There is great promise despite the extreme duality (polarity/split personalities not resonant with Mother Nature) playing out before our eyes, across the globe, as the end of times and beginning of days intertwine- for there is a new reality being birthed during The Great Shift.

As ‘Mary Magdalene energy’ appeared during the Summer, it is becoming more clear that the ‘Twin Flame’ love wave is progressing to bring many ‘Twins’ (and associated Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies) into full Union during The Fall, as the Fall Equinox 2019 energy transforms our planetary existence more toward love, thus away from war. And certainly so for you,

If you choose, on your life path….

Or, do you choose more war and death and destruction, derived from dogmatic thoughts and habituations rather than living life in peace and quiet enjoyment?

Are you living from a place of cold hatred, or with warm love in your heart?  With truth in mind? Or perpetuating a web of deceptive and dark #lies? Are you living from a place of positive spirit, or negative spirit? Which soul path’ do you truly desire? And which path are you following during The Information Age?

Because We, the majority of inhabitants on planet #Earth, are shifting into a new Golden Age NOW.

The choice is Now,

It is up to you, too, Now…

Live for The Moment

from a higher state of existence…..


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For this Oracle-Tarot Reading, two prominent cards wanted to appear….

Even as Mary Magdalene energy, that was becoming more prominent during Summer 2019, segues with Fall Equinox 2019 energy, subtly so….

Manifesting softly, not loudly.

Not dropping or flying out aggressively or abruptly, rather just subtly showing up as I was preparing my decks and meditating on how to help more people (as potential clients), ones who seek spiritual guidance during these trying times (or tribulations).

Do they know to ask, I wondered?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The two prominent cards that appeared from The Ascension Deck: Accelerate Your Journey to the Light (by Diana Cooper):

The two prominent cards that gently appeared are-

Jesus (40)


Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Mantle (52).

 Their “collective” general message or affirmation?

“I Respond with Unconditional Love Today”


Wear Mother Mary’s mantle of love and enfold others in it.

Mother Mary reminds us that ‘There is only Love” in reality.

__. __. __. __. __

Thus, the Need’ to War is illusion-the deadly sinning involved part and parcel of the conditions (and conditioning) associated with The Seven Deadly Sins

War is not actually rooted in love but in competition for resources (#energy). 

It appears often, then, that love IS the price to be “paid”, all so hatred (rather than love) can rule (e.g. over-rule otherwise loving situations in families on Earth).

Such hatred of love and purity pleases the demons involved in denigrating others, I have observed. Those who seek out what is naturally beautiful, what works efficiently (like nature), and to replace it with what is unreal in both the sense that it’s fakery and unreal what some are choosing to do to others. Either way, these conditions bring about a certain darkness that is palpable, even when not directly experiencing such trauma oneself.

Clearly, THE Conditions and situations sounding “in the air” in modern times and also in direct correlation to the Dark Ages and the associated man-made dogmas of the past that keep repeating with every cycle of war- like the cycles I have noted since incarnating on Earth, in 1965.

Some referred to the tit for tat behavior between men and women in civilian sectors of American society as “The Battle of the Sexes”, with specific scenarios that aired on television yet. Yet in hindsight, this ‘programming’ served as an emotional training ground for less than stellar behavior between the masculine and the feminine, all as the Vietnam War raged overseas where many targeted men, women, and children ‘lost’ their lives.

Actually, their lives were taken by ones trained to do just so, yet a battle-based thought of a much lower vibe.

While “Battle of the Sexes” was funny at times, and incorporated many competitive activities that Hollywood “Stars” participated in ‘for show’, we must not shrug off the fact that conditioning occurred to ensure these battles transpired nor that this conditioning is still occurring into the 21st Century.

During the Vietnam War Era, The Beatles’ song Let it Be and many other songs they performed- brought a more positive (UP-lifting) vibe to the world. This particular song was highly popular and, boy, did the girls and the young women go crazy-in-love for the Fabulous Four delivering such catchy tunes (e.g. music) to be inspired by.

The Power of Love -and music that inspires many of us on Earth- is much stronger, isn’t it?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~

and the

Many know and understand what “Twin Flames” are (and the “Divine Masculine” or “DM” and “Divine Feminine” or “DF” energy) and that such relationships center on ‘waves of love’ that Twins sense but ‘The Journey’ most (still) do not fully understand, and have not for quite some time. 

You could say, ‘It’s complicated’!

And many Twins think so too.  Just peruse the many posts over the past few years, alone, specifically ‘tracking’ Twin Flame energy “ups and downs”!

This is the soul path that I have been intently observing and studying for approximately one decade, but actually traversing much longer. And there are many ‘devils in the details’ that bring about the roller-coaster ride effects, as both dark and light energy play off one another and play out before our very eyes.

As if by magic, but also dark magic.

For some, the energy can be frenetic, catastrophic, even life-threatening, and life-altering. It’s no joke, to be sure, and it is real love. Divine love. The ‘polar opposite’ energy effect that Karmic relationships and “karma” bring about.

Too, it’s as if the Universe is ‘testing’ us to really see how we feel or if we are just going through the motions in life (and emotions), to get by, rather than grow and evolve.

To evolve mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually. Not just physically.

Often, the Universe gives us ‘signs’ to ensure we don’t trip up, but being imperfect we humans do. And we have.

Those who ‘think’ they are perfect (and act as if “holier than Thou” all while trying feverishly to rub it in others’ noses with dangerous consequences even) are still those struggling with inner demons at different ‘levels’ of evolvement on their ‘life path’, conditioning and conditions which they too must outgrow.

Or not.

The over-arching point is to not let IT go on and on, and on

For jealousy, gluttony, avarice, apathy,

and other deadly sins do take The Driver’s seat. And are.

“The driver’s energy” is often, but not always, erratic, not peaceful, nor stable, nor gentle. But surely one who expects more from “the others” who they make gains from (even taking far more than they give while expecting the others to “fix” what others cannot or would not know ‘to fix’) is very confusing to those who do not speak in this manner. So, it’s like a different language that is difficult to speak and to trace the roots of too I’ve learned.

Still, when ‘the Fix is up’ (and their habituated way of living) it’s up, regardless of these Drivers expecting more control (of ‘others’ and what they truly need) to only make ‘others’ spiral farther out of control I have observed.

Obviously this ‘habit’ of controlling others personal lives (and professions) rather than oneself is a very foolish game which is repeatedly occurring into the third decade of the 21st Century as we see more lives spiraling out of control on Earth….this is not mere coincidence-

So someone needs to “take the wheel”, or take the keys away…….Don’t they?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Music (art) reaches across all ‘boundaries’ of society and enables the observer to interpret what he or she ‘sees’ when it is seen. And to comprehend what he or she sees over time and space. Through one’s mind, and emotions.

Music also seems to subliminally hold many answers to the dilemmas society faces, including such machinated (demonic) situations that still plague us globally in the 21st Century – this energy is not secluded to just those making decisions in”situation rooms” but it seems to be one root of the same toxic weed.

Indeed, since I can remember running down my dream in the early 1970s.

Dirty Laundry‘ sung by Don Henley of The Eagles rock band fame addresses such toxic dilemmas in life too, in a clever way. This linked example (of the song Dirty Laundry) is a News parody but often the “news” is full of toxic deception that gets lost in translation and through false or misleading body language.

So what is delivered does not truly illuminate the darkness involved, but casts more shadows to cause confusion and chaos instead.

This is where the Illusion can and does grow, like the opportunistic weed taking up resources and light., and just where the deceivers and manipulators hide-out, for a time. They don’t change but seek to change conditions that suit them on their witch hunts. 

They are the ‘usual suspects’ which storylines expose and unravel over time and space, this unraveling of the lies they have told takes time, of course.

Meanwhile, this ‘Driver’ spreads more dis-ease and destruction on such engineered war-paths (in the physical, “3-D”).

And often the unsuspecting or ill-prepared in such ‘territory’ are caught in the crossfire, the darkness, which I too have learned about in adulthood while listening to what was sounding around me- in the environment and in the skies above.

Fleetwood Mac, another popular rock music group, from the Vietnam War Era, and beyond, have many popular songs that depict this interplay of dark and light energy, and of demons too, like in the past.

Way in the past, even.

__ . __ . __ . __

And, as We collectively see more and more ruckus (“BS”) or mayhem play out, especially on television “24/7”, and now in the comfort of our laps-on our laptops that we can carry with us everywhere into many social environments, We know something truly better must arise beyond our ‘conditions’ – and associated conditioning.

Something that resonates more clearly and with honesty, to rescue us each from the dark energy that surrounds our lives in one or more ways. Certainly so in many parts of the world, and all where families and children live and seek peace and quiet enjoyment- but for such intrusiveness.

This Appetite for Destruction vs. The Recipe for Love and Romance is problematic due to the polarity of conditions (e.g. “The Storm”) the problem of evil ) which I encountered on my soul path, particularly while seeking peace and quiet enjoyment in my California community and workplace during the late 1990s.

It is also not coincidental what I have observed into adulthood would mirror what I was observing and was suspect of in youth. And we can see the evidence of such mirroring, and embattlements, both in society and in the natural environment as “End Times” situations play out on Earth. Manifesting before our eyes, Now.

Like in the past.

And Spirit is still guiding me.

I also find it interesting that some insightful tarot-oracle readers are picking up on such energy at this time too, specifically about “The Three Wisemen” and “The North Star”.

And just as I have been sensing while writing more about the Great Shift –  as more “dark and light threads” appear in conjunction with the New World that is being birthed….

Conditions that I began writing about in 2012 (in the book Past-Forward) as an adult piecing together clues but not knowing enough and needing to reflect on the warring past.

For there is to be Balance,

Not ‘more’ embattlements and world wars to annihilate one another AND Earth-

The Holy Bible tells us so.

Yet, there are blatant omissions from the Holy Bible that many of us on Earth are researching, communicating about, and rectifying now, in relation to just such habit.

So it is no coincidence, either, that many who chose to incarnate on Earth- to be present during this transformational time- have not had the choice to decide nor avoid such horrific environmental conditions, even as many more choose to bring about more negativity (e.g. more war situations or scenarios) under the proclamation that “God” wants it to happen. 

Not in reality, though.

(See my “Shop” page to learn more, and take my Environmental-Society Quiz via the ‘Heart Link’).

It’s also no coincidence that “The News” (communication, and one’s Throat Chakra) is being uber-controlled now. And not unlike “the News” that I watched when a young girl wondering “Why War”.

News flash…it’s not what God “wants”……Think about it- to Gain a Truly Better Perspective with Clarity in Mind.


As it turns out, those stuck in the past, are stuck in the past because they choose to be and, unfortunately, the unsuspecting and vulnerable get caught up in negative energy- or “Crossfire” that is a ‘holy war’, or more precisely spiritual warfare.

But not just warfare to gain control of more land and natural resources, as it turns out.

And as I have discovered this is the ‘environment’ and ‘territory’ where vicious predation co-occurs as demons lie in wait, just like on battlefields, for that is where they became stuck and unable to move toward ‘The Light’. 


The very environmental conditions and battle conditioning that I’ve learned about on and off multiple battlefields in adulthood-

Living between two worlds on my life path too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In totality,

It’s not IRONic that I have received continual ethereal guidance

over multiple decades

(and not only to ‘combat’ such demonic forces, for they are very tenacious too).

Thus, it’s no irony that Angels have been helping me re-develop some inherent skills, including from past lives.

For, there are valuable messages and clues that WE must pay close attention to in OUR ENVIRONMENT, to survive into this future, as some choose to ‘backslide’ in their humanity and continue the habit of both exploiting The Human Race and precious natural resources, to gain the world, but lose their own souls.

See previous blog posts I recently posted for help and clarity through such ‘Complacency and Confusion’…the very conditions I  happened to notice when watching a machine called television.

Specifically what was presented on “The News” during the volatile 1960s and 1970s, in comparison to “The News” as an adult who achieved a certain level of education and experience- and achievement- even as I was simultaneously guided about “writing a book about control” by Y2K -at the turn of the 21st -not the 20th- Century.

This guidance would come through specifically when I (finally) completed a 12-year course of study and commenced work as a professional environmental scientist- predominantly in environmental consulting and specifically the water industry in the Western United States.

I did so while healing my throat chakra (e.g. from cancer), and further developing my third eye sense (e.g. the pineal gland) in order to prepare for what would come next….which tarot and oracle cards help to ‘divine’…..

In this blog-post reading, three Archangel tarot cards and two Healing with Angels cards appear and speak about “love”, “lovers”, “perspective” and certain “magic” (both ‘black magic’ and ‘abundance’) occurring at this particularly pivotal time in Earth history…as the darkness chases the Light.


This particular reading is surfacing now in conjunction with great intensity in the air- due to the clashing of highs and lows (negatives and positives- the duality or “Storm”)-but doing so to provide Us with much needed ‘perspective’ and clarity about life which is really about the JOURNEY OF LOVE and the Power of Love.

One can choose to continue their negative behavior (lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating facts, exploiting others and resources, etc.)

OR to simply love one another in order to accelerate our collective evolution on Earth Nowthis IS the way forward

It’s a choice?


Which do you choose, moving forward?

Or getting stuck in the past (again)?

I hope you choose moving forward, toward real love,

which is positive progress.


(Don’t let the devils in the details sway you backward)



If you would like to learn more about the five clarifying cards, and additional Archangel tarot cards (from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine) that further clarify this “Jesus-Mother Mary” reading, please contact ChristylBlue here for a full write up, and pricing.




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