In this blog post, Spirit really has me singing for my Supper!


Actually, I am going to initially post here about the prominent Ascension Card that appears in correlation to the “10/10 Portal” energy- the October 2019 portal in the series of pivotal portals/energy shifts moving us along our ascension path on Planet Earth (“Gaia”), and toward the Year 2020

Over the course of the next several weeks, as Fall progresses into Winter, I will be providing specific details about each of the Twelve Chakras (kind of like leading up to the “12 Days of Christmas”), and why portal energy shifts matter- in association with balancing of one’s Chakras.

Balancing of one’s Chakras is highly necessary to balance one’s body internally and to address the dis-ease that demands our awareness during such a transformational time on #Earth. I know I feel the demand, do YOU?

Hint: It has everything to do with #love.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Twelve Chakras (1)

“Following the fall of Atlantis, five (5) of our twelve (12) Chakras closed!

Ascension starts when we once more activate our 12-Fifth Dimensional (5-D) Chakras. This begins to reconnect the 12 strands of DNA so that WE can reclaim our TRUE spiritual and psychic gifts!

YOUR guidance is to ask the Unicorns (see my previous blog post about them and our Animal Kingdom) to touch, open, and activate your Earth Star, Base (Root), Sacral, Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Pineal “Third-Eye (Brow), Crown, Causal, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras (e.g. the pineal gland is being highly compromised chemically and electronically which interferes with one’s higher perception to detect evil or “BS”.)

Then as the Angels to sing over YOU so that your Chakras vibrate (“vibe”) at a 5-D frequency:


I AWAKEN MY 12-Fifth Dimensional Chakras.”

(Source of Inspire-ation: Diana Cooper’s Ascension Cards- Accelerate Your Journey to the Light.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



To evolve on planet Earth!

(e.g to not ‘repeat Atlantis’ – the Lost Civilization

nor any other catastrophes that brought on ‘The Fall’ of previous civilizations.)



Come to realize, Now, how important it is to take care of your Body, Mind, and Spirit

And  PROTECT YOUR SOUL from being splintered

(or even harvested)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Understand that misinformation is being disseminated to promote negative (adverse) lifestyle habits-
including but not limited to myriad addictions.

Notwithstanding the intentional promoting of the viability and reproducibility of artificial intelligence

in opposition to what is natural, including natural rhythms and behaviors.

The dissemination of harmful information & distribution of harmful electronic pulses, waves, and frequencies

that cause damage to many Earth-bound bodies.

Understand such impactful, lower frequency waves of energy

(and associated negative, impactful behaviors) are part and parcel of spiritual warfare,

which is continuing to ‘play out’ in “The Enivironment”, of course….


Thus, building your ‘spiritual muscle’  (which includes building up strength within your Chakras System)
is as important as keeping your body clean- Like a temple.


So…  #Be free, free from harmful toxins, including electronically generated toxins in high doses-

Toxic chemicals (like chemical, biological, nuclear toxins and electronic energies in powerful doses)

are VERY harmful to your Chakras, thus to YOUR Body, Mind & Spirit…..


“I cannot soar  with the eagles’


MY Chakras are not in tune with Mother Earth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Subsequent readings I post will also address the importance of diversity and authenticity on our blue “#Water planet”. Fact sheets will discuss nature, physics, and environmental degradation. And more relevant information involving the myriad ways diversity (#Life) is diminishing on Earth, particularly the mass #animal trafficking and imprisionment (!!), and mass extinctions co-occurring within the #AnimalKingdom as the targeting of humans transpires globally too (e.g. human exploitation, sex trafficking, & human genocide to name a few)….

Thus, it’s #War against #Nature and #Nurture! That’s insanity….

It’s way past time for #PEACE……..



__ . __ . __. __

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