Christy L. Crezee (Spector) is an Environmental Scientist with a plethora of professional experience and life experiences, including some you likely will also identify with as you’ve traveled on your own soul journey on Earth.

She and her son Ryan have written of their journey where intertwining meetings and experiences with many other souls have transpired – and about specific experience and insights they have gained individually and together that reveal how each has been guided “by Spirit” over space and time, as they met many soul brothers and sisters. Of all ages and ‘nationalities’.

While she and her son would have road maps along the way, navigating this path required far more of them on this exciting journey into the past and their past, as they eventually realized just how the Higher Power was guiding them, and why. For they were to persevere through very challenging (and even dangerous) terrain “step by step”.

They would endure through and through, and also eventually be guided to ‘start-up’ a communications business by 2011 amid increasingly tumultuous times. In fact, during an unexpected but extremely pivotal time in US history even as past history was repeating in tandem. They would experience unexpected situations along their path and have to deal with the associated struggles they never dreamed could happen in ‘modern time’, or had they?

Despite the ‘hardship’, they came to realize more fully overtime just what their life purpose is on Earth, and for Earth, including to eventually publish their experiences in their book Past-Forward. This journey they have experienced together segues with the past history of the United States and Europe, and as the over-arching story further unfolds.

As such, they too would still face more obstacles into the future even as they diligently pushed through past difficulties as detailed in their 21-chapter book mostly written ‘on the road’ under the increasing stress and strain so projected and protracted. All as an increasing number of human beings were choosing to become less humane, and more volatile by the 21st Century.


For certain secret decisions had been made that they learned about on the fly, particular decisions and associated deceptions chosen by some. Despite such realization, each followed the ethereal advice against ‘the odds’ to address such conditions and conditioning that manifest as a Great Compromise, not just involving them but millions of beings. A vast compromise of LIFE that similarly mirrors the past but that is also different. The past they were expected to ‘live forward’.

So, the ethereal guidance they were receiving along their life paths-mostly at times they did not even fully realize- would eventually lead them to where they needed to be after starting up a specific business during such a pivotal (and high-fired) time that came to their home state, California, that would eventually burn, due to greed and other deadly acts, of no irony.

Their compelling ‘life’ challenges also felt more like living inside a movie-one with ‘supporting roles’ and ‘starring roles’ they did not actively choose for themselves. Or had they? What they were to learn would indeed be for a greater purpose– a higher purpose- and in association with intertwined “dark and light threads” of experiences and insights each would gain for more than 30 years.

Associated circumstances at work “behind the scenes”, so to speak, set in motion to literally and figuratively plague society- The Collective Family Tree-including one’s own lineage and descendants which comprises the total fabric of life. Ones living peaceably on Earth and who represent ‘The Majority’ of the population that can and do thrive through co-existence, by design. The question is “Why” such a struggle? What’s really goin‘ on? This requires Research & Development, & pertinent Communication.

The name of their business is New World Communications LLC. The date of inception? November 1, 2011 (which adds up to “7” – a spiritually important number, of no irony whatsoever). They are a “life company”- the type of business that is sorely in need and would fill their days living forward (not in the past despite the momentum of past parts).

A company that is ‘in tune’ with life, you could say. A company that started with one thought– to start a business (with little money due to certain unsettling climatic conditions in their ‘home-state’) where the calling to start up “New World Communications” eventually came to fruition to shine the light on such darkness.

Such communication has turned out to be very ‘timely’ and important, into the second decade of the 21st Century, of no irony, as it is that two accomplished “geeks” capable of sharing their knowledge, skills, and abilities have been able to address and serve to others a myriad of blended topics. Like a smoothie or a good stew full of healthy fruits or vegetables, while picking out the noxious (toxic) Garden weeds in the process of nurturing new growth.

In the current time editing of the Introductory Chapter (Chapter One) to the 21-chapter trilogy Past-Forward: The Shared Life and Insights of an Adventurous, Patriotic Environmental Scientist is first in the queue. They will also be promoting other desirable intellectual-products and services through this site’s “Shop” that are Gaia-friendly (Earth-friendly) and inspirational in nature to like-minded people. (Please inquire about participating in new fundraising to help us get our book Past-Forward published now.)

So stay tuned! They are starting to provide impactful information and guidance on this ‘Science-Spirituality’ website, sharing their journey of inspirational experiences and HELP-full information too.


In the meantime, please check out their long-established Twitter accounts, @NewWorldComm1, and @ccrezee, to stay ‘attuned’ to “what’s going on” in the 3-D world as the ‘Great Shift’ becomes more clearly delineated, and as they too continue to help the world prepare through this SHIFT beyond the “3-D” darkness. The darkness that has indeed been deeply woven into our civilization, somehow less civilized as it ages, and the energy of ‘it’ unmistakable as one comes to better sense the ‘energy patterns’ that show up. Those that indeed have adversely impacted specific lives and life on Earth- animal-aquatic- human-through many “situations” and much like ours over many eras, periods, epochs. And generations.

These ‘dark threads’ are not just ironically appearing in ‘someone else’s life’, but they are weaving into the fabric of life as we know it collectively. The signature energy involved is easier to identify (with clear eyes) as one learns to better discern ‘energy’ coupled with the unmistakeable patterns or traces left behind on Earth’s surface. These patterns leave marks on us, too, generation by generation- much as internal storms do to the body.

For we are nature and nature is in us. Either we work to create something healthy (that is natural in composition) or we continue Down the Rabbit Hole wrought with very unhealthy, toxic conditions and “situations” that don’t really exemplify what ‘life’ is to Be.

The choice is Ours

We DO have FREE-will.

~ ~ ~ ~~ ~

To aid you on your life path (and spiritual quest or ascension) during this ‘swinging’ time of major CHANGE on Earth (“Gaia”) you can seek help and respite, even solace, by choosing a private *Environmental Energy-Spiritual Energy reading and Soul-Searching-Services with Christyl Blue.

Christyl Blue offers multiple types of *Readings and *Soul-based services (e.g. Soul-Searching-Services) to combat fear, anxiety, and other mental and emotional challenges, the internal disturbances that can generate storms within and in the environment. Emotions carry vibratory energy that impacts us each from within, and also impacts or completely blocks spiritual growth. Like a storm in the outdoors, these destructive (negative) energies- even stall to cause irreparable internal damage.

At a minimum, such negative “vibes” prevent one from enjoying a more natural state of being- being happier and living a healthier-based life. Finding one’s own abundant life path is imperative in order to thrive in a natural state. The opposite is, well, destructive. We can see so right before our eyes, on “The News” and also in the natural environment heavily ‘plagued’ by destructive “forces”. The very ‘energy experiences’ ChristyL and Ryan have endured through, relying on their God-given natural intuition.

*These are personal (not general) readings and services.

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