Post-Labor Day & “Hump Day” Message 9/5/19: Primitive vs. Evolutionary Thought-Moving past lack toward abundance.

Hello, Thank you for patiently waiting an extra day for this “Hump Day” message!  Aside from the Labor Day Holiday on Monday (9/2/19) in the United States, the cards associated with this message (and that of ‘labor’) are greater in number and also in-depth of the message. You could say “It’s deep“, and it is wide-reaching…. While ‘the message’ became instantly clear to me as each group of cards came forth, I had to ‘sleep on it’ to gather my thoughts so I could sit and write out the entire message to be conveyed. As with any tarot or oracle reading, the message(s) conveyed are not time-limited…they can apply to… Read More

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