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Oracle Card & Numerology Interpretation




This is a card that vibrates with joy and celebration!

Lady Gaia is the angel in charge of planet Earth, as is Taia the Elemental Master of Earth with multiple Earth Elementals (goblins, pixies, etc). To expand your own consciousness also ask Earth dragons to help you connect to Lemurian wisdom, thus connect to the glorious wisdom of Gaia.

So, listen to Earth’s heartbeat. Respect Earth as you are nurtured and welcomed, and loved. And also thank Lady Gaia for inviting you to be on Earth.”


Numerology and Tarot


In numerology the number 14 is a number of balance, temperance and harmony, unity and justice. Independence through self-initiation and enthusiasm, coupled with determination. In traditional tarot the Temperance card is associated to the number 14, which is also associated with the number 5 (when adding 1 + 4), denoting change.


Angels remind you to keep your focus by using

positive intentions and affirmations!



Sources of Inspire-ation:
  • Diana Cooper, creator of Ascension Cards: Accelerate Your Journey to the Light (oracle deck),
  • Joanne Walmsley, Joanne Sacred Scribes:





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