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Staying connected in positive ways is meaningful and important- so is communicating about The World we are all to share! Because of this importance, New World Communications, LLC  started and has been diligently nurturing multiple social media sites, even before ScienceSpiritualityUniverseCity.com came about! We hope you enjoy and learn from each of our posts, blogs, and pages while we weave the dark and the light ‘threads’ into a better tapestry of life as We collectively shift forward: 1WorldforAllSpecies: https://www.instagram.com  1world4allspecies Christyl Blue on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com  christylblue1022 *ManyOneMusic: https://www.instagram.com/ Christyl Blue on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com   To order Oracle and Tarot Readings click here ___.___.___.___.___ New World Communications, LLC also actively promotes… Read More

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