Chakras: The Body-Mind-Soul Connection

THE PHYSICAL “LIFE-FORCE” RAINBOW ~ Body Areas of each Energy Center and Associated Glands ~ 7th Chakra/CROWN- Pineal Gland; Head, Hair, Central Nervous System (CNS) 6th Chakra/BROW-  Pituitary Gland, Hypothalamus, Eyes, Autonomic Nervous System 5th Chakra/THROAT- Thyroid & Para-Thyroid Glands, Neck, Ears, Atlas, Respiratory System 4th Chakra/HEART- Thymus, Lungs, Lymphatic System, Immune System, Heart (Blood Pressure) 3rd Chakra/SOLAR PLEXUS- Stomach, Liver, Small Intestine, Digestion & Blood Sugar 2nd Chakra/SACRAL- Spleen (Blood), Ovaries & Uterus, Adrenal Glands, Kidney, Urinary Tract 1st Chakra/BASE or “ROOT”- Sex or Reproductive system, Testes, Vagina, Perineum, Tailbone, Legs. THE MENTAL-EMOTIONAL “LIFE-FORCE” RAINBOW ~ Openings or Blockages of each Energy Center ~ 7th Chakra/CROWN- Compassion, seeing self… Read More

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