in human form and also in other strange ways and forms that she and her son had to learn about and learn to survive

This ‘energy’ of THE PAST would settle in, over time, to inhabit and occupy many more lives over vast expanses of terrain to impact many who had also once thrived. To know of this energy is to know of the ‘problem of evil’, and the obstructions it brings about.

Apparent, intentional obstructions did transpire, in fact, and did so in conjunction with covert harassment in California, as did various forms of fraud – all as ‘the neighborhood’ climate and city culture was systematically changed to accommodate such evils (e.g. “gangstalking”, “community policing”, Fusion Centers’ manipulations, etc.)

So, it goes, the covert deception involving a specific publisher Christy initially chose (and paid) to publish this book in the United States also systematically being changed inside-out. As such, this book in its entirety has been delayed beyond expectation, but it will be fully published through our company, New World Communications, LLC in 2020, hindsight “20/20”.

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FUNDS RAISED: The money we raise through pre-order sales will help us produce additional chapters to our story which is so critical even still, and especially as more U.S. and World Citizens are duly affected by the topics we address in our book, over the ‘long run’.

SOCIAL MEDIA SITES: Please also take time to visit our Social Media pages including our “Greenhouse Refugees” Facebook page we started to provide initial background information that correlates to endangerment and associated ‘legal’ actions that transpired to thrust them into harm again, into the second decade of the 21st Century (specifically by 2006, regarding a fraudulent mortgage contract, but also in association with the ‘3rd parties’ they would have to endure from 2007 and beyond).


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