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There is great promise- despite extreme duality

(including but not limited to polarity of issues/split personalities who are acting out, & not resonant with living a healthy life nor respecting the “others”  who are peace-full).

We can SEE so because such extreme duality is “playing out” before our eyes, across the globe, as infantile tyrants among us speed up the demise of life on the earth, during End Times, so this requires those who LOVE life to come together to usher in The Beginning of New Days – for there IS a NEW REALity being birthed during this volatile Storm (of lies and liars in the Karmic Trench), all amid The Great Shift.

Or, do you choose to solicit more conflict on the earth (e.g. more war/death/destruction energies) which IS derived from extremely ideological-dogmatic thoughts and habituations that do not actually foster a reality-based way of living, nor living life in peace and quiet enjoyment! It is both amazing AND disturbing that those among us who enjoy “power and control” are showing their true intentions on both sides..and that is to not bring forth peace on the earth.

If peace was “the case” it would have happened by now..yet the same behavioral issues of THE PAST are catching up more people in the Karmic Trench along with the long-standing perpetrators not interested in serving up something truly better in LIFE.

Are you caught up in living “life” from a place of cold hatred, or warm love in your heartWith truth in mind? Or perpetuating a web of deceptive and dark #lies? Are you living from a place of positive spirit, or negative intentions? What kind of quality of ‘LIFE PATH do you truly desire? Just what kind of path are you choosing to follow during The Information Age (IT) which is man-made and confusing as HELL ?  (That IS the Intent of Sinister among us.) We can see so from past His-Story – and from damage to OUR PLANET due to such lack of resonance WITH OUR HOME PLANET.

This is not a coincidence .

Nor is it that ‘Mary Magdalene energy‘ has been steadily re-appearing bu Summer 2020. This divine feminine energy is felt by many more sensitive empaths/intuitives since increasing conflicts have been unleashed to regress life on Earth. Too, ‘Twin Flame’ energy has been progressing on Earth as many ‘Twins’ (and associated “Divine Masculines” and “Divine Feminines”) come into full Union. Unions come in “waves” like waves joining in the ocean of life. 

Since the Fall Equinox 2019 these waves of positive energy are transforming our planetary existence on Earth despite the haters and the warmongers who themselves are out of control yet “need” to control others.

(Note: This behavioral issue, that has spread like wildfire AND firepower, is not indicative of REAL LOVE. For, just what kind of person trashes their own planet and others lives-even within their own families- to feel “better” about themselves?  To me this is a cancer itself, and it WILL make one sick internally I have learned on my journey involving ‘love’ (including the fake kind- the conditional kind that desires both commitment but in tandem pursuing more “out there”,  including greater satisfaction from prostituting innocent people plus bombing and otherwise “targeting” others for demise, instead of valuing LIFE and enjoying a warm and caring family life. This involves using and abusing good families while perpetrating evil acts, under good cover.)

Luckily, the majority of inhabitants on planet #Earth, do not ‘THINK’ LIKE WAR-MONGERS , nor do they cozy up to war-mongers to “live”, thus many are still able to help OUR PLANET Shift into a new Golden Age that is being birthed NOW. It is the period of time on our planet where the wheat and the chaff (the shit-starters) are being separated….

So, which “position” do you choose Now, because that IS #whatsgoinon….,

It is up to YOU, Now…

Think from a higher state of existence!

This requires One to Think with HEART

For this Oracle-Tarot Reading, two prominent cards wanted to appear….

Even as Mary Magdalene energy became more prominent into the Fall 2019 Equinox …..

It arrived softly, not loudly, boisterously, nor harmfully.

Such energy does not drop like a bomb nor fly aggressively above, nor does it align with abusers to rape and pillage, rather the presence of such energy is Calm. Collected. Compassionate. Coherent. I continued to feel and resonate with such energy and enjoy  a”the vibe” as I’ve been guided to meditate on how to help shift the dark, “consuming”, energies on our planet-and help more with readings and “tweets” during these trying times (during these Tribulations).

Do those suffering know to ask for help from above, I wonder?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

HERE IS THE “Divinely Guided” Message:

The two prominent cards that “GENTLE-ly” appeared from:
The Ascension Deck: Accelerate Your Journey to the Light’
(by Diana Cooper):

Jesus (40)


Mother Mary Aquamarine Mantle (52)-

 Their “collective” message

“I Respond withUnconditional Love Today”


Wear Mother Mary’s mantle of love and enfold others in it.

Mother Mary reminds us There is only Love in reality.

Thus, the ‘Need’ to War and stir up myriad conflicts that ‘bleed into war’ is The illusion– but the deadly sinning involved that harms the innocent is NOT!, yet part and parcel of the conditions (and conditioning) associated with war and building conflicts spurred on in discordant manner akin to The Seven Deadly Sins

War is not actually rooted in love nor “care”, but surely centered about “control” and “discrimination”, including increasing competition for resources (#energy)- natural, human, animal, etc. 

It appears often, then, that love IS the price to be “paid”, all so hatred (rather than love) can rule -and ‘over-rule’ others lives…OTHERS’ LIVES! –  DISASTEROUS.

Such hatred of love (even of the color pink?!) pleases those who are interested and preoccupied with occupying what belongs to others, over time and space. For demons are involved in incivilities and of denigrating others all while promoting such duality to the extreme, as I have experienced AND observed, particularly disturbing by early 2001 and beyond. When will IT end?

Those who seek out what is naturally beautiful, what works efficiently (like nature), and to replace it with what is unreal in both the sense that it’s fakery and unreal what some are choosing to do to others. Either way, these conditions bring about a certain darkness that is palpable, even when not directly experiencing such trauma oneself.

Clearly, THE Conditions and situations sounding “in the air” in modern times and also in direct correlation to the Dark Ages and the associated man-made dogmas of the past that keep repeating with every cycle of war (e.g. #cycleofabuse) is of no IRONy whatsoever…just as I have noted and experienced too, since incarnating on Earth.

Some referred to the tit for tat behavior between men and women in civilian sectors of American society as “The Battle of the Sexes”, thereafter, with specific scenarios that aired on television yet then worsening on real-life battlefields by design, in the family home and work place, not just on city streets of down-trodden sectors of nations.
In hindsight, this ‘programming’ has not served to live a good life, but surely IT has been ‘served up’ as an emotional training ground to carry out less than stellar and downright dangerous (volatile) behavior between groups acting more masculine and bullish toward what is representative of the GENT-ler way of being,…
(All as the Vietnam War raged overseas of no coincidence)
Where many hyper-masculine men made choices daily to harm (an)other, and also for fun to annihilate “others” which has also taken an extreme toll on The Environment -those with ‘orders’ to execute others at will yet not take responsibility for doing so.
Actually, lives are being stolen- just as land is being taken illegally- by beings among us who are trained to not care and to control others – rather than control THEM-SELF…  Embattlements going on within-generated from the mind, but in “tune” with a much lower vibe it turns out.  And as it turns out the very “Energy” I would come to witness over time (40-plus years), and space (multiple countries), as I learned about these type of “thinkers”.

And exactly while “Battle of the Sexes” sounded from a square box in millions of family rooms…and while it was funny at times on television (during the 1970s)…. we each were preoccupied from the very evil “battles” going on in The Environment that were ALSO very ‘sports-minded’ but with an evil bent….manipulations to spur on more competitiveness between males and females, utilizing ‘Hollywood “Stars” in the machinated process. (Those paid to participate ‘for show’.)

Show what, you say? Look closer…..for we must not shrug off this conditioning, nor the fact that since the Vietnam War just such conditioning has occurred repeatedly in movies too….to not only mock our sexuality but obviously to ensure these battles go on DAILY and hourly – and “24/7” on the “Tele”- the ‘family room’ environment.

So THINK for YOURSELF. Because one can hardly escape the mind and heart traps that have been methodically set up, to ensure adversely impactful “energy” kills love and spills into the streets- The Environment– obviously so into the third decade of the 21st Century…….

-one emergency after another is put in motion by those being seduced into profiting from “the others” peril.

The 1985 song “Fortress around Your Heart” performed by “STING” is worth listening to again now…

(it was released the year I started working for the “DoD’,  and later that year I got engaged.)

During the Vietnam War Era, The Beatles’ song Let it Be (and many other songs they performed by The Beatles) brought Society-at-Large a more positive (UP-lifting) vibe to enjoy, despite the plots and schemes going on behind the scenes to birth the Vietnam War.

This particular song was highly popular and, boy, did the girls and the young women go crazy-in-love for the Fabulous Four delivering such catchy tunes (e.g. music) to be inspired by, and “go crazy” over- in a good way that is. In my estimation, the same potential and conditions were present back then…as now. So what really is this habit to war about? Think about it.  And about the complex nature of Twin Flame and Soul-Mate bonding that is challenging, to say the least. Because it IS being (man) made to be challenging! LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS are being tampered with. 

So, to overcome the adversity and negativity “in the air” one must rise above IT all.  Creativity seems to be more centered about love. Not war. And clearly one’s Creative Force comes into play wherever love rules.

The Power of Love – especially through music -is a real strong “vibe”, isn’t it?


Many know and understand what “Twin Flames” are (and the “Divine Masculine” or “DM” and “Divine Feminine” or “DF” energy) and that such relationships center on ‘waves of love’ that Twins sense but ‘The Journey’ most (still) do not fully understand, and have not for quite some time. 

You could say, ‘It’s complicated’!

And many Twins think so too-but it does not have to be.  Still, peruse the many posts over the past few years, alone, specifically ‘tracking’ Twin Flame energy “ups and downs”! Sounds bi-polar, doesn’t it?

This is the soul path that I have been intently observing and studying for approximately one decade, knowingly. And by design traversing this studious path far longer, unexpectedly so. And, indeed I have come across MANY ‘devils in the details’ who actually ARE working behind the scenes too…their roles being ‘played out’ before our very eyes.

As if by magic, but also obstructed by dark magic.

For some, the energy can be frenetic, catastrophic, even life-threatening, and life-altering to realize…so It’s no joke, to be sure, thus it is all about real love. Divine love. The ‘polar opposite’ energy from the Karmic relationships that are used and abused too. 

So, it’s as if the Universe IS ‘testing’ us to really see how we really feel or if we are just going through the motions (and emotions) in life to “get by”- rather than grow and evolve.

To evolve mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually.

(Not just physically)

Often, the Universe gives us ‘signs’ to ensure we don’t trip up, but being imperfect we humans do. And we have, and there is ‘SATAN‘ ready to “capitolize”- with a capital C!

Those who ‘think’ they are perfect (and act as if “holier than Thou” all while trying feverishly to rub their egos into others’ lives have done just so, but with dangerous consequences for themselves) are not REALLY superior beings in comparison to “the others”.

This belief is part and parcel of the Illusion invested in..and The System built “up” to support IT. But it is certainly not just “an illusion” to those forced into debilitating conditions-and peril, and even sexual abuse against minors…and due to antiquated conditioning (that I also speak about on my newest social media page).

Until these afflicted by such dis-ease heal their inner demons, they will continue acting out…which we do see co-occurring at different ‘levels’ of society, and also adversely impacting the environment, globally. Failing to evolve on their ‘life paths’ has become highly problematic for the rest of the global population subject to such abusive conditioning and all associated conditions….

The over-arching point is to not let IT go on and on, and on

(.e.g. jealousy, gluttony, avarice, apathy,

& other deadly sins that wind up taking The Driver’s seat in LIFE)

“The driver’s energy” is often, but not always, erratic, not peaceful, nor stable, nor gentle. But surely one who expects more from “the others” who they make gains from (even taking far more than they give while expecting the others to “fix” what others cannot or would not know ‘to fix’) is very confusing to those who do not speak in this manner. So, #IT IS very much like a different language- and one that is difficult to ‘realize’ let alone trace to ITs roots, I’ve learned.

Still, when ‘the Fix is up’ (and their habituated way of life is exposed for what it really IS) one does not continue to ENABLE such preposterous behavior, nor the Drivers  – expecting to gain more control of others while simultaneously driving life into the ground

For enabling such behavior, that is certainly destructive, will only make life MORE difficult for ‘the others’ that happen upon their socio-path-ick lives spiraling farther out of control, which I too have observed and realized by the turn of the 21st Century and since….Just as has Carl Sagan.

Obviously this ‘habit’ (of controlling others personal lives , properties, and professions) rather than gaining control of oneself – to master oneself- is a very foolish game being played at “the others” expense- especially vulnerable humans and animals-and The Environment (e.g. #Nurture & #Nature).

Thus, this “habit”- ripe with myriad plots- is repeatedly occurring into the third decade of the 21st Century, of NO coincidence. And we will continue to see more and more peoples’ lives spiraling out of control because they did not stop to consider “the others” feelings. REALLY. So, what happens in their lives is not mere coincidence-but it is being habituated, when it gets down to brass tacks…just like drugs and other chemicals that cut life short involving contrived wars over time and space.

Obviously, then, someone more evolved than our current “leaders” needs to take the keys away from the #devils at the controls

(and turn up the music.…..).


Music (art) reaches across all ‘boundaries’ of society and enables the observer to interpret what he or she ‘sees’ when it is seen. And to comprehend what he or she sees over time and space. Through one’s mind, and emotions.

Music also seems to subliminally hold many answers to the dilemmas society faces, including such machinated (demonic) situations that still plague us globally in the 21st Century – this energy is not secluded to just those making decisions in “situation rooms” but interfering with others cognition, and memories to keep their sinister game going…so to me it seems to be the same one playing out since I was a kid, and certainly at “the root” of the same toxic weed that I noted in need of being yanked off the planet (for a 1000 years)….

Ever since I can remember running down my dream from the early 1970s.

Dirty Laundry‘ sung by Don Henley (of The Eagles rock band) emotionally addresses such toxic dilemmas we are “subjects” to, in a clever way. This linked example (of the song Dirty Laundry) is a News parody but we can see more readily (and more often) how the “news” is chock full of toxic deception that, like our food and water, is more toxic- And any meaningful, healthful information gets lost in the machinated processing…

It is also true that the unsuspecting or ill-prepared are not adept in deciphering the ‘innuendo’ involving such ‘territory’ nor in being more cognizant of protecting their own God-given “identities” or privacy, and even get “caught in the Cross-fire”  on their way to work – or AT WORK -which I too have learned more about in regard to this energy sounding in my environment over time. (Exactly when I receiving very sudden “downloads” despite very focused on my workload in fact.)  Luckily for me I was paying close attention, anyhow, and listening to just what was sounding around me- in The Environment -and unfortunately in the skies above…. long after such energy caught my attention as a little girl, then in otherfamily rooms”  beyond MY childhood.

Another popular rock music group (from the UK and US during and beyond the Vietnam War Era) is Fleetwood Mac and they also sing songs that depict the interplay of dark and light energy in “relationships”, and of demons that DO impact key relations- believe it or not….

So is it really surprising what continues to “be delivered” or “served up” into the 21st Century (*manmade up) “Information Age”?

IT is behavior that does not truly serve us individually nor societally, nor is it “The Light (which actually DOES  illuminate our way out of such darkness.)

‘#IT’ -as I call IT- continues ONLY to cast more shadows of doubt on one another and the actual existence of other beings deserving of life,

which not only causes confusion but chaos and untimely deaths in the ‘scheme of things’.

This is where their Illusion can and does infect what is good, and IT grows like the opportunistic toxic weed IT is- by taking up more resources and light that other ‘plants’ and ‘people’ need. By taking over more “territory” the light is blocked and one cannot “see the forest through the trees”. 

Those who cannot see clearly (in the forest of life) are actually damaging our rain forests too, of no coincidence…because they operate from the myopic past and are UN-willing to change their behaviors. Is it ironic that they are actually weekly rooted as they destroy what is more deeply ‘rooted’ to gain a root? It is not I have learned, first hand. For they have a perceived ‘need’ to conquer moreterritory’ AND to also change conditions to suit their dis-eased minds….out of touch with their weakened hearts.

They are theusual suspectswhich (made up) story lines tell but also expose and unravel the Lies used to “gain root” over time and space, but this unraveling of the lies the perpetrators (“Perps”) have told takes PRECIOUS TIME, of course.

Meanwhile, th3 ‘Drivers’ spreading more dis-ease and destruction on THEIR engineered war-paths (in the physical, “3-D”) continue to spread MORE deception as if reality, but doing so to gain ‘good’ cover. And captive audiences who don’t realize that consuming such theater brings in more negative energy into the “family room”- night after night- to FURTHER disrupt peace and quiet enjoyment that once existed in the “privacy” of their own homes.

This is not merely narcissistic behavior, this is indicative of what is “unraveling” before our collective eyes- the lunatic fringe (listen up here: RED RIDER), that the Holy Bible described in Ephesians 2:1-2. It is true that this kind of “thinker” at the controls is bent on destroying all in “ITs way”. Especially ALL THAT IS NATURAL & BEAUTIFUL.

(Even while claiming THEY are in danger. Insanity, indeed. *Listen to Guns-N-Roses “Civil War” song for devilish details too.)

*Reading the book The Celestine Prophecy is helpful to unveil this control drama, and others, even now. I was guided to start reading James Redfield books around 9/11/01, of no coincidence.

As We collectively see more and more ruckus (“BS”) or mayhem play out, especially on television “24/7”, and now in the comfort of our laps-on our laptops that we can carry with us everywhere into many social environments, and into our family rooms, we each must ask WHY (like I had to) this is happening and to ensure IT does not go on “repeat”,

We know we are consuming more ‘automation’ and forgetting that something truly better is beyond our current ‘condition’ and the associated conditioning we suffer by. Too, We know our children are less able to protect themselves from such disturbing “High Technology” that takes low-ball shots whenever possible.

Something that resonates more clearly and with honesty, to rescue us each from the dark energy that surrounds our lives in one or more ways. Certainly so in many parts of the world, and all where families and children live and seek peace and quiet enjoyment but for such intrusiveness.

This *Appetite for Destruction vs. The Recipe for Love (& Romance )is problematic indeed, due to the purposed polarity of conditions (e.g. “The Storm”) in tandem with the problem of evil  which I encountered for a period of time on my soul path, particularly when finding THE NEED to seek MORE peace and quiet enjoyment in my personal life (e.g. in my former California community and workplace during and beyond the late 1990s).

It is not coincidental what I have observed into adulthood would mirror what I was observing and was suspect of in youth, hindsight 2020. For I was to experience “IT” and teach others about its behavior to try and stop IT from spreading. Luckily MORE HUMANS are aware now and can see the evidence of such behavior- ill and consuming both like a cancerous tumor that grows and spreads as it mimmicks good “cells” in order to survive (and replicate its bad behavior) in the environments it can land in.

The mirroring of such embattlements, both in society and in the natural environment, are indicative of what many know too as the  “End Times” as the toxic “Desperadoes”, desperate for energy, fail to evolve into someone better and eventually die away situation by situation,….before our eyes NOW…

Just like the past.

I find it interesting that some insightful tarot-oracle readers are picking up on just such energy that I wrote about in “Past-Forward”, and more recently about “The Three Wisemen” and “The North Star” energy becoming more prominent. Obviously there IS great need to find one’s “True North”. I have posted an oracle reading of a similar nature too, as a scientist studying her environment step by step, #Hindsight2020.

This IS how to achieve The Great Shift –  which I initially wrote about in my book PastForward and of the “dark and light threads” that are making such appearances in conjunction with the New Earth that IS being birthed….day by day.

Conditions (and conditioning) I noted decades prior in regard to “control”, and eventually began writing about in 2012 when prompted to “sit down” and piece together the clues and the automatic writing experiences that also came my way. And Spirit is still guiding me so, with and without the use of oracle and tarot cards. The point is I relied on my sixth sense-and the actual use of my higher senses– to stay awake &  keep ahead of the ‘Evil Curve’

To Teach about IT & to HELP Earth get #BACKintoBALANCE,

Not honor ‘more’ individuals coalescing as distorted human ‘cells’ that are driven by multiple-purposed toxic ideologies, and correlated toxic Cult of “personalities who are actually so confused with who they are and what life is about, while ‘creating’ a toxic mixture of fictitious battlements in their minds, ones to entrap AND annihilate others (AND Earth) in the machinated process- as if doing so is far superior intelligence…WHAT?!!

Thus. the Holy Bible warns us to take heed….

**There are, however, blatant omissions from the Holy Bible that many of us on Earth are researching, communicating about, and rectifying now, in relation to such problematic mental, emotional, and spiritual disconnect.

So it is no coincidence, either, that many who chose to incarnate on Earth- to be present during this transformational time- have not had the choice to decide nor avoid such horrific environmental conditions, even as many more choose to bring about more negativity (e.g. more war situations or scenarios) under the proclamation that “God” wants harm EXACTED toward “others”….those identified WITH A MARK

Part and parcel of His-Story, but not actually realistic.

Order My Updated Environmental-Society Quiz here

So IT is no coincidence that “The News” (communication, and one’s Throat Chakra) is being uber-controlled into the 21st Century- unlike “the News” that I watched when a young girl wondering “Why War?”. 

When I was a child, in the 1970s, more truth was being delivered, at least. So clearly the deviant minds that plot and scheme against God’s children do study “the past” too, but to cover their tracks in order to create (birth) more of the same evil (of the past) in hopes of pawning it off (and the karma involved) into ‘the future’. Clearly this is NOT the future, and clearly younger generations ARE to be deeply and widely impacted by this crater-like vengeance

News flash…repeating the tortuous past is not what God “wants”……but #IT is what Man is #man-ipulating  I discovered, when traveling to investigate this socio-path minded game of control, I had no real idea that I was in the “thick of IT” but I was- to Gain a Truly Better Perspective of what IS going on (again) but differently, like a movie series…and that we each do have CHOICE in all matters before US. There is LIGHT at the end of this engineered tunnel too.


As it turns out, those stuck in the past, are stuck in the past because they choose to be and, unfortunately,

the unsuspecting and vulnerable get caught up in negative energy- or “Crossfire” that is a ‘holy war’,

or more precisely spiritual warfare.

But not just warfare to gain control of more land and natural resources……

This is the ‘environment’ and ‘territory’ where predatory harm co-occurs,

as demons lie in wait-like other battlefield conditions- to cause MORE MAYHEM inside

(engineered battlefields are just where one becomes more stuck – often unable to move forward, toward ‘The Light‘)

The very environmental conditions and battlefield conditioning that I’ve learned about on & off multiple unexpected battlefields into adulthood-

Living between two worlds on my life path, for some time….

So, it’s not IRON-ic that I have received continual ethereal guidance

over the same (multiple) decades, in similar or mirror conditions

Thus, it’s no irony that Arch Angels have also been helping me re-develop some inherent skills, including from past lives.

SO…..there are valuable messages and clues that WE must pay close attention to in OUR ENVIRONMENT, to survive into this future, as some choose to ‘backslide’ in their humanity and continue the habit of both exploiting The Human Race and  The Environment (e.g. precious natural resources to profit by likely so in space, so not just “to gain the world” bu more, more, more. Those in on this game of “rights” profit grandly “without a care in the world”…until they come to realize just what “the take away” really is. That taking or stealing away what belongs to others and resources that “others” need on Earth (e.g. in our Universe) comes back around, in the machinated process.

See previous blog posts I recently posted for help and clarity through such Complacency and Confusion‘…the very conditions reoccurring, ones that I  happened to notice when watching a machine called television IN MY YOUTH, and could not “post-9/11″…

Specifically what was presented on“The News” during the volatile 1960s and 1970s, in comparison to “The News” as an adult who achieved a certain level of education and experience- and achievement- even as I was simultaneously guided about “writing a book about control” by Y2K -at the turn of the 21st (not the 20th Century!)

This guidance would come through specifically when I (finally) completed a 12-year course of study and commenced work as a professional environmental scientist- predominantly in environmental consulting and specifically the water industry in the Western United States.

I was also healing my throat chakra (e.g. from cancer), and also developing my third eye sense (e.g. the pineal gland) in order to prepare for what would come next….

(In this blog-post reading, three Archangel tarot cards and two Healing with Angels cards appear and speak about “love”, “lovers”, “perspective” and certain “magic” -both ‘black magic’ and ‘abundance’- occurring at this particularly pivotal time in Earth history as the darkness (madness) chases The Light.)


This particular reading is surfacing now in conjunction with great intensity in the air- due to the clashing of highs and lows (negatives and positives- duality or “The Storm“)-

but doing so to provide Us with much needed ‘perspective’ – and clarity– about life, which is really about the JOURNEY OF LOVE and the Power of Love

(Note: The Full Moon in Aquarius energy -packing a Uranus punch-has arrived on February 12, 2021 to re-visit this much needed “perspective”/”perception” issue that is plaguing family courts and criminal courts alike, for there IS INTENT to harm -plague- our collective societal/environmental balance. This cause of this collective “mens rea” is NOT the fault of the innocents who are purposely “caught in the Cross-fire” however.)

One can choose to continue their negative behavior (lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating facts and issues to exploit others and human/natural resources, especially noticeable in MY career field “post-9/11”) OR to simply love one another (in order to accelerate our Collective evolution on Earth Now –  this IS the way forward)

It’s a choice?


Which do you choose, moving forward?

(is getting stuck in the past much more ‘desire-able’ again)?

I hope you choose moving forward, toward real love,

which is positive progress…..


(Don’t let the devils in the details sway you backward)


This reading involves the use of the Archangel Power Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Additional readings I have released further clarify this “Jesus-Mother Mary Twin Flame-Soul Mate reading. Please seek further guidance here.



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