Welcome to my new Science and Spirituality Website in accordance with my relatively new ChristylBlue Patreon channel, and thank you upfront for taking time to visit here, to listen along as you learn!

Here is my first Tarot reading online, via YouTube.


I hope you enjoy it as you realize this energy is still ‘in the air’ even as you read and watch this informational video. Tarot readings are timeless, and Divine Source is guiding the ship, so to speak. Spirit or Source loves to help us prepare on our life journeys in physical bodies.

There is a lot more going on than meets the eye….

“All that Glitters is not Golden”


I will be producing videos over the next several months to both enlighten & to educate those interested in what Tarot & Oracle readings can provide. The messages that come through are not contrived or staged, they flow naturally through to me, as I intuit & interpret their meaning.

Some are easier to ascertain while others require more thought or research. Readings are intended to educate & entertain, they are not intended to intervene in your private affairs or to impede medical/psychological care!

But, because the energy information provides ‘in-sight’ do ‘take’ what resonates or “vibes” with you & you will come to learn how esoteric science is very beneficial in hectic, often downright difficult lives being made more stressful, as we too learn “all that glitters is not golden”!

So, the ability to discern dark & light energy around us & the grey shades in between that catches us up, in subtle ways, is not readily identifiable initially (but eventually obvious and even in shocking ways) and can be remarkable to ‘realize’ over time especially when we consider just how we’ve been conditioned to think and thus how each of us attracts such negativity (darkness) in our lives. 

Stepping forward, more into ‘the light’, we train our eyes (& minds) to more accurately identify problems we are to confront & solve on our individual & collective journeys.

While some information or insights may seem odd, realize that such esoteric science was once highly revered to gain insight, & as such esoteric science is gaining popularity to better sense our “3-D” environment we’ve become accustomed to “live” even as we are guided to transition out of “the Dark” (into 5D, and beyond).

I can say what I sensed happening many years ago was spot on, yet I did not know how to accurately identify the dark but subtle energy I was sensing in my “environment” because of conditions and conditioning, that which has been mainstreamed in the 3-D, over decades.

And particularly the impetus to profit at others peril even as others are scapegoated to “feel better” (e.g. this wave of energy and focus has been directed from the older generations -particularly involving the “Greatest Generation” influencing the “Baby Boomer Generation” that has not succeeded beyond WWII, in reality.)

I had to learn so on my chosen life path which involved discerning the very odd & also the very difficult, negative, & even dangerous energy ‘waves’- that which has played a significant role in the mysterious fabric of life – the obsession of choosing death (and associated destruction of others and our home planet, Earth), all over living life in color. 

As it turns out, and as you will begin to read in a series of books I have written, along with my son, we were surrounded by this dark life bent over a period of approximately 50 years.

So we learned through such toxic exposure about these dark threads – and how to accurately identify them in 3-D. This identification also includes writing publicly about such experiences, & adventures. And the control (religious) bents and associated control dramas involved.

Since 2000 I have been guided to do so, but first to seek out self-help literature & esoteric information, to learn by & to prepare, & eventually to counter or “reverse” what would arise, that which has increasingly caused drag in life & in society beyond “Y2K”- well into the 21st Century.

So, I am being guided into this second decade to help you better comprehend or understand just how negative & positive energy works as it permeates our lives, for it is all around us, as it is in “the environment”, and above us of course- in Space.

The Sun that gives us warmth and generates energy for our very survival shines the light on such darkness, and aids in the survival of many more species that share Earth with us. And just as electricity is generated as energy waves that provide us warmth and light in our man-made living spaces.

Yet, we know if we get too much of “the sun” we burn, or not enough life in many forms dies away. We certainly feel the change in temperature and light (waves) whenever we witness eclipses.

So the Sun, our Shining Star, is imperative to understanding energy. As is Earth’s satellite, the Moon reflects the Sun’s light onto Earth. We seem to be more acutely aware of energy transmissions whenever we get an unexpected jolt from harnessed and routed electricity!

Thus, it’s important to recognize the pluses and minuses of energy, including The Law of Attraction and also how the Law of Karma can (and is) being manipulated, war by war.

These negatives are not enjoyable experiences be we do learn from them too, and also to protect ourselves from any ‘energy imbalances’ (e.g. being tired or sick). And so it is by ‘harnessing’ energy information that also travels in waves in our natural and man-made environments!

Reading tarot, I’ve discovered, is another way to capture energy in the form of information that does travel in the energy waves that we all can feel- when we pay attention. Energy  “in the air”- which is intelligence-is carried through as ‘insight’ or “signs” and it is being delivered to grab our attention!

Even to awaken us like “the Sun” that rises, and the moon that shines in the darkened sky. Particularly so when we are receptive to awakening from antiquated (dark) ‘man-made’ perceptions, as we choose (intuit) the need to reach more “light”.

Thus, we use our minds but also our hearts, we “plugin” to the Universe to gain “enlightenment” that helps our spirits soar- to become more balanced beings on Earth-To evolve.

This type of “Spirit” based energy transmission (and shifting) is not readily discussed in traditional science classes when the topics of evolution, geology, and earthquakes, storms, biota, and fossils are, for instance, nor in classical physics classes when mass, classical mechanics, electricity/currents, and time-travel are taught.

Still, science (and engineering) discoveries (& re-discovery) lead us to improved conditions on Earth just as past science & technology achievements have revealed great leaps in the historical record of no irony!

While there are those who will manipulate/control such energy and through technologies, and even to ‘dress it up’ or puff it up (through marketing) to only advance the interests of some at the expense of many- and also nature- obvious environmental impacts manifest. And these negative, impactful ’causes’ have repercussion through Universal ’cause-effect’ which is working behind the scenes in order to course-correct. Including the ‘dark matter’ of materialism and associated possession(s) in the physical.

For we are really here not to get “more” or to control others, rather we are here to resolve all such issues including individual and collective karma of the past. Like it or not. It’s about growth…..

Evolutionary growth!

The key is to not keep re-creating negative responses as realities in Society which impacts “The Environment”. Nor are we to ‘live in the past’ by re-creating the past (like wars), but learn to live forward collectively on our individual life paths. To control others on theirs is to flirt with dis-aster and stir up dis-ease.

Therefore, utilizing individual energy as we each learn- and learn to collectively transform harmful (toxic) energies- is key in order to not repeating the past, the weaknesses and mistakes that distort our nature and bring about dis-ease.

As such, I will be pulling cards for general energy & “Life Path Journey” reads when I am so guided (based on my energy and “energies” in the air).

Twin Flame, Soul and Past Life information make its way into my readings often, including notable “DF/DM” (Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine) imbalances that are becoming more evident to more people, including those deemed to be “Dark Night of the Soul” experiences that also manifest in waves.

I have been documenting such physical ‘waves’ over a long time (for more than 20 years) and this “energy” is showing up – of no surprise- in tarot and oracle readings just as they do in “The Environment”. And in “The Matrix” of no irony.

I have studied and cross-checked such repetitive energy and the associated information that travels through, including through associated tarot and oracle readings.

Thus, I plan to post these “Past” readings and also weekly readings of “Present” energies, even as I prepare for additional science-society-spirituality services into the “Future”, as my mission on Earth further unfolds.

Too, I am offering some introductory products and services (to pre-order) as others are in the works! Each product or service will help to educate and enlighten you on your life path if you so choose.

Of course, the choice is yours!

I will provide these services on this page and other links you come upon on this “Science-Spirituality UniverseCity” website that also incorporates science information and data in an ongoing manner.

I will also offer certain appealing products that I find are helpful, healthy, and of higher resonance to our planet and within our own bodies that are also predominantly comprised of water.

In particular, I will be focusing on natural resources information (and ideas to help improve life on our planet), which I have been doing for several decades as I came to learn that I too would be dealing with “extinction” threats and forced lack of resources – by design.

Such experiences have been instrumental for me to see first-hand, as it were, and how such a design is harmful to ALL life on Earth.  So, not only am I working to improve my conditions (and conditioning).

Through my efforts to understand my own ‘surroundings’, and the harmful effects to the natural environment in tandem, I have become a different type of ‘teacher’, not one that a college pays one to teach.

Still, I know how to teach and I know too that I have gone through such experiences TO integrate my learning/experiences into society, through many social media avenues, in order to bring more awareness and understanding in conjunction with spirituality- just as ‘religion’ meets a timely overhaul on the earth and as society continues to slide backward but needs to shift forward.

Conditions that Nostradamus was able to perceive more than 500 years ago of no coincidence!

Like so, many of us seem to have a mission on the earth, and mine involves “light-working”, transforming darkness into light. I cannot speak for you and your mission but I can say that it is ‘in our nature’- as human beings (not human “doings”) to learn all we can while we are here in physical bodies on Earth.

Indeed, we are “spirits in the material world” but it is evident that we have long been conditioned that we must suffer and that God or the Higher Power will punish us if we do not heed.

Through this antiquated belief system that has permeated more than just “religion”, we can come to realize that we are being misled in numerous ways, modes, and methods, including through “the Tele” (television) and “World Wide Web”, components of The Matrix.  Each captures light to transmit certain information from the controls.

Still, the reality of it all is that we are- by design- are individuals with our own God-given minds who are able to make our own choices including to discern light from the dark as we each recall what we are really here on the earth for.

We are not human “doings” (robots) we are beings with purpose outside and beyond The Matrix.

We are to live life on Earth through our individual expressions by utilizing vibrant energy, not chronic depressive energy – the distortion of what is expected of us to “live” has been grossly perpetuated, transmitted through the controls and associated controlling thought processes that are linear (some refer to this as “one-track minds”). Operations with no grace or natural flow harm not only the body but the mind and spirit.

As such we must sort through the dark, this “darkness”

– in order to weed out such dis-tortion.

Luckily we are collectively in the midst of “a Great Shift” on Earth now, as enough Light beings help to advance humanity beyond this “Matrix Machine” of 2-D and 3-D darkness, not real life but where illusions are manufactured one by one.

How do we know?  From experience.

Including listening instead to The Higher Power who guided us away from such systematized linear-based dangers. In fact, we followed our God-given intuition to direct us out of this labyrinth of troubled waters (ironically as if being saved in a modern-day ‘Life Raft’, or Ark).

This is the Great Shift that my son Ryan and I wrote about in our book Past-Forward (which was for a time purposely blocked from being published), the very real story about our individual and collective experiences in direct association with the costly illusions that are damaging- to more and more lives, the environment, and even our individual and collective ability to evolve on Earth (the Karma).

To live in peace.

And it is no coincidence that we have been guided through multiple difficult “life circumstances”, especially by and beyond 9/11.

Since we have persevered we have come in alignment with more beings of the Light who are expressing their God-given potential.

Just as we continue to embrace who we are and our true purpose (mission) in the natural world, not in a system of “processes” that are increasingly dangerous, artificial and very unhealthy.

  The potential for each of us beings on Earth is great, but for such an illusory way of “life” that has been built-in, or ‘conditioned’ into us, but that which we know deep inside is faulty on many levels and “situations”, including the dark threads that we weave in chapter by chapter of Past-Forward as they were woven into our lives.

(You can read an excerpt here and pre-order the Introductory chapter of Past-Forward here.)

In the process of these challenging, even dangerous discoveries difficult enough to fathom over time let alone winding their way into our lives as if to stop us cold. We have truly traveled through more than one lifetime of ‘experiences’ & ‘adventures’ including ones we found we had to deal with head-on, and unexpectedly. As we did as we earned more spiritual muscle and simultaneously met ones we were to meet along the way, hindsight being “20/20”.

Eventually, we could determine ‘in situ’ that we were meeting certain individuals when we did to gain another thread or piece of the puzzle, situation by situation- especially when finding ourselves in compromising and life-altering situations.

It was at these points in time that we were further discerning the dark from the light and more of the reason Why.

Of observing and discerning The Light, from the darkness.

Thus, the fine line or veil between love and evil. The song Money by Pink Floyd eludes to this “matter”, that which IS the heart of the matter.

The Power of Love

What we each ‘go through’ in human skin- and among one another- are not likely who we really are but the expressions of what we have been taught and conditioned to value instead of honoring ourselves, rather to value more only what we have learned along the way.

And much of what has been taught in The Past is inaccurate, incomplete, and even deceptive and dangerous by design-the very conditions (and conditioning) that we at NWC, LLC have had to overcome, and are by choice.

We now choose to express & share globally what we endured, why we did, and what choices we made along our life paths to overcome this unstable “machine” that generates darkness not light, so it’s no surprise we had to ‘live’ in that environment to learn from it as light-workers on Earth.

And survive it!

Many other species on our “globe” (Earth or “Gaia”) are also experiencing this machination of life, so they really are not different from our human physical bodies that are comprised mostly of water and can reflect light instead of darkness. They, like us, have souls contained in bodies generating energy throughout with beating hearts and vibrant spirits that want to live too – in the physical environment. Our collective world.

Emotions (and the ability or inability ‘to emote’) are at the heart of the ‘matter’, then, and such emotions (and empathy) expressed genuinely (not artificial or contrived or controlled) enable each of us to ascend into a lighter, healthier state of ‘being’ as we grow spiritually rather than materially so.

When we do so we too will actually overcome dis-eases that continue to plague us now in the 2-D and 3-D world. The world we can see is so controlling and de-spiriting. As if life on Earth should only be experienced through “darkness” dressed up to appear ‘light’.

This fakeness or artificial behavior is not realistic,

nor is it our collective future on Earth!

So the key is to become more internally strong, to build spiritual muscle, not to only value hyper-masculinity just as violent bulked up males (and some females) are depicted and glorified in movies and other marketing ventures so heavily promoted at the great expense of LIFE.

Obviously, then, growing spiritually involves building important ‘soul’ muscle that truly sustains us in our lives on Earth, so we can evolve individually and collectively evolve peacefully on Earth.

With (not oppressing) Earth.

It’s time, then. It is time to reverse engineer all damaging behaviors and associated impacts co-occurring on Earth- the physical, mental, and emotional control dramas of “The Throw-Away-Society” that have adversely affected our individual and collective quality of life, and the well-being of nature (our HOME Planet) as we learn to live truly better lives. This effort starts at home. I look forward to helping you and yours in the future!


Christyl Blue

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(Tarot Deck used: Secrets of Tarot by Amanda Hall.)

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