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In times when others encroach upon our personal lives, and well-being, it is imperative to flex one’s spiritual muscle while also “thinking on one’s feet”…..
I say this as I reflect on the multiple times I had to do so, and especially so in the not so distant past- to save what I could and who I could to carry forward with me into the future…..
The future that is NOW.

I had been building my spiritual muscle in many ways – for quite a long period of time- and in ways I could not have known I was working on when I did so (even when I was working out) #Hindsight2020.

As it turns out, I relied heavily on just such ‘muscle building’ – whenTrouble with a capital T showed up…thus I was being prepared, and I was ready and able multiple times in fact. I did so ‘naturally’, you could say….to flex such muscle but I did so in ways that are not assaultive, but rather proactive (not reactive).

Ways of building spiritual muscle are not as easy to describe as, say, going to the gym and following a specific trainer’s routine for ‘upper body’ and ‘lower body’ workouts, but one can tune in to this sort of guidance if/when one is willing..including to this website information and others like it.
But one must start, and continue….
Doing so is not a competition (so get out of The Ego)!
Starting with one foot in front of the other with positive intent, which is key at this pivotal time on our water planet!
Begin remembering (if you have not yet) that there is important work to be done, and also that…




The Universal Law of Freewill

“I now ask to be connected to my EARTHSTAR CHAKRA!”

“Spirit send a cord of light, at the speed of light to Gaia’s 5-D grid.”

“I ask to have all demons cast out & bound in the name of Jesus Christ


Time to ‘”Galactic UP'”

while anchoring down

on Earth (Gaia)!


Seek out Crystals

Also try Reiki Healing to offset the Devil-ish energy




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