The Clarion Call of Transformation – January 15-31, 2019



Thank you for visiting my new Science Spirituality UniverseCity website and this third video installment (see link above) that I have already posted on my ChristyL Blue YouTube channel.

My third reading (this one) is being posted late due to “technical difficulties” (you will likely hear the low background noise from my computer fan that ran incessantly when I filmed this reading!)- so you will find only two other earlier dated readings posted on my ChristyL Blue YouTube channel. However, they do serve to address what HAS transpired: just what is the “root issue” – and also what is the “heart of the matter” involving technology and ITs misuse and abuses…..  #Hindsight2020

Many of my Intuitive Readings, both filmed and written, are linked on this site as on YouTube. I am now providing audio recordings that can be accessed, via subscription, here.

Now, sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy learning with me on the collective soul journey forward – as the ‘New Earth’ EMERGES


A little about ChristyL Blue…. 

Since September 2018 Spirit or Divine Source has been urging me to learn more about Tarot and Oracle card readings, and to simultaneously track and interpret messages “in the air”, and in conjunction with the experience and experiences I have gained on my life journey over the past 54 years of observing life on Earth.

As such, I am being guided to share my knowledge and skills/abilities via the Information Highway, or Energy Highway, not just with those I have met and helped on the road less traveled.

In fact, while “on the road”, predominantly from 2015-2020, I was guided to get my first “Oracle deck” without planning to and with just pennies in my wallet (really) as a result of disruptive man-made conditions that I was simultaneously guided to continue to shift away from (after shifting away from a once prosperous, relatively peaceful ‘3-D’ lifestyle in California during the 1980s & 1990s). 

For many, since “9/11”, Life has become a ‘white knuckle ride’ (as the ‘Ancient Aliens Documentary series has also observed and announced, post-9/11). It turns out that the ‘nightmare’ scenario I had foreseen as a child – living a happy existence in the Western US-mirrors what would eventually “sound” in my environment into adulthood before the turn of the 21st Century. And also clearly inform me over time and space about associated ‘dark matters’ involved- that which ‘The Divine’ helped me see into as a childhood, then navigate into adulthood.

Luckily,  getting “out of Dodge” (physically) and getting to the B-side (spiritually, as I call it) helped too, as we each worked to help others through too.

And learn to adapt to the massive energy shifts co-occurring  – The Great Shifton Earth- and within The Universe…the very conditions that me and my son wrote about “on the road” while conducting our true life purpose in an old beat up Winnebago from the 1970s- REALLY!  So, both he and I have been very busy bees…dealing with “Past” and “Forward” energies.

In tandem I have been able to purchase additional oracle and tarot decks with a very limited (controlled) income as I continue to build UP the spiritual-based business that I was guided to further develop “on the road” before anchoring it “in 3-D”, with love and light. It is a “three pronged” approach to helping world citizens “Make (the) Shift Happen”……

Please feel free to share NWC, LLC blog post readings with others you know. I plan to also post more readings (past, present and future) on Patreon – and I am on Instagram at 1World4allSpecies. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned, and what I am still learning, with YOU!

(Many private readings that I have already performed and archived over the past two years- to “check the energy” in the environment- strongly resonate with other skilled readers I have found, observed, and have repeatedly ‘ground-truthed’ since January 2018.) 


So, Cartomancy is not “just a fad”!


Nor is associated synchronicity, or “Vibes” in the air, just mere coincidence.


Too, it’s important that you know that I really enjoy analyzing and interpreting all messages from Divine Source and I feel blessed to use my powerful intuition/psychic gifts, whenever I am guided to do so by Divine Source. (When I am not, I do not).

My readings may be similar to others who perform energy readings in that they will inform The Querant, but they are often delivered to me in a unique way that I am guided to interpret as an environmental (energy) scientist who is adept at “picking up” on information traveling in The Ether.

Learning what I have through ethereal guidance (including utilizing my five “senses” and my “third eye”, or pineal gland) over 50-plus years on Earth has been interesting to say the least, and I greatly appreciate this guidance system from my Creator.  I continue to receive important information that is of HIGH frequency, that which drowns out the negative “vibes” as I edit this particular webpage on Valentine’s Day 2021.  For it is becoming more clear to millions of us on Earth that such negativity – and associated twisted information disseminated-  IS running rampant to ensure fewer people can be ‘together’, which IS destructive to the humane race. And to our Animal Kingdom being hunted down too. 

Such harmful “energy” is to be seen for what #IT is I’ve learned, a dark vibe to be cut through with the help of ArchAngel Michael, in order to live more authentically- to “get” what is really authentic living instead of being forced to “live” in that cloudy, murky Illusion (which equates to plotted wars that serve Satan, when one “does the math”).

Thus, learning what I have as a Scientific Observer has enabled me to see through such twisted-up “energy” in “the environment” and cut through the “BS” involved, including multiple “situations” that I have learned from as an environmental scientist, and as a societal observer. And even as a student of law. As such, the tools I have been equipped with from the Higher Power have only helped me, and especially so when others tried to take what I had earned in “the physical”. But again the “physical” domain is where Satan ‘rules’ for a time (and we can SEE so, right?)…but he does not rule God nor God’s children who are in need of waking up- to their REAL potential. 


(Like Yours Truly – for Environmental review processes don’t accommodate analyses or “sections” on just how Satan is directly and indirectly involved in screwing up OUR environment, thus life itself through deceptive practices, nor identifying ‘The Followers‘ – guilty as sin- who repeatedly choose to gain more “pentacles” via “contracts” as they rape,rob, and pillage in The World.)
So, it is no ‘coincidence’ that I am being guided (still), and also to teach many more to “wake up” to this issue- and all associated conditions and conditioning involved. I have done so across multiple social media platforms over a long period of time, and in ‘Cyberspace’ (part of The Matrix).


As my schedule allows, I can accommodate private readings and life path guidance for those specifically interested in seeking more in-depth assistance, as I continue to post certain readings herein, throughout 2021.


Check out relevant Heart Mapping here:






Many messages I share on “Social Media” will likely resonate in conjunction with “Twin Flame”/Soul Mate/Soul Family/Relationships” story lines-energy information that comes through me at time, as well as information about The World that we are to share- moving forward on the Earth Plane.

[Some readings I receive will be longer (and in Parts) because they come through to be correlated as connected messages and real-life stories I am to correlate and convey in ‘The Now’.]

I cannot imagine having gone through life without my “sixth sense” abilities – #Hindsight2020– nor continual ethereal confirmations that I get through Divine guidance, and through specific Divine Intervention. Such skill and guidance may look unbelievable to the layperson, and I understand this hesitancy, but the guidance I receive has been and continues to be real make no mistake about it! 

Further, oracle and tarot cards serve to show us just what’s showing up ‘in the environment’, in a different way than we are ‘accustomed’ to seeing with trained or programmed eyes, and this is exactly how I learned to use my intuition along with my training in “3-D” to see beyond (and through) the lies. It has become more natural for me to do so, and more obvious to those paying close attention yet not as ‘tuned in’ or awakened to “5-D”.

(To reiterate, I offer helpful energy assessments and quizzes as guidance, for purchase. Special reading offers are posted on this website whenever I am guided by the ‘Higher Power’ to do so, by donation. *’Soul-Searching-Services’ are available from time to time, so be on the look out for them also. They are a bit more pricey.)

I wish you true success on your #LifePath!


Christyl Blue




I filmed this “Clarion Call of Transformation” Reading – for the last TWO weeks of January 2019- as the very powerful Full Moon Wolf Blood Moon emerged. It is proving to be an important message, now, as we collectively shift into the New…the third decade of the 21st Century.

*Please take time to learn your astrological natal chart signs, specifically your Sun, Rising, Mid-heaven, and location of Venus, Mars & Moon signs that will help you better interpret future readings you see online, including those that I am guided to incorporate astrology into, to help human beings better discern their life potential on Earth.

For example, I’ve been studying astrology casually since I was a child of the 70s, but more intently to understand what was “sounding around me” into the 1980s and 1990s, then more strongly ‘vibing’ into the 2000s- all energy “vibes” were sounding to get my full attention……and for a very good cause in hindsight!

Is it any wonder I became an ‘environmental scientist’? A student of “nature” in all its forms and functions? Not likely. Still, I had not planned to become a scientist, yet it was exactly my destiny to do just so.

Indeed, the Higher Power (The Divine, or Source) has been guiding me through it “all”, the entire time, in hindsight. Through the scary “darkness” and to not lose sight of the “light” on my life path. For I have become who I was intended to become all along, despite meeting those with other intentions in mind.

All experiences I would endure I would be compelled to write a book about, a book “about control”   Past-Forward,  the very book I was prompted to start thinking about writing by “Y2K” as louder “signs” in the air indicated the impending darkness (doom) involved….the associated dark threads that would (be) weave(d) throughout my life moving ‘forward’.

The very ‘energy’ that had been sounding in my personal environment for some time, which I noticed and questioned as a child of the ‘Vietnam War Era’.

As it turns out “my signs”, and the signs I was picking up on during the first and second decades of the 21st Century, were very accurate in helping guide me on my chosen “path” in life. Using my science skill-set has also enabled me to stay “true north” in order to carry out my life purpose & soul’s journey that I have been guided through since incarnating on Earth in 1965.

Surely the “energy” that influenced me to prepare  since 1965 is still aiding me, to continue manifesting The FutureNOW!


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