“The Glory of Love”

This is the second part of my “The Glory of Love” Reading, about Music-Friendship-Children-Balance – the way forward – as we reflect on the past. But not stay there!  We are to shift ahead. Forward Ho!

We, Earthlings, are going through additional energy portals (6/6/19, 7/7/19 and 8/8/19) and these ‘energies’ correlate to upcoming solar and lunar eclipses (the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer July 2nd and full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn July 16th).

See more here at Susan Miller’s June 28, 2019 post on her Astrology Zone Twitter page.

(Part 1 – video- precedes Part 2: The Glory of Love Oracle-Tarot Reading written below this video.)

Part 1- “The Glory of Love”

Christyl Blue YouTube Reference,


(This part of my spiritual reading is energy filmed at the December 12, 2018 “12/12 Portal”.)


I am being guided to help you see this energy and the important energetic connections involved now and into ‘the future’ that I speak about in relation to the “The Glory of Love” reading (and link) above.

I further weave this energy thread in this new website -as of 2019-that links science with spirituality, for good cause. And for the cause of protecting nature and nurture.

As in the past, during heightened conflicts in the world, It is highly imperative to not forget our future on this planet and that means acknowledging the children coming up in to ‘their own’, in Order to Sustain a truly better future.

I can relate to this ‘energy thread’ even as an adult, one who would need to recall the past (including past music and friendships, and animals too) for they indeed raise up energy within me and thus they are very important to oblige, to help care for, and to not ignore (and harm) as too many are finding ‘reason’ to do on the Earth plane in modern time!

Negative, impactful energies have been influencing more ‘energy bodies’ on Earth in escalated manner since I was a child (during the volatile 1960s and 1970s), and so it is that We all can see- if we choose to acknowledge the facts- that children, animals, and nature are being minimized, marginalized, sequestered/sectored (jailed), brutally abused, prostituted, dragged down emotionally, drugged, and even killed as a sacrifice.

This is no coincidence of course. Many pertinent books have been written about such darkness and dark beings involved who are intently plotting against the future of Our Planet and our progeny (see my Twitter feed @ccrezee and @NewWorldComm1 for specific references too).

So, it is not coincidental then that friendships are increasingly compromised to ensure division, and separation from The Pack. Especially the once more positive friendship between “the opposite sex” that is being systematically and severely undermined with every decade, and that is very damaging to family unity and society, of no surprise.

I write about my observations in the early chapters of my book called Past-Forward (Click here for ordering details.)

The “Battle of the Sexes” promoted as ‘sport’ during the 1970s spawned this purposeful regression of masculine and feminine that resides in each of us (both do). So it is no wonder America the Beautiful has become a bit more the ‘Ugly American’ due to such schemes and plans to bring us down too. The question is Why. And why leads to exploration, which I have been tasked to do on my life path (4).

The very “conditions” I noted as a young girl, as I experienced my world and a world ‘out there’ that seemed foreign to me, & my young conscience full of wonder!

To my surprise, that ‘world’  I observed as odd would be the same messed up world that I would have to make a ‘living’ in as this past (and past mistakes of those before me and my generation) would be repeated and also plotted by the elders, but also many from my generation, and even younger ones too. What would they miss that I did not? What had I missed that younger ones knew? And knew much more quickly?

It would be very shocking to ‘go through’, particularly the experiences I was set to endure, but not in hindsight. Oh no, for it is true that hindsight is “20/20”. But there’s more to this story too, yet the bottom line, the “LCD”, the overarching issue still remained to be centered about LOVE. And war. Between ‘man and woman’, but also between women, and men as competitors rather than collaborators.

And so I was set to have the experiences that I would have, in the family that I was to be born ‘into’, so I could travel and determine not only what I sensed as problematic during the Vietnam War Era, as I questioned the imbalanced nature of ‘unkind man’, but to observe and also participate in researching and at times resolving such dilemmas beyond my specific concern in youth:

“Why war?”

Surely since youth, I do know “why”, and I mostly learned firsthand and also through the looking glass -having traveled down into this rabbit hole- or fox hole- or karmic trench myself and more than once. When one repeats what has been and still is being repeated and conditions don’t improve, one must do more than just wonder “Why”, then.

So I was being prepared- and learning also that it was not so necessary to go back ‘in’ again but this is where I gained far more knowledge the third time around, and coming ‘back to’ with greater in-sight and in-spiritation) about the significant problems before US all that do exist (still) but so do clear solutions- soul-utions as I call them.

I was on the road to discovery, not just recovery, all told.

Likely you see too that such problematic conditions have gotten far worse in congruence with the turn of the 21st Century-of more than one solid decade of war, but also one century of war. The anthropogenic-based event called “9/11” that transpired on the homefront of America the Beautiful precipitated a calculated even into exceedingly toxic and increasingly devastating environmental and societal conditions both in the United States and multiple nations thereafter, analagous to past warring periods.

So, it is no IRON-y how life became exceedingly dark and oppressive when one connects all of the necessary dots, on a map and otherwise, to see the bigger picture play out before our very eyes-which in turn indicates the problematic soul-level (spirits) involvement.

As such, it turns out that I have been guided by Spirit since I was a child to pay close attention to these ‘conditions’, and be able to recognize on a certain level of experience, education, and maturity, what was going on in ‘the environment’. as an adult environmental scientist. One who would need to recall her past, as a child and also a Child of God.

I was born in the approximate mid-20th Century- destined to incarnate then as what would be eventually ‘coined’ as the “Indigo Child”. I would not hear of this label until I was well into my adulthood, already making certain determinations and findings, even trying to survive the jarring conditions that would eventually also carry certain terminology, also assigned at a later date in time.

So I was on the ‘cutting edge’ of research and there would be more surprises ahead of me in my adulthood, to help me navigate through such steep and challenging terrain, just like on battlefields.

When one reads about Indigo children (and in relation to the Crystal and Rainbow children who have since incarnated on Earth) one can start to see the importance of their existence and especially so now as more of the global population comes to ‘terms’ with what is sounding around them too, in their neck of the woods.

My psychic abilities have always “been there”, in hindsight, but through ‘schooling’ and other societal expectations, this sort of ‘thought’ gets pushed way into the background. Yet, it still is like a beating drum within. And when that drum beat very loudly I would be prompted to more rapidly ‘return to me’, so to speak. I would have to not only recall my past but many more things I’d learned over more than 40 years, and ‘marry them’ with all of the other basic life skills I learned, in order to carry out my purpose here on Earth beyond 9/11.

Doing so, season by season, year by year, portal by portal, eclipse by eclipse, I would learn many things and I was also to achieve certain things however I could, even as the dark energy(dark night of the soul energy, to be more specific) appeared and grew more persistent as if to swallow up the Light within.

The angels who have been guiding me on my life path would make themselves known at specific points along my journey, then, and ensure that I prepared myself for what lies ahead while recalling many periods past too. To say life is boring is to not be living, I cannot imagine having lived any other way. And there is a purpose to everyone’s life, in my opinion. Some just get lost in the darkness and need help finding their way too.

I had cared for certain people I met along my 50-year journey but there came the time I had to focus on me (as later chapters of my book ) describe. I would also need to recall and marry my ‘environmental’ and ‘societal’ knowledge I had gained over five (5) decades with ‘spiritual’ knowledge, that which oracle and tarot readings provided me beyond the books I’d read as I wondered “why” odd things sounded around me.

See, the scientist asks Why and seeks to find the answers, methodically so. But miracles are also at play, I can say. And there is a rhythm to it all through cycles, and the cycle of life on Earth. Cycles that are imperative to understanding and sustaining life that we know, and love. Life and love, that is to be reproducible- not war.

We each are ‘energy’ and ‘water’ bodies with emotions affected like our water planet is. So it is not coincidental there are ‘energies’ that affect (and impact) our lives. Energies to help us shift our lives forward rather than to fall victim to the past, which I write extensively about in my book Past-Forward

You’ve likely heard “Love makes the world go ’round'”-

for love succeeds through the doorway of peaceful co-existence.

Since the “12/12” 2018 Portal there have been strong Full Moons and associated eclipses including the Full Moon lunar eclipse in the astrological sign of Leo during January 20-22, 2019 also called the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” (see more here as you scroll down to article), which is when I was prompted to start taping some of my readings to discuss ‘portals’ and ‘portal energies’ at play. 

(Please also see the main page of this website for “The Clarion Call of Transformation” reading, and reading links on this page and elsewhere within this website).

Full moons bring about endings and New Moons bring on new beginnings, both reign in change.And change (in the positive) is sorely in need. Not more greed.

This ‘change’ is being ushered in and brought to the attention of all Earthlings, including in association with my three initial YouTube posts, starting on December 12, 2018, then into late January 2019.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 4, 2019 (more here), and the Full Moon in Virgo on February 19, 2019 caused certain energy effects (more here: https://mooncalendar.astro-seek.com/moon-phase-day-19-february-2019 ) in our cause-effect universe which I have also documented and will post as necessary in future correlations for teaching purposes.

*The ‘story’ on Earth does continue on well into Fall 2019 with major ‘shifts’ occurring back to back, even as I update and further correlate this blog post beyond the multiple portals and eclipses since last December 2018.

So, it is not coincidental that I was inspired (and ‘motivated’ by certain energies) to study the natural environment and gain certain additional skills, from youth into adulthood, and to communicate what I have (and continue) to learn.

Nor is it that music and friendships have been important experiences to me, as I lived through many cycles on my soul journey (I like to rock).

And it is not coincidental that I discuss so in this important message from Spirit, about children and music (nurture) and our Environment and #AnimalKingdom (nature) -and in other messages I post- to inspire others to care for them and our “Home”- planet #Earth or #GAIA- that has been suffering needlessly so.

Is this coincidence?

And just What could (or will) happen if we don’t take the Driver’s Seat and act in a positive manner, and collectively?

If we collectively continue to not care about #LIFE? Perhaps we will become extinct much sooner

We are All interconnected!

As such, this message is a very strongly resonant message for me to deliver now as an Indigo Child in a physical (adult) body- with a soul purpose on the earth- and one who is also here to remind us each that love and care (Light) conquers darkness.

And just “why”.

Note: See more about me, my son Ryan, and our story in Past-Forward: The Shared Life and Insights of an Adventurous, Patriotic Environmental Scientist, Loving and Fighting to Survive with Faith During the Great Shift.

*The first chapter-a summary of the entire trilogy- is being prepared NOW for direct release as soon as it is fully edited. Please donate to help us finalize our precious work thus far! 

Pre-Order yourself a copy of PastForward here to help us finalize the editing of this important book.

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The Glory of Love, Part 2 (Written): 

Past-Recent Past (first) Column

Music– Angels are guiding us to immerse in enjoyable music to activate your thoughts above concerns to Divine Love. (Healing with Angels cards, by Doreen Virtue)

9 of Pentacles – Peace, and contentment. A rose branch with 9 blossoming roses appears, each touching a pentacle. Each pentacle is gently turning to the gradual exhaustion of original whirling energy and indicating complete realization of accomplishment, inheritance, material gain of goods. Treasure. (The Hermetic Tarot)

8 of Swords – Trapped in a mental prison. Feeling controlled or silenced. 8 swords points up and cross near tips. Rose re-appears darker but intact (despite being a card of constriction). This ‘force’ is shortened in this card as evidenced by rings that are incomplete, 8 rings, one for each sword.  Jupiter (giver of gifts and luck) and Gemini (the Twins-communication through Mercury) appear in this energy card. This card repeats in this column, through a clarification deck (Secrets of Tarot).

5 of Cups – Money Losses (all is not lost, however, as 9 of Pentacles reveals too). Change is occurring (5) now as we begin to see what remains through accomplishment (e.g. see mine and New World Communications, LLC on this website’s Twitter feed too).

Moving away from disappointment, also deceit and associated sadness. Two cups (love) is here to be salvaged (the ultimate change or “unfoldment” as discussed in more recent blog posts on this website in correlation to the ‘Twin Flame’ Journey). The Power of Love we know of (or should by now), and also that love requires care. Nurturance.

Not Control.

Listen toThe Glory of Love here

(By Peter Cetera)



“Past-Recent Past Column (1)”, continued from above video-

Hope (17) – The Star card in traditional Tarot decks. This card focuses on seeing “The Light” beyond the darkness (deception). Lies to rise above. This card indicates that the impossible can become possible (the difference between success over failure and above all the power of your belief-the power that works through your soul to lift your spirit).

Be in-spired. Maintain a positive attitude now, this very minute, which allows your soul to soar! Awareness is key!

Awareness (1- Magician in traditional Tarot)- You already possess all of the tools to guide you in your life, be it wisdom, intuition, psychic skill, creativity, self-motivation, love, willpower, physical ability.

And just pure courage.

Once you learn to tap into and use your skills you maintain certain faith, to go forward. Not fall backward. This card represents the ability to create reality (not feed the illusion that is fear-based and mired with deception, the illusion you once believed in). You have the ability to allow the “Universe” to work in partnership with you to give you energy (ability) to set things in motion.

Truth (Balance or Judgment in the traditional Tarot) – Qualities of this card illustrate clarity, the revelation of truth that feeds a spiritual awakening in others too. What is not so obvious is now realized- and what it takes is this “wake up call” to show you too how far you have come, but still need to go which is the top priority. Forgiving and accepting the past, to finally heal so you can move forward in a balanced inspired mental state which is powerful, not about being forceful.

Wisdom (5- The Heirophant) – This card illustrates a spiritual teacher/teaching is presented bestowing gifts of wisdom through learning and teaching both. One who is to teach you or influence you in your ‘next steps’ of your soul path. One who is able to integrate spiritual laws into the constraints of “the physical”- the 3D environment. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” to aid you and others of like mind/heart/soul. Or the student becomes the teacher.

Material & Spiritual Prosperity – This is a red card- a “physical card” identifiable in the Psychic Tarot deck (by John Holland). The appearance of this card indicates a sudden pay raise, promotion, or bonus “out of the blue”. The success of a common goal (such as the Twin Flame-Soul Mate Collective, or other positive-minded groups, to be of benefit to the Greater Good as is co-occurring on YouTube, and worldwide

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Glory of Love -Part 2 (Written):

“Present” Column (2), from the above video

Hanged Man- The Hanged Man is positioned in the shape of Jupiter, the giver of gifts of luck. This card indicates a period of transition, then, and the time to appreciate new friends coming into your life. Getting stronger in oneself after a lot of deliberating and delay in life. Powerful achievements are borne through great sacrifice. This card represents self-sacrifice at a time when you should look around & see what needs to be released. By letting go there will be more room to receive which equals transformation, wisdom, gratitude, & enlightenment.

6 of Wands- Wands used by the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn. A letter or news is coming. Victory news. Victory over strife. Triumph, success in Industry.

The Lovers- Love affairs, romance building again. Relationships, relatives, loving relations I could share.  This card signifies the possibility of a deep, spiritual partnership. Or manifesting one in the future. Not all are 1 on 1, they can be forged with a group, organization, or situations. Relations mirror what you are to see, observe. A lesson to be learned.

Justice (Balance)A legal situation or document. Finding out the truth affecting the balance. The need for balance and harmony, this card denotes some lifestyle adjustments are required at this time. You are likely involved in a law-related matter but have faith for Justice will prevail. Karma and justice go hand in hand.

Ace of Pentacles- Money is coming. Your Divine Wish is being granted. Prosperity and abundance with recent endeavors and money-making ideas are quite possible due to past efforts and hard work. A gift or new wealth may unexpectedly show up.

Partnership & Alliances- A spirit card in the Psychic Tarot deck. You are now starting to see the fruits of your labor blossom. There still may be a lot to do but watch also for the synchronicities bringing opportunities, connections, or unexpected alliances that may create something new and assist you in gathering resources for future projects. Remember there must be a give-take, an overall balance to blend together for optimum results. A red card in The Psychic Tarot indicates prosperous alliances in the physical (3-D).

Spiritual Union- This card deals with relations involving an emotional bond. Lovers, kindred spirits, family, friends, and business associates, or to a specific project or situation. Not all relations are about you. Each opportunity is for soul growth.

Emotional Loss- You may experience a loss of someone or something you were emotionally attached to.  Honor your feelings, love yourself by letting go of the past so you can go on to continue your journey. Focus on what’s coming up around the corner.  Do so with the Base (Root) Chakra and Heart Chakra activated in the positive (Psychic Tarot cards).

Easier said than done, of course!

(Credit for Tarot Decks used: Secrets of Tarot by Amanda Hall. Psychic Tarot by John Holland. The Hermetic Tarot, Godfrey Dowson in association with US Games Systems.)

__ . __ . __ . __ . __

*Important Update: Since posting this reading in early 2019 I can tell you that this flow of energy is still at work in my life, and many more who I am observing that are actively seeking to learn more on their spiritual path in life too, particularly via helpful spiritual readings that enlighten and guide one through many energetic challenges in the mental, emotional, physical and ethereal.

In fact, the ‘energies’ above (that I pulled after shuffling) are being mirrored again even as I update this post into December 2019, one year later, and just two more days before a new decade kicks ‘into gear’.

Exciting and challenging times are ahead- #WethePeople can proceed together positively with a lot of love. And faith. #Talk2Angels if you need help….

Ethereal support is a request away.

Oracle and Tarot Readings do help struggling beings come out of the mental and emotional darkness that has been plaguing our planet #Earth, or “#Gaia” for hundreds of years, and hindsight Is 20/20.

Spirit is here to help lift us up, to live in joy. To bring about a Higher Love (Peace) on Earth.

#AskHow and #JoinMe on the way ahead!


If you would like to learn more about “The Future” Column (3) e-mail me: christylblue@newworldcomm.biz.

To gain insight about yourself and/or someone you love you can book a personal or professional reading at:

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Book: Guns, Germs, and SteelThe Fates of Human Societies. Jared Diamond. 1997.

Book: The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination © 2007 Robert Moss. 

Movie: “What the Bleep Do We Know?/The Message from Water” (A What the Bleep Do We Know? movie excerpt). Dreams & Rubies YouTube channel, January 23, 2010,

*See also in “3-D”: What the Bleep Do We Know- Extended movie by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, Matthew Hoffman.


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