‘In-Lighten Me’ Donation-based Readings during November 2020:

“Lighter Days”     Personal Mini-Readings by Donation *e-mail christylblue@newworldcomm.biz (If you prefer a more in-depth personal reading please In-quire by clicking the Christyl Blue *e-mail link above too.) *Be Sure to ask about my new “Christyl-line Kits”    PLEASE CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING: Item 1:  Mini-Interactive Reading:  You choose two decks to gain insight from Spirit (e.g. the Higher Power), ‘ala carte’ style. (I send you a list of decks to choose from once you contact me to perform this particular reading.) *Donation is to be made before reading is performed Item 2:  15-Minute ‘Tarot Time’ Reading:  A timed reading using tarot cards to convey Spirit’s message. *Donation is… Read More

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