As the New Year, and New World of Balance (beyond chaos), is birthed refer to this “11/11” 2019 Portal information (and other blog posts I have provided throughout 2019) as you look back, but move forward ( through personal transformation) on this journey we call #LIFE.

I won’t be writing as much within each of my blog posts as I have in past posts, rather I am going to present ‘presentations’ of the energies occurring at this time and throughout 2020, and also fact sheets to help you better discern “the facts” of life that impact us and Earth, or Gaia.

(I will be offering additional information and guidance-in purple highlight-

to those who are interested in higher learning.)


I have largely been providing important science, society, and spirituality information at no cost to this point, while I #HelpAnimals2.


During 2020 I am going to delve deeper and wider into the subjects I am guided to focus on further. 

As such, this will take more dedicated time so I will provide a subscription service to interested persons, for a reasonable charge, in June 2020.

New material, as well as past writings and videos that highlight many of my past observations, findings, and insights, will take center stage. I will also feature important information of pertinence (such as this ‘North Node-South Node’ astrology guidance) as it becomes available to help you too.

I will still make time, however, to help those individuals who genuinely seek out my spirituality-based services and guidance, as aids during these very trying times. Continue to check for upcoming blog posts too (you can sign up within the olive green bar on this site to be notified whenever I post new info)!

I will be offering some discounts for many of my spiritual-based services and readings. I also will be offering specific crystal-based readings, guidance,

And past-life interpretations.

Just #AskHow to go about your spiritual research journey with Christyl Blue at christylblue@newworldcomm.biz.


Remember, I have experienced the ‘trying times’ too! 

I have traveled through the “The Rabbit Hole”,

the collapsing timelines, and “The Wormhole” to experience all such things and things you cannot imagine. As such, I truly have a greater understanding of LIFE not only as a scientist but as a human being seeing what I have seen and can sense often before it ‘happens’, in order to provide helpful insights and guidance in the here and NOW as The New World is birthed.

How exciting is this?!



Keep the FAITH!


  • I not only offer tarot and oracle reading services for those who are seeking answers to their dilemmas, from Spirit, I also offer environmental-based advice.

  • I am an environmental scientist ‘by trade’ but also a channel to Divine Spirit who seeks me out to inform the Masses, from a higher level of awareness, about The Environment.

  • So, please enquire at christylblue@newworldcomm.biz for more information, pricing, and types of services.


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