The Clarion Call of Transformation – January 15-31, 2019



Thank you for visiting my new Science Spirituality UniverseCity website and this third video installment (see link above) that I have already posted on my Christyl Blue YouTube channel.


My third reading (this one) is being posted late due to “technical difficulties”. You will likely hear the low background noise from my computer fan that ran incessantly when I filmed this reading- so you will find only two earlier dated readings posted on my Christyl Blue YouTube channel for this reason.

Many of my other readings, both filmed and written, will be linked on this site- like so in 2019. (I will be providing information to access more of these archived readings, via subscription, so stay tuned for this upcoming information.)

Now, sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy learning with me on the journey forward as the “New Earth” emerges.

A little about me:  Since September 2018 Spirit or Divine Source has been urging me to learn more about Tarot and Oracle card readings, and to simultaneously track and interpret messages “in the air”, and in conjunction with the experience and experiences I have gained on my life journey over the past 54 years of observing life on Earth.

As such, I am being guided to share my knowledge and skills/abilities via the Information Highway, or Energy Highway, not just with those I have met and helped on the road less traveled.

In fact, while “on the road”, I was guided to get my first Oracle deck without planning to and with pennies in my wallet as a result of fraudulent man-made conditions that I (and my family) have endured and have simultaneously been guided to shift away from (and from a once prosperous and mostly peaceful ‘3-D’ lifestyle we enjoyed for decades).  For many life is becoming a ‘white knuckle ride’, or the ‘nightmare’ that I had foreseen as a child and that which the Divine helped me see through and to get through into adulthood.

Luckily,  I broke free, “out of Dodge”, and “broke through to the other side” (or the B-side, as I call it) as I continue to help others do and to adjust to the massive energy shifting – “The Great Shift” on Earth- all while conducting my true life purpose on Earth. So, I’ve been a busy bee

In tandem, I  have been able to purchase additional oracle and tarot decks with a limited income (due to fraud), as I build my spiritual-based business that I unveiled during Winter 2018 with love and light.

Please feel free to share my readings with others you know. I plan to also post future readings on my Instagram feed. (I am on Instagram at 1World4allSpecies.) I look forward to earning many new subscribers!

I can tell you that the private readings that I have already performed (and archived over the past two years) to “check the energy” strongly resonate with other skilled readers I have found, observed, and have ‘ground-truthed’.  

So, Cartomancy is not “just a fad”!

The Energy synchronicity, or “vibes”, is of no coincidence.


Too, it’s important that you know that I really enjoy analyzing and interpreting all messages from Divine Source and I feel blessed to use my powerful intuition/psychic gifts, whenever I am guided to do so by Divine Source. When I am not, I do not.


My readings may be similar to others who perform energy readings in that they will inform the Querant but they are often delivered in a unique way, as I am guided to interpret “the cards”, as an environmental (energy) scientist who picks up on information in the ethers.

Learning what I have through ethereal guidance (utilizing my senses and “third eye”) over 50 plus years on Earth has been interesting and I greatly appreciate this ethereal guidance I continue to receive, particularly as negativity and twisted information runs rampant and is so destructive to innocent lives. Such harmful “energy” is to be seen for what IT is, and is to be “cut through” to get to what is real, rather than to live in cloudy, murky deceptiveness and illusion (which equates to war).

Thus, learning what I have, as a scientific observer, has enabled me to see into such “energy” in “the environment” and also the associated connections and “situations” involved, which in turn, enables me help and teach many across multiple “social media” platforms.

As my schedule allows, I accommodate private readings and also life path guidance for those specifically interested in seeking more in-depth assistance (as readings and soul-searching services).

Too, I will continue to provide blog post messages into 2020, as I have in 2019, and new material to be posted in the ‘Cornerstone Communications‘ section of this website.




Many messages I share online will likely resonate in conjunction with “Twin Flame”/Soul Mate/Soul Family/Relationship energy that comes through, as well as information about the World that we are to share. [Some readings will be longer (and in Parts) because they come through to be correlated as connected messages and stories I am to correlate and convey in ‘The Now’.]

I cannot imagine having gone through life without my “sixth sense” abilities, and the continual ethereal confirmations that I get through Divine guidance, and through specific Intervention. Such skill and guidance may look unbelievable but it is real make no mistake about it!  Oracle and tarot cards serve to show what’s showing up ‘in the environment’, in a different yet definitive and more obvious manner to those not as ‘tuned in’ and awake.

So, perhaps my spiritual-based readings and services can potentially help you as you too choose to shift beyond “3-D” and enter into the collective “5-D” future…. I offer multiple types of readings and additional helpful energy assessments and guidance.

These Readings and ‘Soul-Searching-Services’ are products I offer to those who contact me directly. (They do change from time to time, as necessary.)


Christyl Blue

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I filmed this reading for the last TWO weeks of January 2019 as the very powerful Full Moon Wolf Blood Moon emerged. It is proving to be an important message, now, as we collectively shift into the New…the third decade of the 21st Century.

Please take time to learn your astrological natal chart signs, specifically your Sun, Rising, Mid-heaven, and location of Venus, Mars & Moon signs that will help you better interpret my future readings when I am guided to also incorporate astrology that involves us human beings incarnate on Earth.

I’ve been studying astrology casually since I was a child of the 70s, but more intently to understand what was “sounding around me” into the 1980s and 1990s, then more strongly ‘vibing’ into the 2000s- all energy “vibes” were sounding to get my full attention……and for a very good cause in hindsight!

Is it any wonder I became an ‘environmental scientist’? A student of “nature” in all its forms and functions? Not likely. Still, I had not planned to become a scientist, yet it was exactly my destiny to do just so.

Indeed, the Higher Power (The Divine, or Source) has been guiding me through it “all”, the entire time, in hindsight. Through the scary “darkness” and to not lose sight of the “light” on my life path. For I have become who I was intended to become all along, despite meeting those with other intentions in mind.

All experiences I would endure I would be compelled to write a book about, a book “about control”-  Past-Forward,  the book I was prompted to start thinking about writing by “Y2K” as louder “signs” in the air indicated the impending darkness (doom) involved….the associated dark threads that would (be) weave(d) throughout my life moving ‘forward’.

The very ‘energy’ that had been sounding in my personal environment for some time, which I noticed and questioned as a child of the ‘Vietnam War Era’.

As it turns out “my signs”, my astrological Sun sign (Venus) and Rising sign (Mercury), would significantly factor in as would a strong Uranus influence into the first and second decades of the 21st Century. Using my science skillset enables me still to carry out my soul purpose,  just as I have on my epic life adventure full of challenges that I have been guided through since childhood.

Surely this “energy” influence within me was “in me” in order to prepare, and also to manifest The Future-

This Future that is Now.

(You can pre-order the Introduction to Past-Forward by clicking on This Book)

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