~ Greetings: Here’s to a Happier & Healthier ‘Year2021’, as We reflect on what has “gone down” during 2020

-but still choose to live Forward ~

In the next weeks and months I will be sharing more ideas and information with YOU that are exciting, compelling, and also conducive to living a truly enriched life as the “Art & Science of Life” helps us all progress, to LIVE our lives forward collectively, with Joie de Vivre!

Here are a few topics I am focused on (and those I actually have been ‘doing’ for quite some time) which are important to remember and improve upon during this pivotal point in Our Collective history on Earth (to regenerate The ‘Gaia‘ Spirit):


Health, Beauty, and The Basics
Spirituality-based Living
Scientific Information & The Quantum Advancement of Earth
Inspirational Literature & More
Cooking For #Life
Planning In The Positive


I will be linking information I prepare (and also other pertinent help I seek-to-share) from this “2021 Home-Base Page”. This Home-Base page will go through certain adjustments as necessary during the New Year, and beyond.

“Stay Tuned!”