“Hump-Day” Message 9/25/19, and an Over-the-Hump Bonus Recipe

~ Spirit Speaks About ACHIEVEMENT This Week ~   For this “Hump-Day” Reading 9/26/19 (just prior to the New Moon in Libra-the astrological sign representing the Scales of Justice, and of balancing Karma over time and space, in “3-D”)…..   I am using the Oceanic Tarot deck (by Jayne Wallace) Three (3) cards rapidly showed themselves, as I shuffled this pre-shuffled deck: They are: Eight of Pentacles– “Achievements” The Hanged Man– “Limbo” Eight of Cups– “Change”   Achievements, Limbo, & Change – Interesting…. Upon taking a closer look, these three cards add up to ’10’ which denotes an ending (in Tarot), but also a new beginning (1+0=1), and that is… Read More

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