“Hump Day” Message 7/31/2019: The Importance of Chakras

  ARE YOU AWARE OF YOUR BODY’S  “Chakras”?  If so, then you are ahead of the energy curve! There are more than 7 Chakras associated with the human body. Do you know what they are called and why they are so important?    HUMP DAY MESSAGE Here is a “Hump Day” message to get you thinking about the importance of Chakras (7 of focus in this post: Root or Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Pineal (Brow) or “Third Eye”, and Crown that ‘regulate’ your internal energy “grid”,  like a power grid. And that there are additional Chakras that we as a species are “upgrading” to- to live in enlightened,… Read More

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