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Where NWC begins to share more innovative ideas in 2020,

as we recall The Past but move Forward!  


Upward, onward!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Starting on “Black Friday”- November 29, 2019-an offering of ‘Light Readings’ begins:

Additional upcoming listings will be posted each week  (up to 30 December 2019),

so you can select your reading…

YOU just need to determine your *donation amount for the promo reading you select.

!! Each week I will provide an updated *list of selected readings to choose from-

the first posted on November 25,2019 !! 


So, stay tuned for upcoming blog posts to help you ‘tap into Spirit’, which is so important in The Now

(See additional services posted in “The Shop. Many will be offered at reduced prices during the holidays so be sure to inquire about them too!)

Donations of #love can also be made via PayPal at “The Shop” on this website.  All donations and purchases are greatly appreciated! 


Christyl Blue

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